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How I Style My Posts With the Elements of Nature + Fairy Imagery

This is a blog post about how I style my posts with the elements of nature + fairy imagery!  I get a lot of compliments on my blog and especially on my woodland photoshoots, which create a sort of grounding energy just by looking at them.  Visiting my site is like taking a forest bath or earthing …

The Aloe Vera Plant First Aid Kit + Aloe Vera Gel Antibacterial Band-Aid

The aloe vera plant first aid kit will be like a cool, soothing band-aid for your emotional skin!  I talk a lot about how plants, especially aloe vera houseplants, are great emotional healing therapy on this blog.  However, aloe vera plants can heal your physical body too!

Whether you need to add …

A Butterfly Garden of Whimsical Wanderings: Slow Down and Smell the Wildflowers

Since kinfolk style, slow living is the main staple on my blog, I thought it would be fun to talk about a butterfly garden of whimsical wanderings and how to slow down and smell the wildflowers!

I figure many of you are living in places with snow-covered landscapes and freezing cold weather.  Sinc…

Wishlist: Taking Inspired Action With the Law of Attraction

There's a time to sit on your laurels and there's a time to take action. This post is a wishlist on taking inspired action with the law of attraction!

Here's the thing: You can manifest some things without lifting a finger but there are some things that will require action from you.  F…

Working With the Fashion Fairies For Environmentally-Friendly Clothing and Vegan Makeup

Working with the fashion fairies for environmentally-friendly clothing and vegan makeup is a great way to spark a makeover in your wardrobe and style!  Today, I'm going to talk about how you can do that by finding or choosing your fashion fairy and asking for help and guidance!

First and forem…

Vegan Starter Kit By Everyday Laurali Star

Congratulations!  You're on the road to being a vegan or maybe you already are one.  Either way, getting started with a plant-based lifestyle is easier than you think.

A lot of times, people think that being a vegan is hard, difficult, and trying.  To be honest, I used to be one of those peopl…

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