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Eco-Blogging: On Creating a Self-Sustaining Business Model

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This is a blog post about eco-blogging on creating a self-sustaining business model and what that means to me!  I mentioned in the past that I might talk about my work life from time to time.  Since it doesn't really fit into the aesthetic of my blog overall, I like to keep it to a minimum.

I felt inspired to write this blog post because there are a lot of changes in the air on the blog, like empty pages and new products soon to come.  I thought that maybe I owed my readers an explanation of what's going on behind-the-scenes.

First things first, this is all part of my creative process.  I can never fully visualize the outcome of something without experimenting on it first.

More importantly, the business has had some exponential growth to the point where I really sat down and started thinking about what I really want out of being an entrepreneur.  It took months of fitting pieces together, but I finally came up with a self-sustainable business model that would make any eco-blogger and influencer blush!

Let's talk about what my mission is on the blog and why that matters in the context of things.  My business ethos is slow living, nature, and sustainability.  Those are the things that I deeply care about and have a passion for.

Of course, nature can be broken down and into two or more things.  Nature is the backdrop and theme to my blog, winning out over everything with categories in hiking and the faerie realm!

With my mission statement and brand ethos out of the way, I was able to consider what I really want with the future in blogging.  The two things that popped into my head were community and a self-sustainable business.

I'll be honest with you.  At first, it wasn't easy to consider giving up my idea of working with high-quality sponsors on the blog.  This was a dream I held onto for a really long time with specific eco-friendly collaborators in mind.

In the end, just trusting my intuition alone, I decided to take a huge leap of faith and let it go!  It didn't mean that I would never be able to work with sustainable living companies again.  It just meant that if I did work with sponsored companies in the future, it might just come through in a different way.

For example, I have this dream of working with an eco-friendly, vegan outdoor gear company in order to design my own line of women's hiking clothes and gear that is girly and unique.  I could still make something like that happen in the future.

In addition to letting go of my dream of sponsoring earth-friendly companies with never leather materials, I have opted to go ad-free on my blog!  I thought long and hard over this decision and ultimately, went with my gut.

I kept ignoring it, but my intuitive nudge from within kept telling me not to put ads on my blog, for multiple reasons.  In the nearby future, ads are going to be slowly phased out or will be utilized in an alternative way.

Many people, including myself, absolutely loathe ads.  We tolerate them because we know that all bloggers deserve to get paid for the work that they do.  However, most of us would like to see them go.

So, as part of my self-sustaining business model, I'm opting to keep an ad-free blog.  Wee!  I'm sure my readers will be happy about this good news.

This wasn't an easy decision to make.  I have the numbers right now on my blog to create a media kit for sponsors and start making money from adware.  I thought about it and I'm following my heart.

I have been standing at the precipice of taking the leap into the unknown for some time now.  As an eco-friendly blogger, I've been dreaming up ideas for what I want to do with my blog forever and a day.

It was a very trying time, but ultimately, I'm happy with what I decided on.  I have been looking to find a way to make an all-in-one business with my own products and subscriptions.  I finally found the light, the truth, and the way!

Don't you just love it when that happens?  I wanted to keep everything within my blog biz.  Since I use blogger as my blogging platform, it was really difficult to do that.  

I'm bringing newsletter subscriptions to life!  That's why you might see some changes when you go to signup for my newsletter list.  Everything is in transition right now.

This was another dream I've had for years that kept popping up over and over again.  When something keeps popping up like that, that reoccurring theme means its an idea you must follow!

I've decided to share my private life with my readers in a way I haven't before.  I also wanted to include more on my magical lifestyles, like blog posts and lifestyle topics that you can't get on the main blog.

Like this post?  Want more on how to start a blog or how to run a sustainable business?  Great!  That's just some of the creative content I'm going to include in my subscription.

There are some things that I just can't share on the main blog, so I needed a place to be able to creatively express myself through diary-style writing and lifestyle topics.  Think of it as a place to get to know me better!

In addition to having self-contained products that I love, I also decided to give readers the option to donate to my business when they like an environmentally-friendly article and want to support my business!  In order to keep my business going, I have to continue to be able to make a living.

By the way, a self-containing product is a small bundle of products that are self-contained.  For example, there's a free newsletter for girls who love nature, a "paid" newsletter subscription with one-of-a-kind original content, and three big e-courses that are for big spenders.

Does that make sense?  When you get past the self-contained business model, then I'm also lovingly encouraging my readers to feel free to support my business if they like.

Collaborations take on a different meaning.  It is here that sponsored posts to become golden opportunities for companies to work with me out of name recognition and brand loyalty.

Remember the example of the vegan hiking company?  This is in line with sponsorships becoming partnerships, which holds more water.

I'd also like to point out that if you choose to create a self-contained business model on your blog, it means only keeping enough self-sustaining products that you can handle yourself.  You might hire a Pinterest Manager or someone to do outreach for you, but you pretty much do all the work yourself, not biting off more than you can handle.

In order to create this type of business plan, you really have to know yourself.  Think about how much work you can handle.  Include the things you hate to do.

Beyond my subscription model, I wanted to make my blog a community.  So, let's talk about how I'm building a blog community, shall we?

Eco-blogger and influencer Recap:
  1. Creating a self-sustaining business model with my own products and donations that are self-contained
  2. Create a self-sustainable business by getting rid of ads and sponsored blog posts altogether
  3. Create a small-town community through email marketing
A giant green saguaro cactus with hot house flowers on a wooden fence in the backyard overlooking a nature perserve in Florida

Eco-Blogging: On Creating a Self-Sustaining Business Model 

The second part of my business plan includes building a community on my blog.  These days, that has become increasingly harder thanks to social media. It's not impossible though. 

A lot of people that stepped away from blogging to become Instagram Influencers will be returning to their blogs in a big way.  During the golden age of blogging, comments were aplenty.  Blogging will be returning to its natural state.

More importantly, newsletters are going to be where the magic happens.  When someone signs up for your newsletter they have full access to you to reply with questions, comments, anything.  This is a great way to spark a conversation with your patrons.

This, of course, creates brand loyalty and word of mouth advertising.  This is the model I'm going with on my sustainability blog.

I'm going to create a strong sense of community through email marketing by making myself more accessible.  That's why it's so important for readers to signup for my newsletter to connect with me!

My dream is to build a close-knit, small-town community on my blog!  Email allows me to do that. Who doesn't love getting fun stuff in their inbox?

Fingers crossed, but I'm hoping that by creating a club for nature girls to join, almost like Girl Scouts for grownups, that it will help create a bond of sisterhood.  I like the thought of sharing my friendship bracelet with friends who are like family to me.

As with any community, it was important for me to find shared common interests and hobbies.  In this case, women who enjoy spending time in nature.  A magical person that secretly believes in fairytales and happy endings.

I guess you could say someone like me!  One of the things I've learned in all my years of blogging is to create the blog or product that you always wanted to see in the world but couldn't find.  You take that idea and ground it into reality.

So, that's exactly what I did!  In doing so, I have come to find more spiritually like-minded individuals.  People who embrace their inner weirdo and love affair with the fairy realm like I do.  That's how you find your peeps.

You might enjoy reading, What Life is Like in the Fairy Realm: A Field Guide to the Nature Spirits!  It will help you embrace your childlike energy with fairy sprinkled magic.

I also made this blog post about sustainability because I believe it serves a purpose two-fold.  My business model is sustainable and I practice eco-blogging with posts on the vegan lifestyle and plant-based living.  It's a blend of crushed acorns, pine needles, and granola crunch all rolled together into one tasty treat!

You might have noticed me writing more about planet-friendly topics such as going on a plastic detox, going waste-free, or how to compost.  Things like that.  I'm also working on my creative side by designing DIY zen gardens and terrariums that make sustainable gifts!

That's sorta the premise of my whole lifestyle!  I'm working my way towards going zero-waste and completely organic. I'm saving the planet one step at a time.

You can too!  I want to teach a more gentle approach to go vegan or less-waste.  I prefer a more Wabi-Sabi style to live a minimalist lifestyle through clean living posts.

I mean, that's what life is all about, isn't it?  We learn things as we go along and when we know better, we do better.  It doesn't have to be all or nothing with green living anymore!

It's the baby steps you take that take you where you need to go.  This is why I'm so excited about my fresh approach to slow marketing and slow blogging.  This self-sustaining model gives me room to grow!

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.  Like I said before, I'm taking a huge leap of faith with Goddess Aine to do it, but it feels good to me.

If things look a little like a ghost town right now, please know that this is only temporary, as I'm transitioning my email lists and creating a subscription model with secret mailbox surprises!  Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading. xoxo
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