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The Aloe Vera Plant First Aid Kit + Aloe Vera Gel Antibacterial Band-Aid

A woman wearing red flannel holding an aloe vera plant in a red potted cup in the backyard in Florida
The aloe vera plant first aid kit will be like a cool, soothing band-aid for your emotional skin!  I talk a lot about how plants, especially aloe vera houseplants, are great emotional healing therapy on this blog.  However, aloe vera plants can heal your physical body too!

Whether you need to add more plants to your diet via aloe vera juice or you have a skin abrasion that needs fast healing treatment, aloe vera plant is definitely your girl!  I say girl because aloe vera has a highly feminine energy and presence.

I highly recommend keeping an aloe vera plant on hand at all times for scrapes and burns, especially if you have any little ones.  Aloe vera gel makes for great topical relief externally and is also safe for ingestion, so nothing bad will happen if, for example, your pet gets into your plant.

The aloe vera plant is both pet-friendly and safe for children too.  Aloe vera plants are a multi-purpose plant with many uses in treatment of both animals and humans alike.

If it were a gemstone, aloe vera would be a rose quartz crystal with its gentle healing energy.  If aloe vera plant were an angel, it would most be like that of the gentle green energy ball of light that is Archangel Raphael.  In fact, if I were you, I'd cultivate a collection of all three working together symbiotically.

This is because Archangel Raphael, rose quartz gemstones, and aloe vera plants all work with the heart chakra.  You can read more about the heart chakra here.  Healing the heart chakra will bring more love and better health into your life!

In case you haven't figured it out, aloe vera plants are my favorite houseplant.  I even used to sell them in my Etsy shop once upon a time.  You can read about Matilda: My Pet Aloe Vera Plant to get a peek into why I love these heart-healing plants so darn much.

Aloe vera plants are friends who are like family to me.  They create a community within me and believe me, they can easily do the same for you!  Having a dear aloe vera friend in your life will foster growth within your friendships, romantic relationships, and create a closer bond with your kinfolk.

That being said, how does one create an aloe vera plant first aid kit?  Always keep your aloe green, healthy, and thriving.  Aloe vera's are directly linked to your health on every level, including your emotional health.  Make it a priority to take good care of your aloe vera plants!

Lucky for you, aloe vera is an easy-going plant to keep!  You can water them minimally and just make sure they get a lot of direct sunlight during the peak daytime hours.  These magic houseplants don't like to be fussed over.

By keeping them green and thriving, you're keeping your health green and healthy too.  Why is this?  It's because you have a symbiotic relationship with houseplants.  With aloe vera plant, if you develop a special relationship with them, you'll really begin to live a healthier life, your business will grow and bloom, and your finances will become prosperous and healthy!

Did I mention that our finances are also directly tied to plants?  Well, it's true!  Keeping healthy plants means keeping healthy everything.  Think of a part of your life that feels out of balance and then add a plant to the mix to counterbalance it.

While you can work with money plants, lucky plants like bamboo, I recommend building a strong kinship with an aloe vera plant as an umbrella to heal all areas of your life that are unhealthy or toxic.  She is a healing plant, first and foremost.  Use that to your advantage!

In addition to all the underground emotional healing that will be taking place as you care for your aloe vera plant baby, you can also create perfect health in your body!  Let's start with the physical body, shall we?
A woman holding a red cup with baby aloe vera plant and a red flannel shirt against forest green grass in the backyard of mother nature + healing remedies

The Aloe Vera Plant First Aid Kit + Aloe Vera Gel Antibacterial Bandaid

To heal your physical body with aloe vera plant gel for topical treatments, simply keep aloe vera plant blades on hand.  My aloe vera plant is so big now that she naturally drops some of her blades.  When this happens, I keep a blade in my bathroom and my medicine cabinet.

This way, if I get a skin abrasion or accidentally burn myself on the oven, then I have a topical healing ointment on hand that's cool and naturally soothing!  I also keep it in my bathroom as part of my beauty regimen.  Did you know that aloe vera gel also heals pimples and blackheads?

That's right!  Use cool, gentle aloe vera plant gel when you get a pimple to both dry out the pimple or blackhead, as well as to heal it at the same time.  If your pimple comes to a head and you're forced to pop your pimple, simply rub some aloe vera on it for soothing overnight relief.

If you live in a state that doesn't have aloe vera plants growing rampantly due to low lighting or whatever, don't let that deter you from purchasing an aloe vera plant.  While yes, aloe vera prefers the great outdoors you can still learn how to domesticate your plant.

Just ensure that your aloe vera baby lives in a place where there's plenty of sunlight and you should be good.  Again, they are really easy to care for and are very low maintenance plants.

Always keep an aloe vera blade in your medicine cabinet and mixed in with your beauty products.  Aloe vera plants make for a great addition to your skincare and natural makeup routine!

Since they work so well as a topical treatment, you can use them to streamline fine lines and wrinkles too.  If you can ingest aloe vera plant every day, in your morning juice recipe or by picking up some aloe vera juice detox drinks for your household, all the better!

If it's doing that much for the outside of your body, imagine what it can do for your insides!  Talk about getting a natural glow and blush from within.  Make aloe vera plant part of your natural daily self-care and skincare routine for maximum healing and success!

You can also use the heady aloe vera plant for antibacterial ointment.  How many of us have accidentally sliced our finger in the kitchen?  Once you get the bleeding to stop, use a dab of aloe vera gel as an antibacterial healing ointment by adding it to the padding of your flower-designed bandaid! 

For instant healing remedies, keep aloe vera plant babies in the kitchen windowsill!  They'll get a lot of direct sunlight here and will be available for when you have a kitchen accident.  You'll be able to grab an aloe vera plant blade, break it open, and apply soothing gel immediately for fast-acting healing treatment.
A woman holding out an aloe vera houseplant with the aloe blades showing like the spiral of the sun

Aloe Vera Gel Detox Juice Recipe For Energetic Healing

Besides using aloe vera gel for topical healing, you can use aloe vera plant juice to heal the inside of your body too!  You can either make your own by adding it to a green juice recipe or you can buy it in your local health food store.

For optimal health and wellness, use aloe vera plant to heal both the inside and outside of your body!  Ingesting aloe vera plant is good a good source of fiber, which makes it a perfect solution for a body cleanse or juice fast.

Not only is aloe vera juice good for digestion, but it's a great source of antioxidants and works to lower blood sugar levels.  Some people say an apple a day will keep the doctor away.  I say an aloe vera juice drink a day will keep the doctor at bay!

Also worth noting: Your dentist will love what the aloe vera juice drink does for your dental health!  It not only heals canker sores in your mouth, but aloe vera gel juice also reduces dental plaque.  You can now flash those pearly whites without embarrassment.

In addition to all the wonders of an aloe vera juice fast, this potent drink contains the magic for perfect skin, hair, and nails!  Again, healing your physical body and distributing proper nutrients and nourishment to all your organs, including your skin, the largest organ in your body!

If anyone will encourage you to live a plant-based lifestyle, I have to say aloe vera will be the one to do it!  She encourages you to eat the parts of herself she knows you can use with ease and grace.  She's a very generous, giving plant when it comes to your health and well-being.

If you or someone you know has a defective heart or is having open-heart surgery, I highly recommend keeping an aloe vera plant by your bedside!  Being that aloe vera is a heart-healing plant with lots of love to give, she'll begin the healing process before you even ask her too.

Aloe vera is the sweetheart of the plant kingdom.  She's the flora to your fauna and a girl after your own heart!  If you'd like to keep reading more on aloe vera plants and other plant givers, please read my resource list below.  Happy planting!

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