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How I Style My Posts With the Elements of Nature + Fairy Imagery

A fairy-inspired village in the heart of mother nature with fairy statuary and gnome imagery
This is a blog post about how I style my posts with the elements of nature + fairy imagery!  I get a lot of compliments on my blog and especially on my woodland photoshoots, which create a sort of grounding energy just by looking at them.  Visiting my site is like taking a forest bath or earthing with green grass beneath bare feet.

It just feels good, you know?  So, I thought it be fun to talk about what inspires me (clearly, mother nature does!) and how I style my forest photography photoshoots with gnome imagery, fairy villages, and lots of healing gemstones raw to the naked eye!

Obviously, this style won't work for every photographer out there, but I'm pretty sure it will inspire you to style your own photography with backdrops, statues, and imagery that work with your creative content.  If blogging isn't really your thing, then maybe you'd like to learn how to create a fabulous flat lay from nature art!

Whether you're a blogger, an Instagrammer, or you just enjoy practicing photography as a hobby, you'll be sure to find something to inspire you when you open yourself up to it!  For me, there's no other photo display that inspires me more than the backdrop of nature.

Even when I do mother-daughter photoshoots, one of my favorite family traditions, there's always nature involved!  My oldest daughter told me the other day how much better photos look when they are taken in the great outdoors.  I couldn't agree more!

I've been cultivating a village of fairy houses that I bought from the dollar store.  Some have been given to me and some I have bought myself.  The gemstones, plant life, and floral designs I use come from my garden or houseplants. 

I hunt, gather, and forage for things.  By hunting, I mean I'm always on the hunt for cool finds and treasures in the forest or on the beach.  My father, a treasure hunter and avid metal detector taught me that!

Why the other day I found the prettiest feather and stuck it in my backpack.  At the time, I had asked for a physical sign from the universe that I was on the right track about something.  That's when I looked down and found a blue feather with a white tip.  So pretty!

Anyways, these little treasures I find often supply my future photoshoots with lots of nature-inspired imagery.  Don't be surprised to find driftwood, painted rocks, and fairy houses at one of my photoshoots. 

I love to style every photograph with a surprise from mother nature!  You can read more about my daily hiking adventures to see what my cute little backpack carries.

I'm actually on the hunt for a new, eco-friendly, vegan leather backpack, as my blue backpack has been worn to shreds.  I guess no one could accuse me of not making use out of things for as long as possible. 

I use my hiking backpack to carry some of my props with me, usually healing stones, fairy houses, gnome statues, and even longstemmed roses from time to time.  I like to keep things handy so that I can easily grab them for a quick photo with a fairy house mounted on a mushroom!  You know, that type of thing.

You never know when inspiration may strike so I always keep my props handy in a pencil bag inside my backpack.  That way, I don't lose sight of where small things are like crystal formations, feathers, and tiny fairy statues.
A green fairy house with a pink roof, a cute gnome statue, and a gemstone

How I Style My Posts With the Elements of Nature + Fairy Imagery

I style my posts with fairy-inspired imagery because my blog is really all about the magic of nature.  It's part of my life purpose, so it only makes sense that I would use props that include fairy imagery, gnome statuary, and fairy houses.  Anything on hand that can enhance the worth of my picture!

People have asked me before if people stare at me when I take photographs of things like washcloths, like in this sustainable photoshoot, and the answer is sometimes.  Most of the time, I know where to go where no one will bother me. 

I'm lucky enough to know my way through the forest hitting undiscovered Trailways and natural hotspots.  Occasionally, someone will run into me snapping a photograph of a fairy house in a meadow of wildflowers, but not often. 

As a wildlife photographer, you have to get over some of your shyness.  I'm a private person and I don't like people interfering with my space, but I also don't mind it either.  Sometimes, it sparks a conversation. 

I love my blog and I love what I do for a living.  I want to keep improving on that and sometimes that might mean encountering more human folk. 

Sure, I'm more comfortable in nature.  I prefer animals and plants to humans any day, but that doesn't mean I don't welcome the magic that they bring too.  Catch my drift?

If you like styling your photography, don't be afraid to use what works for you and your blog.  Think in terms of, what's your style? 

Pour over blogs and Pinterest imagery and see what type of images you pin the most?  If there's something attractive about photographs of people camping under the stars or hiking through the forest fairylands, then you may have just found your calling.  Find what appeals to you!

Use Pinterest to create mood boards to see where it takes you.  I find building imagery helps to create the lifestyle that you want.  It might start out as a slow living image that just speaks to the quiet of your heart, but will gradually build over time and space in your life. 

For me, it all started with the mother-daughter photoshoots in the whimsical wanderings of nature.  I built a life around the fairy imagery and gnome statuary with butterfly gardens and heart-shaped leaves.  For you, it might be something completely different!

Use props to style your content in a way that already speaks to you.  For example, let's say you live in a desert oasis near Palm Springs, California and you write a lifestyle blog about the desert.  Chances are, you're not going to be including woodland imagery in that and that's okay. 

Remember, it's your lens and your focus.  Let us see your life through your eyes.  For me, I like to put on my rose-colored glasses as I navigate the forest floor.  Your lens might be cactus-shaped or covered in pristine, snow-capped mountains at Christmastime. 

Find your lens.  Find your focus.  Style your content in a way that follows suit with that and you can't go wrong!
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