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Working With the Fashion Fairies For Environmentally-Friendly Clothing and Vegan Makeup

A fairy girl figurine in floor-length blue dress surrounded by agate slices in mother nature
Working with the fashion fairies for environmentally-friendly clothing and vegan makeup is a great way to spark a makeover in your wardrobe and style!  Today, I'm going to talk about how you can do that by finding or choosing your fashion fairy and asking for help and guidance!

First and foremost, who are the fashion fairies and how can they help you?  The fashion fairies, much like the fashion angels, are a special group of faerie folk that works to spark fashion trends that are on an eco-friendly standing.

The slow fashion movement is the perfect example of that.  The fashion faerie folk are behind beauty trends that are ecologically-friendly and less harmful to the environment.  The fairies that work in the fashion industry tend to wear natural makeup and natural, flowing clothing that is down-to-earth.

If you prefer a more glamorous look, you might try calling on a stylish fashion goddess such as Goddess Isis or Goddess Freya, two of my favorite makeover goddesses.  If you prefer a more natural look, then the fashion fairies have a gold mine of information to share with you!

This special group of nature spirits is wonderful for when you want to choose a more carefully considered wardrobe that blends into the environment without causing any harm to planet earth.  Let's say that you want to learn how to create a capsule wardrobe inspired by mother nature: the fashion fairy of your choice will lead you to some splendid wardrobe choices!

You might enjoy reading, How to Add Elements of Magic to Your Green Nature Witch Capsule Wardrobe!  The fairies not only add nature elements to each piece of clothing you choose but add a little bit of magic too.

The nature spirits add magic in a colorful variety of ways!  For example, they might inspire you to add crystals to your bra or dried, preserved flowers and herbs as a makeshift spell for on the go.

Another thing you might find is that your fashion fairy will inspire you to have a thing with flower crowns or to create your own DIY flower barrettes.  The fey really likes to add homespun magic to your beauty routine in natural ways that make you feel good about yourself.

These little things add a little real-life magic to your style!  Whether it be flowers, naturally shed feathers, a gemstone crown or a never leather wallet that is cruelty-free.

As far as fabrics, your fashion fey will help you to choose fashions that keep the ethical treatment of animals in mind, as well as the use of sustainability.  You might find yourself gearing towards vegan hiking boots made from vegan leather materials or perhaps a dress made from handmade materials derived from mother nature.

You might enjoy reading, Wearable Nature: Using Natural Materials to Create Fashion Accessories!  You'll find numerous ways to work with the nature spirits using materials commonly found in nature or in your garden.

The fashion elemental of your choice will help you make use of things that are already in existence in your home, fridge, backyard, and fairy garden.  The fairies really like to make use of household items in a sustainable way that keeps in line with waste not, want not.

If natural living is important to you then working with the fey is a good call for you!  They are behind the slow fashion movement, vegan bath and beauty products, and green living made easy.
A woodland fairy nymph with a boardwalk full of colorful agate slices in a tree lined area

Working With the Fashion Fairies For Environmentally-Friendly Clothing and Vegan Makeup

How does one choose a fashion fairy or a group of fashion fairies?  Good question!  Let's talk about this, shall we?

Here's how it works: The majority of the time the fashion fairy will choose you based on your environmental actions and goodwill towards mother earth.  They are watching you from behind the scenes every time you take a nature walk and around your home on a regular basis. 

In my case, being chosen by the fashion fairies is what happened to me!  I have a group of twin fairies that I work with that came to me back in 2015.  I actually don't utilize their help directly as much as I should but they are always there, ushering in wearable nature wherever I go.

My twin fashion fey works together hand-in-hand to help me practice a more natural approach to fashion and life.  I wouldn't at all be surprised if you heard their names before right on this very blog!

For more on my fashion faerie folk, you might enjoy reading, Meet the Fairy Queens: Goddess Aeracura and Celtic Goddess Aine!  These are the fairy guides that work with me on fashion and style.  They were also the inspiration behind my wearable nature fashion feature!

Okay, so they aren't twins exactly but they often work in pairings and I've always gotten the sense that they are kinfolk style goddesses of nature in some way!  My story is that I met them in the fall of 2018 on the hiking trail in Hammock Park, which if you've read this blog before, you'd know is my favorite park in the whole wide world!

They approached me in the forest and began to create deep healing within me on many levels.  This healing lead me to follow my heart about environmental causes and talk about them on my blog.  In fact, they were a large part of the creation behind Everyday Laurali Star, which I am truly grateful for!

So, this is what I would recommend for you in order to connect with a fashion fairy.  Spend some time in nature whether it be a local park or butterfly garden.  The fairies will tune into you as you walk, pick up trash, and speak to them with your mind.

Depending on your psychic abilities, you'll be able to see or feel the faerie folk as they walk in stride along with you.  The great thing about talking to the fairies is that you don't have to put on airs with them.  You can feel free to wear your heart on your sleeve as you walk through canyons or the forest floor.

While you're speaking with the fey, you'll begin to see, hear, or feel someone or something walking along with you.  These are called psychic impressions.  You'll begin to pick up images and descriptions. 

Also, make it your intention to talk to the fairy goddess about a thoughtful approach to building a wardrobe with slow fashion.  Talk to them about what you want your style to look and feel like.  The fairies are big on the feeling behind things. 

What will happen is that someone will come to mind.  It will be either one fairy or a group of fashion fairies.  In my experience, they tend to work in small groups because they prefer intimacy in their human relationships.

While you are walking and talking to them in your mind, ask for a fashion group to step forward.  For some people, there will be instant recognition while others may have to come back the next day and repeat steps.

Once you have a fashion fairy, he or she will be yours for life!  They are highly devotional creatures to the ones they like to adorn. 

Also, don't be surprised if more come forward at a later time.  Recently, Goddess Ostara, the goddess of Easter and springtime, came forward to share her beauty secrets with me.  She helps me by putting a spring in my step and a sparkle in my eye, all of which gives me more confidence!

If you aren't having any luck with meeting your fashion fairy, it might be a good idea to create an offering and bring it to the forest.  Fairy offerings are really easy to assemble as they love anything derived from nature!

Fairies of all kinds also like sparkly, shiny things like healing crystals, bells, and prisms.  If you'd rather give them a food offering, most fey really enjoys the taste and sweetness of honey and agave nectar.  Most people have that right in their cupboard at home!

Be sure to leave them a sweet secret note spelling out your request for fashion assistance!  It will change your life in magical ways as ideas will come to you in a way they never had before.

Once your fashion maven pops into your mind, be sure to ask him or her their name.  Most of the time, your fashion nature spirit will have feminine energy but occasionally male fairies have been known to work in the natural fashion industry.  Just keep an open mind and see who springs forward!

Once you have a name and an image, you can engage with your fey at any given time in the future!  What I like about a fashion diva fairy is that they are someone you can always count on.  Who doesn't like someone who is safe and reliable?

The only time that you might have difficulty connecting with the fairy realm is if you are someone who disrespects mother earth.  The fey will absolutely not work with anyone who throws trash on the ground or who goes out of their way to be cruel to animals. 

They are looking to work and foster growth in people who are humane to animals, earth-friendly, and have an open fairy heart that wants to learn from them.  Once they've chosen you, they will stay by your side for the rest of your life!
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