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A Slow Living Prompt For How to Live a Simple, Quiet Lifestyle

A nostalgic blue sky with white, fluffy clouds on a perfect afternoon in Florida with palm trees
This is a slow living prompt for how to live a simple, quiet lifestyle!  The further you go down the rabbit hole of nature, the more you feel a need to slow down and enjoy life.

Nature has that effect on us.  We begin to slow down and realize that there is no past, there is no future, there is only right now, today, and in this moment.

While it can be fun to dream up ideas for the future or look fondly back on the past with nostalgia, we must learn to live in the moment.  For more on nostalgic memories, you might like to read, Nostalgia: Embrace Your Childlike Energy By Living a Slower Life!

By living in the moment, we learn there is no better time than the present.  This is our merging present moment, where past and future meet.

To truly live a simple, quiet lifestyle one must look within.  When you do, you might just discover a whole new role with rose-tinted glasses that you can look to.  It's a simpler place in time there.

You might enjoy reading, Currently: Seeing the World Through Rose-Colored Glasses!  When you enjoy the moment that you're in, it makes space for better things to come through.

If you're spending your entire day running around like a busy bee, it might be time to rethink the way you're doing things.  Are you happy?

No, seriously.  Are you truly, deep down happy with the way things are?  If not, head into nature to take some field notes on your life.

Write down a list of everything in your life you're not happy with.  Then give at least one reason why to each of them.

Once you get down to the truth and the heart of the matter, you'll be able to see where in your life you need to slow down.  Maybe you're unhappy with sitting in traffic while commuting to work for two hours in the morning.

Dig deeper.  Is the commute the problem or is it just an extension of a larger issue in your life? The root of the issue being that you want to have more time and freedom in your work.

What can you do to change it?  You might need to take a leap of faith with Goddess Aine, the fairy queen of childlike faith and trust.

Maybe you do decide to quit your day job and go full-time as a blogger.  Maybe you decide to start a food truck business selling vegan options.  Whatever it is, it will feel right to you in your heart.

Just the simple act of heading out in nature to soak up the natural scenery should be enough to open you up to the possibilities.  If you're looking to slow down, nature is where it's at.

The leaves and greenery will instantly give you a mental mind boost that will help you to discover the quiet life you've always wanted.  It is much easier to manifest something if you're clear on what it is that will make you over the moon with happiness.

I also recommend you going it alone.  This is your time to reflect on the kind of life that you would like to have and fill in all the details.

Being grounded in the earth's healing energy will help you to gain some clarity on this situation.  Maybe at the heart of the matter, you'd like to live in a cottage in the woods away from modern civilization.

Perhaps for you, a simple life with small-town charm in the south would suit you better.  Whatever it is you're looking for, you can start visualizing it now as if it's already done.  See it in your mind's eye as a whole picture of the story you'd like your life to be.

For tips on the law of attraction, you might love reading, Wishlist: Taking Inspired Action With the Law of Attraction!  This is where daydreaming becomes visualizing and then becomes your current reality.

The secret ingredients that make up mother nature then work together to create the perfect blend of kinfolk style, slow living.  Even if it feels like you're in a rat race right now.  You can turn this around!

Slower living is our natural state.  Humans are meant to live in real-time not in the fast-paced world it sometimes feels we are living in.
Blue skies and a sunny outlook with palm tree fronds and white, fluffy clouds on a spring day in Florida

A Slow Living Prompt For How to Live a Simple, Quiet Lifestyle

I came to a slower living by making a drastic change in my life ten years ago.  I quit my full-time front desk manager job to become a writer.

Since then, I make slow living a priority.  I've even chucked some of the modern conveniences of the manmade world.  I haven't had a microwave in my home in more than five years!

It has taken a lot for me to get to this place and I like to challenge myself and go deeper.  My next step is to work toward living a waste-free lifestyle.  There are little things I do to help with that, like using less single-use plastic.

If you too are interested in a zero-waste lifestyle, you might enjoy reading, Baby Steps: Package-Free Bar of Soap For Waste-Free Living!  It's the little things we do that matter.

Beyond working on a minimalist lifestyle, I keep plants as my pets, go hiking in nature, and spend a lot of my free time practicing yoga.  I also live in a tiny, seaside fishing village in Florida where simple living is at it's best.

It's easy to go slow in Florida, especially by the time summer rolls around.  The summer heat trickles down your spine, forcing front porch lemonade and running through sprinklers in green grass to the front of your mind.

The heat makes you want to slow down, sip your iced tea, and lounge in the pool as you watch clouds drift across blue skies leisurely.  For me, it was a natural next step to make slow living a priority.

You just have to get to know yourself first.  Look into your heart and see the vision of the life you dream of.  Whether it's as simple as reading that big stack of books on your side table or as lofty as living off the grid, you have to find what it means to you.

What is your definition of living a simple, quiet lifestyle?  Write it down and draw a pink heart around it.  Keep it as your secret love note to the new and improved you.  The simplest, sweetest version of you!
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