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Working With Jesus to Bring Universal Love and Light to the World

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I've been working with Jesus since I was a little girl who could barely form a memory.  Today, in honor of his upcoming birthday (a.k.a. Christmas), I am talking about working with Jesus to bring universal love and light into the world!

Jesus is a loving human being that once walked the earth and to spread a message of love to humanity.  When dealing with our lord and savior, you will always feel safe and loved.  You will never feel alone with Jesus.

Even during your darkest days, Jesus is always with you, carrying you when necessary.  There are many stories about Jesus and thoughts that he is just an ascended master who once lived a human life and ascended into heaven.  Truth be told, everything in my experience tells me positively that Jesus is the son of God and part of the holy trinity.

You don't have to take my word for it though.  In fact, you shouldn't.  I encourage you to reach out to Jesus today in prayer to test the waters and to see what happens.  Jesus once said that we only need a mustard seed of faith when we draw on him with a prayer request.

This simply means that we only need a tiny seed of faith to start.  Once you ask with whatever faith you can muster, Jesus will be sure to meet you halfway!

When I think of Jesus I think of love.  Love is a universal language that breaks down walls, ends war and strife, and brings light into the world.  With love, we can do anything, as that is what Jesus has taught us.

When I am having suicidal thoughts, Jesus, Mother Mary, and Archangel Michael are the ones that I call on first and foremost!  This is because I know with this magical team I can be rescued, remedied, and saved.

It might seem strange that someone with such a strong belief in God would have such persistent suicidal thoughts and ideation but I'm an empath with a borderline personality disorder.  One of the caveats of having BPD is a constant array of suicidal thoughts and thoughts of death.

If it weren't for the unconditional love of Jesus, I wouldn't still be alive today.  I am sure of it.  If you are suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, or any form of mental illness that has overtaken your life, let Jesus be your savior and pull you out of the muck.

One of the things I'm working to release and let go of for 2020 and the new decade at hand is letting go of my desire to die.  I've kept suicide in my back pocket my entire life and it has kept me on a low vibration.  I am working with Jesus for spiritual releasement and cleansing.

You see, like you, Jesus has a purpose and a plan for me.  I cannot fulfill my mission as a lightworker if I don't complete the full life on earth that I was given.

The same applies to you, my friend!  If you are in a situation that feels utterly and completely hopeless, turn to Jesus today.  He will be there for you in an instant.

The secret about Jesus Christ that you need to know is that he loves you.  He loves every person, animal, plant, gemstone, and flower on this earth.  He knows every tear that we cry and he collects those tears in a jar and knows the count of them.

If you turn to your Lord Jesus, he will do the impossible in your life.  He will resurrect you from the dead.  This is because with Jesus all things are possible.

I am quoting many things from the Bible here, as I turn to scripture to live and breathe the word of God.  However, I feel like I make a more compelling argument to call on Jesus by showing you his heart.

Yes, Jesus could walk on water, heal the sick, raise the dead, and perform miracles that are beyond the human scope to believe.  But, his message to you, and to all of mankind, always starts and ends with love.

When you can't love yourself, guess what?  Jesus will always love you.  When you can't love others, he will love them for you.

Even though at its core message, love sounds like a great Beatles song and nothing more.  It simply isn't true.  Jesus has taught me that love is the answer to everything.

Let me offer up some examples:  For example, let's say you hate our current American president, Donald Trump.  Instead of sending him hate, send him love.

Let's say someone hurt you or refuses to talk to you in order to resolve things.  Send that person love.

Let's say that you hate yourself for something you did or said in the past.  Send yourself love.

How do you do that?  Here is the simplest method possible for sending love to yourself or another human being.  This method can also work for places and things that have gone wrong in your life too.

Visualize sitting meditation style across from the other person, place, or thing that has brought anger or hate into your heart.  See pink or red, sparkling hearts from your heart into your enemy's heart.  Do this several times a day as needed until you no longer feel hate, resentment, or bitterness.

Keep doing the heart visualization until you feel nothing but a strong feeling of love and affection for this person or situation.  Once you get to this point, you are in your heart, and you are fully healed.

Again, I cannot say this enough: Love is the answer to everything and Jesus tells us we must follow our heart and let love flow where darkness goes.

Love brings light to the world.  It diminishes the darkness that causes us to lose direction.  When you are lacking love in your life, whether it in your love life or personal life, Jesus will be there for you to reignite the spark of love!
Beautiful, bright orange butterfly flowers in a butterfly garden in the park in Florida with shadow lighting and blur photography

Working With Jesus to Bring Universal Love and Light to the World

How can we bring more love into the world to counteract the hate and darkness?  Jesus wants us to find a way to love ourselves first, which can be no easy feat!  Just remember:  With God all things are possible, even loving yourself.

One thing I learned about Jesus is that he is a huge self-love advocate.  Who would have thought?  When you think of his messages of love, it only makes sense he'd ask us to start by looking within.

Jesus knows everything about us.  He knows the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Guess what?  He loves us unconditionally despite our many flaws and imperfections.

Jesus asks to come into your heart in order to shine that love all around.  Once he's in our hearts, it doesn't matter what we do or how bad we think we are, he stays with us, residing safely in the confines of our heart love.

Our Lord and savior is forgiving and want us to learn that we need to be forgiving too.  It's not always easy to forgive someone who has wronged you but it is never about the other person.  It's about making your heart grow stronger.

Jesus also teaches us lessons in self-love and self-adoration by helping us to have the faith of a small child.  Let the little children come to him!

He wasn't only speaking of actual children, he was talking about the testing of our faith through love boundaries.  To learn how to have a childlike faith, click here.

When we're in the middle of traffic or in a crowded grocery store during the holiday season, it's easy to forget how to be a loving person.  Here's the thing though: Jesus wants us to apply his love to our everyday life situations.  He wants us to send out the love even in situations that test our faith.

In the back of our minds, we should be thinking, what would Jesus do?  How would he act in this situation?  Even though answers don't always come naturally, it always starts with the application of love.

What you can do in a crowded situation where you feel the energies of many different people during this festive holiday season is to visualize a giant, pink, sparkling heart enveloping all the store or room and everyone in it.  When you do this, within an instant you should feel peace in your heart.

There is no situation, no matter how bleak it may look, that is insurmountable to Jesus and his teachings.  Jesus might have been a bit of a rabble-rouser back in his day by claiming to be the messiah but at the heart of his teachings were living in a state of peace.

How to develop more love in your life?  Again, work with Jesus to build your self-esteem and to learn to love yourself again.

Jesus sees you as worthy.  He sees you as good.  He sees you like the completely lovable teddy bear that you are, even when you aren't your best self.

How to remedy this?  Try to be the best possible version of yourself as much as possible.  It isn't always about doing good deeds and tax write-offs.  It's about love and the little things we can do for one another.

Maybe start by giving a kind and genuine compliment to someone.  Give your last dollar to someone who needs it more without expecting anything in return.  Give someone a thank you for something kind they did for you, even if it was a long time ago.

All of these things add up to big things that equal love.  With Jesus, love is at the root of everything.

If you are troubled today, give your cares and worries to Jesus Christ.  Know that you are not alone in the darkness when his light of love is shining down on you.  Pray to Jesus with the faith you have, even if it's just a little, and he will create a miracle healing in your life!

I should know.  When I didn't have groceries or money to buy them, he provided the way.  When I have been broken and alone, he was there for me.  When I was weak, he carried me.

This blog post about the miracle of Christ and Christ-consciousness was inspired by the celebrated birthday of Christmas.  Jesus has done so much in my life and I believe he can do so much in yours if you let him in.

If you are in need of a miracle for yourself or for someone else, please leave your prayer in the comment section, and I will pray with you.  The more people praying, the better!  This is how miracles are created.  Just ask a young virgin girl named Mary ;)
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