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Currently: Seeing the World Through Rose-Colored Glasses

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One of the things I've been working on currently is seeing the world through rose-colored glasses!  Since December, I've really shifted my focus to positive thinking and I've carried that with me into the new year.

I'm in a really good place in my life right now.  Things are going well in my business.  My business is growing by the day and I can't imagine it being any other way.

What's ironic about this is that just a few short months ago, I couldn't see the light in all the darkness.  While I won't go into it too much, there was something very comfortable about my depression.  It was something that I had become accustomed to until I just wasn't anymore.

Now, every day I wake up in a positive spirit.  I still have a lot of shifting emotions throughout the day, but compared to before, I really have turned over a new leaf in my life.

While my emotions have become more emotionally mature and stable, I have felt the earth shift beneath my feet, and there are changes in the air.  While the changes are moving in and out of my life slowly, it's allowing me to feel grounded and in control of my life again.

I haven't talked about it much, but my new year's resolution is stability.  To have emotional stability most of all, but to have stability in all the ways I can bring it into my life.

For example, the old me wouldn't have been able to settle down and create a business like this. For years, I would start businesses and new blogs, but I would never stick with anything.  I can't even begin to tell you all the different domains I've owned throughout the years.

However, something has changed within me this time, and it's happened gradually over the course of two years.  I've been able to stick with keeping the same blog and growing it from a stable foundation.  That's all part of the new me!

Even my blogger template has finally remained the same.  I finally found a blogger template that I love and that creates a solid foundation that I can build upon.  I invested in my blogger template and had custom design work done from Shop Gabriela Melo on Etsy!

I feel like I've finally made a home online, one that I can build upon for many years to come!  I have future renovations that I want to do, that type of thing, but I'm not in any rush to get things done like I used to be.

I feel good about who I am and where I'm at in life.  That includes my online business success.  The old me wouldn't have been satisfied.

I used to buy blogger templates like they were hotcakes on Sunday morning, but I've finally bought a home, so to speak.  My home sweet online home and it is here that I'm prepared to stay, settle in, build a fire, and make new additions at my leisure.

I know there are a lot of bloggers that wouldn't recommend Blogger as their blogging platform, but it's where I started out as a blogger, and why fix what isn't broke?  I feel good about where I'm at and with the growth of my small business currently.

So, for the time being, I'm staying put.  I think part of seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses is being happy with the way your life currently is.  It's about being at peace with yourself and finding acceptance.

How did I make this positive change in my life?  Honestly, it took a lot of prayers, a lot of burning letters to the universe, and making a decision in myself that I was going to change.

I used to think that it was my outside world that needed changing.  I thought that if I changed my business name or my blog theme, everything in my life would turn around for the better.  I was focused on external things.

Then one day I decided to take a cold, hard look at myself and the inner conversations I was having.  I realized that I wasn't at all kind to myself nor was I forgiving.  I realized the only way for the outside world to change was for me to work on my inside world.

This is called keeping a mental diet.  A mental diet is where you start getting rid of all the things that no longer serve you in life and you begin to change the conversation you have with yourself.  I prefer to call it putting on my rose-colored glasses!

This means I watch the things that I say to myself, the company I keep, the conversations I have with other people, and the media I consume.  The goal is to stay away from toxic people, situations, and the negative harm of media.

Luckily for me, I got rid of almost all of my social media many years ago, because it made me feel bad about myself.  I didn't feel like comparing my life to other people on Instagram and I didn't feel like being part of the rat race that is social networking.  I just want to be me, unabashedly.

I feel like the most like me when I'm writing in my blog or through the newsletters I send out to my readers and subscribers.  It is here where I have found my authentic voice and it is through blogging, that I feel like I can be my weird, quirky, one-of-a-kind self in the best way possible.

I've been working my way through the blog, deleting any form of media because that's not the message that I want to put out into the world.  I want to focus on bringing more love and light into the world.

I've also been holding back a little if I'm being honest.  I'm an Aries sun sign, so I have a tendency to reveal too much on my blog.  I think it's because my blog is a diary-style journal into healing for me.

Blogging helps me make sense of what I'm feeling by writing about my heartfelt emotions and wearing my heart on my sleeve.  Interestingly, in real life, I'm a very private and mysterious person.  I only reveal things about myself that I want you to know.

On my blog, I'm more raw, open, and honest in every possible way.  That being said, it's given me pause to think.

I want to keep my private thoughts private, through writing my intentions every morning and by burning my daily letters to the universe.  Beyond that, I would really like to share my secret hopes and dreams with my readers in a more behind-the-scenes kind of way.

That's something I have in the works right now, but since I'm working to hold things back and not reveal too much, I'm going to keep my new project hidden up my sleeve for the time being.  No worries!  More details to come.

Now that I am looking at the world in a more positive light, my secret wish and desire are to teach you, my reader, how to do that too.  How would you feel about a rose-colored glasses e-course?

I'd love to let you into my secret world to show you how I find the motivation and inspiration to live a happy-go-lucky life!  I really love my life now, but I didn't always.  There were specific steps that I took to make my butterfly transformation happen!

I want you to see the world that I do.  Underneath the surface, there's this entire magical earthly realm that humans walk right past every day.  I want to let you into the secret, hidden places of my life.

If you're currently in a real-life struggle, I want you to feel like you have some hope.  I want you to be able to see there's still some magic left in this world.

As someone who has just completed the dark night of the soul, I can assure you there are still good things left to come.  But, there's only one way to see it, and that's by seeing a rose garden where there were once weeds.

In the meantime, here are a few things that I'm reading, writing, and listening to right now while trying to keep a clean mental diet.  Enjoy! xo
Heart-to-heart conversations in mother nature + A purple rainbow-colored floor-length dress, vintage style, summer dresses and slow fashions in Florida

Currently: Seeing the World Through Rose-Colored Glasses

What I'm Reading - I'm re-reading, "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett.  I used to have the paperback version years ago, but recently found a hardback version of the book at the local park in the book bin by the butterfly garden.  Score!  I'm excited to read this one again.

What I'm Watching - I'm back to watching, "Gilmore Girls" again.  For the longest time, mostly after the catastrophe of the reboot, I just couldn't get myself to sit down and enjoy re-watching GG.  Recently, I've been writing in my morning intentions that I'd like to rekindle my love of Gilmore Girls.  Since this weekend, it seems to be working!  I missed my warm, comfort-food show.

What I'm Listening To - Peach Pit, The Regrettes, and Dayglow.  Look them up and give them a listen to if you haven't already!  So, so good.  I've been creating a "Moon Magic" playlist on YouTube, just for fun.  One of my favorite things in life is discovering new music or digging up music I used to love like dinosaur bones.

What I'm Up To - I've been trying to keep myself busy with work, if I'm being completely honest.  I've been working on a subscription that will be coming out this spring, which I'm really excited about.  I've been putting my heart and soul into my writing.  I'm still longing for love, but at the same time enjoying my moment as a single woman!

Don't get me wrong though, if I meet the right guy, I'm more than happy to settle down so long as I can always have my entourage of guy friends.  I like hanging out with guys, I always have.  I have enough female friendship in my life, being that my mom and daughters are my best friends.  Not to mention, my new little baby girls, Lilian and Genevieve.  I absolutely love being their Nona!

Anyways, I could use more male energy in my life.  The female energy in my world is already through the roof!

What's New - Me!  I'm the brand-new, shiny thing in my own life.  It's like I'm a whole new person in light of last year.  The important thing is that I never stop growing as a person.  Life is meant to be dynamic and everchanging and I'm okay with that.

The word that resonates with me right now is stability.  I just want to keep building more stability into my life, throughout the year.  I want to get married, buy a house, settle down.

I want to keep working on my emotional landscape and creating more stability in that arena.  Right now, I'm still in a Queen of Cups state of mind, when really, I need to be in a Queen of Wands state of mind.  I'm working on it!

In case you didn't know, the Queen of Cups in a tarot reading, speaks of a woman who is swimming in her own emotions.  That's sorta where I'm coming from.  I'm working on becoming a Queen of Wands tarot card because she has a more magnetic, emotionally mature attitude and is easily able to get what she wants in her life.

Granted, change doesn't happen overnight and in my opinion, I'll always be a work in progress.  That doesn't mean I can't enjoy how far I've come at this moment.

So, I'm working on experiencing more gratitude in addition to self-reflection.  I do this by writing out my daily intentions and morning affirmations.  It keeps me in a positive frame of mind and I love it!

What Am I Feeling - I'm feeling good and I'm feeling happy overall.  There's a sense of calm, peace, and well-being within me.  Things aren't perfect but I'm in a place of acceptance with that.

Part of feeling grateful for what you have is to be at a place of peace and acceptance with what you already have.  So, at this current moment, I feel happy most of all!

I'm doing much better with my mental health and I can feel the presence of angels and spirit helpers all around me.  That's a pretty happy place to be.  I work at it every single day, but life is worth working at, don't you think?

My Secret Wish - Well, if I'm being honest, my secret wish is to fall in love and get married.  I met someone that I haven't been able to get out of my head.  I think part of it is because I'm intuitive so I can feel his energy.  However, I can't wait forever.  Mostly, because I don't know what I'm waiting for if that makes sense.  For now, I think I'll keep my secret crush under wraps.  I'm going to continue living my life, with or without reconciliation.  In the meantime, if someone asks me out on a date, I'm going to go.

This is where I'm currently at in my life right now.  I'm kind of walking this delicate, fine line between keeping secrets to myself and exposing my vulnerability to the world.  I think eventually I'll find a happy medium, don't you?

As far as putting on my rose-colored glasses, I think life is more fun that way!  I like the effect that positive thinking has had on my life.  It's not a straight line, but no spiritual journey is, and that's fine and dandy with me.  
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