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A Butterfly Garden of Whimsical Wanderings: Slow Down and Smell the Wildflowers

A painted lady butterfly pollinating a beautiful orange and pink wildflower mix in the butterfly garden of Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida
Since kinfolk style, slow living is the main staple on my blog, I thought it would be fun to talk about a butterfly garden of whimsical wanderings and how to slow down and smell the wildflowers!

I figure many of you are living in places with snow-covered landscapes and freezing cold weather.  Since I live in Florida, even though we are experiencing freezing weather right now, we are still able to enjoy flora and fauna in all its natural beauty.

I think sometimes it's nice to read a blog with a landscape and weather that's different from where you live.  I know that I really enjoy reading blogs with picturesque cabins and snow-capped mountains this time of year, even though living a Florida lifestyle is nowhere near that.

So, I thought I'd warm your hearts with the illusion of springtime in the magic of nature, which just happens to be my life purpose and mission in life.  A good goddess to call upon when you're smack dab in the heart of winter is the Goddess Ostara!

She is the goddess of Easter and springtime and just calling on her will warm your heart and fill the dark corners of your mind with light.  She'll fill your heart with spring delight long before the harshness of winter leaves for good.  She'll make the long days of winter into the daylight savings of spring.

To call on her, you need only to spend time amongst the flowers, whether it be visiting a flower garden, a greenhouse with hothouse flowers, or purchasing a bouquet of Easter Lilies to keep inside your home to remind you of the light ahead.  Just ask her to fill your heart and home with springtime and she most certainly will!

One thing I do love about winter is that after the holidays are over it allows us to slow down and practice more intentional living.  Like this week it's been really cold in Florida and I find myself snuggling up inside in the warmth of my little apartment by the sea.

Even though I'd rather be in nature, which I'm starting to think should be my personal mantra, I like the fact that the cold winter weather forces me to do things differently.  It forces me to slow down and enjoy my life in a different way.

I know if it weren't for the cold, I'd have a lot more distractions from my work.  When the weather is nice, I have a tendency to get restless.  I feel a need to move around a lot.

On the other hand, when there's a freeze, I have a tendency to settle in and get warm and cozy, hygge style.  I end up doing a lot more indoor workouts and it causes me to try new things outside my comfort zone, which is a good thing.

I think a change in routine can be a good thing.  Plus, I can always count on the spring weather rolling back around.  It always does.

In fact, this weekend it's going to get back up into the seventies again, which means hiking in Hammock Park and visiting the butterfly garden!  When the weather changes so drastically like that, it tricks the butterflies out of their cocoons early and causes flowers to bloom, thinking spring has arrived.

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the coziness and creature comforts of home.  You can see the woodland themed corners of my home to see what I mean.  It's a comfy place to be!

I'm enjoying it while I can because I won't be living here much longer.  I'm looking for a new place, preferably near the park that I frequent every day.  For now, I'm just living in the moment!
An orange and red winged butterfly creature pollinating flowers in the meadow

A Butterfly Garden of Whimsical Wanderings: Slow Down and Smell the Wildflowers

So, let's talk about how to slow down and smell the wildflowers, shall we?  If you really want to practice the art of slow living, it's always a good idea to spend time in nature.  Even in the winter months, you can spend time in nature by bringing nature indoors to you!

You see, there's something quiet about Gaia earth.  It's as if you are walking on sacred ground when you spend contemplative moments with her.

I know for me, when a winter freeze forces me indoors, I surround myself with plants.  I also have a hobby of creating terrariums and zen gardens.

For example, I'm repurposing a tiny bottle I have and transforming it into a gemstone terrarium with sand!  No worries, when I've finished completing it, I'll be sure to post an update with pictures.  I'll also be giving my gemstone a name.

If you'd like to spend time making a zen garden for fun, try my DIY Repurposed Desert Moon Cactus Zen Garden!  If you prefer something more spiritual, try my DIY Buddha Zen Garden Gifts, which is earth-friendly!

You can also spend some time in nature with your houseplants.  Surround yourself with them.  All plants, gemstones, and flowers come with a built-in nature spirit! 

For more on plants, you might enjoy reading, Plant Magic Energy Healing Kit For Bringing Good Energy Into Your Home!  Hanging out with your plants in the wintertime is good for the soul.

There are so many little things you can do to slow down and smell the roses, so to speak.  You'll begin to find that bringing nature into your household is a blessing in disguise!

You'll be able to focus on quieting your mind so you can hear that reflective voice within, better known as your intuition.  By the time spring rolls around, you'll be well-rested and ready to head out into nature by visiting your local botanical gardens!
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