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Full Moon Bathing In Moonlight + Spiritual Releasement

A rainbow infused full moon spectrum + moonlight bathing
Today, we're going to talk about full moon bathing in moonlight + spiritual releasement! With the moon in Leo being fully activated, tonight is a good time to take a moon bath or spend time in your moon garden.

You can also connect with the feminine energy of the moon by calling on the Archangel Haniel, the zenith of moon angels!  Moon angels are a special group of angels that use the energy of the moon to create magic in your life. The good news is that this moon magic is easily accessible to you!

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As with all full moons, it's important to note that it's a time of spiritual releasement and clearing away all that no longer serves you.  Whatever you need to let go of in your life, now's the time!  With the red hot energy of Leo, all of the old debris and baggage will be burned off easily.

In order to get the most out of your full moon experience, wait until nightfall and sit down somewhere that the moon will shine down on you directly.  Like I said before, it can be a moon garden, your front porch, your backyard, wherever you feel comfortable.

You'll want to be alone for this sacred ritual since taking a moon bath is a lot like skinny dipping for the soul!  The moon exposes the emotional, vulnerable parts of yourself that you may not be ready for others to see.

Sit down in the moonlight for at least ten to twenty minutes, as if you were tanning, only with the moon as your sun guide.  You can use this time to speak with the moon angels or Archangel Haniel in your mind.  Remember that having a private conversation with an angel doesn't require speaking aloud.

Let the moonlight gently drift over you in waves, like a gentle cleansing bubble bath of moon ingredients and stardust.  Taking a moon bath is easy!

Some people like to leave a secret love note to the moon or angel Haniel, under the full cascade of moonlight in their windowsill, while others prefer to sit and bathe in it.  Let it soak over you with its moon milk essence, healing the parts of yourself that make you afraid and vulnerable.

Once you feel like your moon bath is complete, go back inside, and see where the night takes you!  Sometimes, the moon can bring out secrets and hidden talents and abilities.  Let the moon guide you to your higher self!

Like a battery, you'll feel recharged and invigorated.  You might like to do some spells afterward or work with a moon goddess like Goddess Isis.  Let your intuition be your guide to the moon!

Allow it to take you to places you've never gone before in the deep recesses of your brain.  Let it expose what needs to stay and what needs to go.  Let those hidden talents come to light.  The light of the moon that is!

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