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Camera Work: How to Shake Up Your Blog Photography Style

A white garden trellis with trailing green leaf vines and a unicorn rainbow girl with a magical horn in the butterfly garden of Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida
This is to help you with your camera work on how to shake-up your blog photography style!  Whether you're a budding photographer or an aspiring blogger, it's easy to get stuck in a rut and I'm here to give you some tips on how to break out of your routine with flare!

At some point, every photographer gets stuck in a rut.  They get bored with taking pictures or they simply long for something new to photograph.  Whatever the case may be, it's easy to shake things up and get out of a camera rut!

I've been kind of going through my own photography rut lately, and today I headed to the park to break up my routine.  I made it my intention to look at the world from a new angle.

It might be that I'm looking at the same patch of wildflowers, but with a fresh eye and a new perspective.  For more camera tips, you might try, How to Develop Your Signature Photography Style!

Another thing that brought some magic back to my photography angle was trying new secret, hidden places in the park.  For example, in this post, I took a teeny-tiny surprise unicorn doll to a white trellis with vining plants and captured the magic from a new angle.

It's the little things you can do to look at the world in a new way that can break you out of a creative rut.  I've been trying to explore new places and quiet corners around the park to create different natural backdrops.

Another thing you can do to become more receptive is to try new places in your world.  In my case, that might mean heading to a different park or walking around capturing local flora and fauna.

In your case, it might mean new places in your city, like local haunts and tree-lined streets.  What this does is to help you find a new perspective in which to see things.

Remember, your camera is your filter to the way that you see the world.  Your perspective is going to be completely different than mine and that's okay.  That's what makes photography a work of art.

Two different people can take a picture of the same thing and it will turn out completely different based on their point of view.  Walking in another person's shoes is another thing you can do to open up your camera perspective.

Imagine how your favorite character or a famous person might see the world and snap a picture that resonates with that character POV.  It's a fun way to bust out of your routine!

It all goes back to how you see the world you live in.  You might enjoy reading, Currently: Seeing the World Through Rose-Colored Glasses to see the world through my camera lens.
A white treelis in the butterfly garden with green leafy vines and a tiny fairy girl with pink hair and a magical unicorn horn for granting wishes

Camera Work: How to Shake Up Your Blog Photography Style

To shake up your camera routine, you might also like to try out some new camera props to enhance your current photography style.  For more on blog photography, you might like to read, How I Style My Posts With the Elements of Nature + Fairy Imagery!

Adding photo props to your latest post can really make your pictures pop!  Another thing you can do is layer your photos with more photos.

For example, use photos and hanging photo props as a way to layer your pictures with art and nostalgia.  You can hang a clothesline with an Instax picture using clothespins on a white background with fairy lights.

You can have a picnic laid out with a picnic flat lay in the meadow with vintage pictures in and around the picnic basket set.  These are just a few clean and minimal options, but I say use your imagination and creativity to go wild with your photography!

Below, I've left you with some lifestyle photography resources that will help you capture the magic of the moment on camera.  Written from my point of view, it should give you a fresh take on how to shake up your photography routine in no time!  Enjoy xo

Blog Photography Resources:
  1. Whimsical Wanderings: Where I Snap Photographs of Mother Nature
  2. The Fun of Seasonal Flat Lay Photography For Autumn + Botanical Style Blend
  3. My Favorite Photo Prop: A Toy Frog Flashlight in the Woodland
  4. How to Work With Botanicals to Create Flat Lays, Vegan Beauty, and Improve Your Well-Being
  5. A Simpler Place in Time: The Nostalgia of Capturing Wildlife On Camera
The beauty of being a blog photographer is being able to curate content that mixes and matches with words, imagery, and imagination.  When you mix it all together you get the perfect blend of branding for your lifestyle blog.  Thanks for reading! xo
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