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Nature In An Envelope: Sustainable Gifts For the Holiday Season

An white recycled envelope with green plants and baby's breath flowers inside
Nature in an envelope creates sustainable gifts for the holiday season and beyond!  I really like the thought of making a gift with the person in mind.  If there's a nature lover in your life, they will surely love a handmade gift like this.

How can you make this gift as sustainable as possible?  Well, simple.  You simply start with an envelope that's either made from natural materials or has been recycled so that it's getting more than one use out of it.

Once you have the envelope of your dreams, you can then fill that envelope with a plant, flower, or gemstone (or all three!) and a love letter to boot!  In order for this to mail properly and to protect your plant life, as it is a living creature, after all, you'll want to make sure to wrap any plant clippings in a water-based paper towel.  You can also choose a slightly bigger envelope with insulated protection such as bubble wrap!

For the letter, you can do a handwritten letter or type it up on your computer then print it out on recycled paper using vegan ink.  It's really easy to transform any gift into a gift that keeps on giving!

Find as many ways as you can to get creative with your sustainable living gift for the holidays.  Everything, from the envelope to the living creature you choose, can be reduced, reused, and repurposed cleverly!

This gift works best for:
  • Nature Lovers
  • Environmentalists
  • Vegans/Vegetarians
What I like about Nature in an Envelope:
  1. It's handmade
  2. It's an eco-friendly gift
  3. It's perfect for your favorite hiker, bird watcher, botanist, etc.
  4. Reduces your carbon footprint
  5. An earth-friendly alternative to regular gift shopping
Nature in An Envelope Pricing:
  • Cost-effective
  • You can find most of the ingredients floating around your home or garden
  • Again, reduce, reuse, repurpose!
You can spend very little to put a gift like this together while still wearing your heart on your sleeve!  Only this time, your heart will not only go out to the gift recipient but it will go out to planet earth too.  What can be better than that?
A nature in an envelope with green plant leaves and wildflowers in bloom, natural recycled materials, love notes

Nature In An Envelope: Sustainable Gifts For the Holiday Season

As promised from, Winter Magic: A Journal of a Seasonal Shift in My Life, I'll be adding more sustainable gifts throughout the holidays.  I never really realized how passionate I am about living an eco-friendly lifestyle until I started writing more of these types of posts.  It feels as natural as you and me.

In fact, the other day I was having lunch at a restaurant with my daughter and son in law when the subject of saving the earth came up.  Apparently, my new son in law doesn't believe in global warming or care about the future of the planet as he won't be here.

I'm not sure how I feel about that but when confronted, I decided to be a living example of the truth.  I calmly explained to him all the reasons why it's important.  Talking about it openly with him made me realize that this is something I want to keep sharing on my blog.

I have a platform so why not try to use it!  Last year, my daughter and I made zen gardens for everyone.  You can learn how to make your own DIY Buddha Zen Garden from repurposed materials if you'd like to try something new.  

These gifts are perfect for home, family, and for the nature enthusiast in you!  There's something about receiving a personalized letter in the mail with a gemstone, houseplant clipping, or a flower.  It's kind of magical and brimming with earth tones when you think about it.  

What I like about using sustainable gift-giving guides is that you can use it for birthdays and special occasions too, depending on the person.  Nature in an envelope could become a nature-inspired birthday party theme where everyone gets to create nature in an envelope to bring home as a party favor.  

This could even work for weddings too, especially if you have a woodland-themed wedding.  It can be a sustainable party favor that goes home with your wedding guest!  

The same could be said for the DIY zen garden with the Buddha.  It can be repurposed and used in many different ways.  I plan on doing more zen garden posts in the nearby future to convert the gift in multiple ways for home and office!

In the meantime, you might enjoy reading, The Greener the Better: Zero-Waste and Plant-Based Living.  My son in law thinks one person can't make a difference and I say we all can, one day at a time, by making healthier choices for our planet and our families.  Happy holidays!
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