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Practical Work Magic: My Blog Biz Plan For 2020 and Beyond

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I've been feeling super-motivated lately and therefore, I've decided to share my practical work magic blog plan for 2020 and beyond!  Since realizing the powers that my blog has, it has really helped me to finally sit down and write out my goals and intentions for the business.

One of the things I've been struggling with is getting organized so this morning I called on the angel of work, Archangel Jehudiel.  I do plan on eventually writing a blog post about this hardworking angel of career and business, but in the meantime, I'll give you the highlights. 

Archangel Jehudiel is the angel of work.  He can help you create a killer resume that would make your own worst enemy want to hire you.  He can help you create a stronger work ethic and he can help you set work-related goals and intentions to move forward in the new year and beyond!

To call on Jehudiel, it's as easy as pie!  Just write a letter to the universe outlining the kind of job that you want, your ideal client, or anything else you need help with.  If you have a business, Jehudiel can help you set goals that are in stride with your mission statement!

From there, he will help you get organized by offering up clear guidelines and by helping you create an out-of-this-world business plan that will help you reach for the stars.  I've always had some vague ideas in my mind at all times on what I wanted to do with my business but writing them down will help me achieve my goals with ease and grace!

I can only speak for myself but I'm one of those people who needs to write everything out.  It can be typed out on my blog or written by hand with paper and pen.  It doesn't matter how I do it, it's just important that I write down every last detail!

I've been thinking more and more lately about sharing more about work and money on the blog from time to time.  I think because there's an energy to money-making and art to working at something you feel passionate about.  I've always believed in making money doing what you love to do!

However, I've been failing on the business front.  In some ways, I'm doing stellar work by increasing my stats, which are highly important to blog biz.  In other ways, I'm not doing as good as I should be because I'm having trouble reaching people on a more personal level and with making human connections. 

In addition to that, I haven't been making money from my blog.  That needs to change this year and it starts with outlining a business plan that feels good to me and that I can live with.  One of those intentions revolves around monetizing my blog!

It's great to have good numbers but if I can't make a living from my blog, then I'll be forced to go back to work at a regular job.  As a budding entrepreneur, that just doesn't fly with me.  I've worked too hard for too long to give up now. 

So, in working with Archangel Jehudiel, I'm going to work smarter, not harder!  I'm going to do that by clearly outlining my goals and magical intentions to put my blog on the map. 

I'm really excited about all the magic that goes into doing something like this because it opens me up to golden opportunities and strong connections.  Business connections, getting to know my readers, and building strong relationships with sponsors are something that I strive for!

Guess what?  You can do it too!  After reading this, if you feel compelled, call on the Archangel Jehudiel.  He will make the work that's dull and uninteresting fun again!  Who couldn't use a little more fun in their lives?

Work doesn't always have to feel like work.  That's what Jehudiel has taught me.  He has helped me to look at my weaknesses then turn them into strengths. 

Everyone has those parts of the job that doesn't resonate with them or they feel they have to force themselves to do.  For me, it has been my needing to refresh my email newsletter subscriber list and make it fun again.  Also, creating a marketing strategy that doesn't feel boring to me. 

If you are lacking motivation in your work, life purpose, or business, be sure to call on Jehudiel today!  He can really put the fun back in your work and make it feel less like a work activity and more like festivities. 

With all that being said, let's get started!  I'm going to share my practical work magic goals with you and you are more than welcome to use them as a template for your own future goals and intentions.  Thanks for reading!
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Practical Work Magic: My Blog Biz Plan For 2020 and Beyond

First of all, I want to talk about what my overall mission on my blog is.  My job is to bring the magic of nature to people around the globe!  When I write, my target audience is women and young girls with a penchant for real-life magic. 

This means people are just discovering that a fairy realm is a real place.  This means people that want to connect with mother nature, go zero-waste, live a more sustainable lifestyle, and want to work with the magical elements of nature in the everyday mundane magic of life. 

This doesn't mean I might not reach other people too.  It just means this is my ideal reader and customer.  Someone who looks at nature in a magical way, the way a child does with an adult mindset.

Many of my readers might be beginners when it comes to magic spells or beginners when it comes to learning about how to delve deeper into environmentalism.  Whatever the case, I want to help people find their natural place in the world by being my authentic self. 

That's my soul's purpose and mission in life.  I've always felt like the best way to reach people is by inspiring them to do better by being a living, breathing example of the truth. 

Now you know my mission for being here.  Let's talk about my super-goal.  My super-goal is to be seen, heard, and recognized.

My entire life, I've always felt like I was in hiding.  When I'm writing on my blog it's as if time has stopped and stood still.  It's as if the whole world disappears and all that's left is me, being transparent and real.

The most real I've ever been has been on this blog.  This is the place where I can come out of hiding and be my most authentic self.  Because of that, I want to be seen, heard, and recognized!

I want to come out of hiding, like a caterpillar emerging from the cocoon, and be my true authentic self!  This is the place where I do that openly and honestly. 

In order to reach more people with my super-goal, I'm going to start believing in myself and get out of my own way.  Sounds easy but it hasn't always been. 

That's why I'm going to be using Pinterest and my email newsletter as my marketing plan.  With the amount of time I've spent procrastinating, I would have spent less energy and time pinning pins and creating emails that people love. 

It's crazy how we can overanalyze and think things to death, isn't it?  I guess that's human nature.  I want to work on making those two marketing strategies fun again with Archangel Jehudiel. 

(Marketing Strategy) - Pinterest and Email Marketing.

How to do it: While I am definitely going to be pinning some Pinterest pins that are based on my favorite spiritual articles, I am also going to be using Pinterest to leverage my newsletter list.  I'm going to do that by creating pins that will make people get excited about signing up for my newsletter!

I also plan on only pinning my premium content.  All of my content is good but there are personal articles that I write that would have less relevance for a newbie reader.  My personal content is housed for my loyal readers who enjoy getting to know me!

I think pinning premium content only and pins that get people excited to come and visit and signup for free stuff, it will bring my marketing plan and social media back to life!

For my email newsletter subscribers, I want to build a bigger content library.  I also want to get back to writing what feels natural to me. 

I can seriously say that without a doubt, I've been overthinking my newsletter.  It's time for me to make the newsletter more grounded in my magical reality and down-to-earth.  There are lots of cool real-life magic topics that I can write about to go along with that. 

I believe these natural, organic changes will make writing my newsletter more fun!  In addition to that, I plan to create a "paid" newsletter subscriber list called, Everyday Laurali Magic. 

I've been thinking about all the downloaded information coming at me on a daily basis and it's sometimes overwhelming.  I don't want to put all of it on my blog, so I'd like to create a subscription service where my readers get a new goddess, angel, ascended master, etc. monthly with a tutorial that they can do! 

It could be a magic spell, healing, or creating a miracle from scratch.  I just really want to take Everyday Laurali Magic to new heights!  I think this is something useful that I can help readers with. 

In addition to that, just like with my "free" newsletter, my subscribers will have full access to me!  All they have to do is hit reply and leave a comment, ask questions, whatever.  It's very important to me that I remain accessible to my readers. 

(Monetization) - Mediavine + Sponsored Posts + Services

We've already talked about how I plan to create a "paid" email subscriber list on my blog.  I also want to talk about some of the other ways I plan on monetizing my blog. 

I've been carefully considering applying to Mediavine for quite some time now.  After carefully reviewing the company, I've come to realize they align with my goals.  Yes, I will be applying!

At first, I wasn't sure how my readers would feel about me putting ads on my blog.  Some blogs look so tacky when they place ads.  I've come to the conclusion that in order to keep pumping out the free content that I need to make money. 

Placing ads through Mediavine is the easiest way for me to do it!  I'm just being forthright with you.  To not place ads on my blog would be a huge loss for my company, whether I'm selling my own products or not. 

Another way I plan to monetize my blog is to reach out for more sponsored posts by offering a free featured post first and foremost.  This gives my potential sponsor the chance to see what I can do for their business without paying a dime!

I'll let them know they were featured and to check their web traffic stats, at which point, they can request a media kit!  Once they see how easy it is to work with me, they most likely will want more of my traffic, pins, and the attention of my email newsletter subscribers. 

I also want to sell services where people can work with me.  I'm going to be updating my "Work With Me" page before the new year and creating services that are more aligned with my strengths. 

My biggest strength and superpower is my ability to connect with the spirit world and engage in real-life magic.  When I started this blog, I always and forever wanted to help people. 

I think selling services that help people with tapping into their spirit guides, guardian angels, and more would really make a difference.  Even though I write about lifestyle topics sometimes, I'm a faerie shaman first and foremost!

(Investing in My Business) - Pinterest Ads + Outreach

I'm also planning on investing in my business, which is equal to investing in myself.  I've been working with my angels to come up with wise investments that could catapult my business success. 

For one thing, after I get my butt in gear and start pinning on Pinterest boards, I plan on spending some money by using Pinterest ads.  In the past, I've always done everything myself, and I believe this could take me to the next level.

Since I'm coming into some money, I plan on using it to possibly do some outreach.  There are some bloggers that have a lot of pull, fit my brand, that I would like to work with for outreach in simple marketing.

Again, it all comes down to investing in myself.  In a way, I also feel good because I'm investing in my readers too.  This brings them a higher-quality blog with lots to offer, don't you think?

I've never had money before where I could spend it on advertising.  My old way of thinking and lack of mentality would never have even toyed with spending money on that.  The new me says go for it!


I need to let go of small thoughts about my business.  When I first thought of having millions of readers, I felt a strong resistance.  I thought that it sounded too hard and too overwhelming for one person.  I thought it would make me less relatable and less down-to-earth or inaccessible.  I was literally pushing away what I desired because I wasn't sure I was ready for it.  Now, I know I can! :)

There you have it, friends!  I've kept it simple for a reason.  I'm really feeling motivated to use this plan past the year 2020.  I may come here from time to time to update it and I'll let you know when I do. 

I really want to say thank you for reading and for all of your support and kindness!  You guys are the best.  I'm lucky to have you.
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