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Wishlist: Taking Inspired Action With the Law of Attraction

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There's a time to sit on your laurels and there's a time to take action. This post is a wishlist on taking inspired action with the law of attraction!

Here's the thing: You can manifest some things without lifting a finger but there are some things that will require action from you.  For example, you can't win the lottery without buying a ticket.  You can't have business success without first starting a business. 

What is inspired action?  An inspired action is when you take actions that feel like a natural next step for you inspired by the universe.  It won't feel like work at all!

How do you know when it's time to take action?  When it comes from source, you'll automatically feel compelled and driven to do it without being prompted.  Again, it will feel completely natural for you!

I decided that I'd cover this topic because there are two different schools of thought in the LOA community.  On the one hand, some spiritual teachers feel that you don't have to do any work at all.  While on the other hand, another group of manifestation coaches believes that you need to take some sort of action. 

In reality, both groups are correct.  There are some wishes that come true instantly with one small thought because there's zero resistance in the way.  For some things, usually bigger manifestations, some action will be required.

The good news is that the action required won't feel like work or come from a place of force or resistance.  You'll be inspired to take action while the bridge of incidents falls into place seamlessly by the universe.

What is the bridge of incidents in LOA?  The bridge of incidents is where the universe begins showing you signs of life that your manifestation has been heard and received so now everything is falling into perfect universal order.

How fast that occurs depends on many factors but it usually starts pretty quickly!  For example, you'll start seeing signs and synchronicities on a regular basis that coincide with your manifestation.  You'll probably be starting to have dreams while you sleep that is related to your wish fulfillment.

The great thing about this is that the universe will absolutely let you know that your manifestation has been heard and received!  It's a good idea to keep a diary of all the little signs and synchronicities that are occurring that align with your wish coming true.

What I do is keep a notebook and for the heading, I write something like signs of land or gathering twigs (which is what Gabrielle Bernstein call it) and then when something happens that's related to my manifestation I write it down to keep track of it coming to life right before my very eyes!

This is a fun way to keep the faith in your manifestation.  Each time something happens, it makes you feel inspired to keep going!  It makes you feel heard by the universe.

It's important to keep in mind that manifesting your dreams into reality should be fun, lighthearted, and easy!  It shouldn't feel like a chore.  If it does then you're not on the right track and the universe will block your manifestation from you. 

It should feel like an inspired action!  It should feel easy and effortless, not something you have to force yourself to do.  If there's any force behind it, then you'll meet resistance. 

Some of it is using logic.  If you expect to lose weight, it would only be natural to consume fewer calories and get some exercise.  It's little actions like that which will build your faith.

Back in 2012, I was chubby for the very first time in my life.  I had always been a tiny, skinny girl before that.  I used the law of attraction to help me lose weight.  I believed it into existence!

However, that didn't mean that I sat on my laurels eating potato chips.  No, I took inspired action!  I went on a juice fast and began doing cardio every single day until I lost the weight and then some. 

Taking some sort of action also made it easier to believe my manifestation was coming true!  The difference was that the action I took came from the spirit world.  It came from a natural good feeling place and that's what all action steps should feel like when practicing the LOA.

You can read my full story on how I lost weight in my vegan starter kit!  Whether it be weight loss, getting in shape, or going vegan, it should come from a place of inspiration.
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Wishlist: Taking Inspired Action With the Law of Attraction 

How do you know if something is an inspired action versus an ego-based action?  Again, it should really come from a place within your spirit.  It will feel natural and easy to you.  You'll be working in the flow of creation but it will feel as if you aren't lifting a finger at all!

Let me give you another recent example in my own life.  For years, I've been going against the grain and struggling with creating a product that could fuel my business and help me earn a consistent income in blogging.

The more I tried to tackle this problem head-on, the worse things would get.  This is because every action I was taking came from a place of fear and struggle.  With the LOA, it shouldn't feel like that. 

Within the last month, I was inspired to take action on one major subscription product from my blog called, Girly Nature Lovers.  It's a newsletter subscription where the magic will be delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis.

Right now, while working out all the details with my angels and spirit guides, everything feels free-flowing and natural to me.  It doesn't feel like work.

See the difference?  I'm in alignment with the universe because I waited for the bridge of incidents to unfold and reveal to me what was the next natural step for my business.  In this case, it was creating an all-in-one product that is going to be service-based and help many people!

How does it make me feel?  It feels good.  It feels completely organic and natural.  It feels like home to me. 

That's exactly how your manifestation, whatever it may be, should feel to you.  If you feel opposition, force, pushing, and pulling then I think it's safe to say that you are working from your ego-mind instead of the spiritual realm. 

Another fun example would be my desire to buy a home.  The building has been sold where I live and is under new management.  This is where the law of opposites shows up to force changes in the picture. 

When something like this happens in your 3D reality, be sure not to panic or create more resistance.  When this first started happening, I'm not going to lie, I reacted from a place of fear, wondering where I was going to live. 

Later, I realized that this was just part of the bridge of incidents to get me that much closer to my dream home with fairy lights.  Don't react to the law of opposites, as it can prolong the unfolding of your manifestation coming true!

Now, when I think about moving into my new home, it feels good and natural.  It feels like home to me. 

So, it's important to note on this particular topic that no inspired actions have been required of me at this time, other than living in the end.  Some manifestations will be like that, happening under divine timing, unfolding organically. 

Other manifestations will require something from you.  You'll know when that happens because the universe will begin creating a feeling or need inside you to take an action and that action plan will be crystal clear to you.

Once you take that action step, it will feel natural and organic to you.  It will make you feel motivated, inspired, and alive.  These are all signs that your action has come from the source. 

Remember, if it feels like work or there's a lot of push and pull, then it's not coming from a divine place.  It should feel a lot like following your heart!
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Take a Leap of Faith With Goddess Aine: Fairy Queen of the Forest

There are going to be times when you can feel it deep down in your bones that it's time to take a leap of faith.  Taking a leap of faith can be really scary since it requires taking a step outside your comfort zone.  When that happens, take a leap of faith with Goddess Aine: Fairy Queen of the Forest!

If you've never worked with fairy queen Aine before, get ready to feel motivated and inspired!  You can begin to engage with the magical forest queen by reading, Meet the Fairy Queens: Goddess Aeracura and Celtic Goddess Aine to get started.

The best way to work with Aine is to meet her halfway by visiting her stomping grounds, basically anywhere in nature.  Tell her what's on your mind and she will spark action within you!

While the law of attraction does sometimes require an inspired action step, fairy queen Aine will give you the courage and faith to step forward into the light!  She's amazing at initiating projects by instilling more faith in your own God-given abilities. 

Aine will help you take a huge leap of faith when trying to manifest something huge into your life.  Sometimes you know what needs to be done but you need that magic, that spark from within to be able to do it.

Since she's also the queen of the fairy realm, she has the power to manifest your dreams into reality.  Sometimes all you need is a little grounding and nature will take care of that for you. 

Another thing that the goddess Aine does is to inspire you with fresh ideas or help you to look at things from a different perspective.  This helps you to ground your ideas into reality with ease and grace. 

Nothing you do with her will ever feel like work.  Aine will make you feel very much alive, well, and ready to take action.  More importantly, you'll know in your heart which actions to take!

When you're working on executing an idea in a more concrete way, Aine has two crystals that she highly recommends.  You'll want to keep a black obsidian rock crystal formation on you, as well as a garnet gemstone. 

Obsidian has an earthy texture with lots of ridges that feel good in your hand for textualizing.  Holding it and rubbing it with your fingers not only absorbs any negativity in your system but this healing crystal will do you one better by grounding your ideas into reality!

Garnet, which has a similar earthy texture to black obsidian rock, has a dark reddish tone to it.  It works to bring your passions to life as well as to create grounding within you, which in turn, helps you to manifest your dreams into reality and execute ideas.  If you're having trouble getting an idea off the ground, garnet is your girl! 

When you wear the two of them together, like crystals in your bra (one gemstone in each cup size), you'll be able to get your head out of the clouds and ground your dreams into reality.  In fact, I am wearing garnet crystal and obsidian crystal in my bra right now!

In addition to that, working with fairy goddess Aine will help you to stay grounded while taking a huge leap of faith outside of your comfort zone!  She will spur you into action.

Aine, like all fairies, has instant manifestation abilities which they are more than happy to share with you, as long as you are respectful to mother earth.  Trust me, she looks out for that!

She's less likely to help someone if they throw their trash out the car window or walk around stomping on ladybugs if you catch my drift.  If you'd like to work with goddess Aine, spend time with mother Gaia, whom she worships and adores!  That will grab her attention.

Also, just as a side note, Aine is also my fashion fairy, so you might like to work with her to build a more considered wardrobe that's eco-friendly and safe for the environment using natural materials derived from the earth. 

If one of your intentions is to open a vintage clothing shop or work in environmentalism, then bonus for you if you call on goddess Aine!  She will work with you to take that leap of faith without fear in your heart. 

She's even great for keeping naysayers at bay when they poo-poo all over your dreams.  She will shoo them away like flies in the summertime!  For her, there is no obstacle that is too great.

So, if you want to live in accordance with conscious manifesting, Aine is your girl!  She's a magical fairy queen with prompting you to take actions and to believe in yourself. 

When you believe in yourself, you can't go wrong!  Aine will build the faith within your magical fairy heart in record time. 

For more wishlist posts on the law of attraction, click here.  The creation process is something that I'm very passionate about and use in my everyday life.  Now, you can too!
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