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Green Leaf and Hiking Photography Assorted Mix of Plant Clippings

Plant photography on the hiking trails in Florida wilderness + green leaf with pink flower bud ready to bloom in springtime
Just for fun, I decided to create a green leaf and hiking photography assorted mix of plant clippings that I find on the open trails, even during the wintertime in Florida!  Florida is one of those places that's more pleasant and enjoyable in the winter months, from a weather point-of-view.

While other places have three feet of snow on the ground, I can still bundle up and go for a long nature walk to clear my head, and guess what?  I've got the pictures to prove it! 

When I'm hiking a Florida hiking trail near my home, I almost always have my camera and I love to take plant clippings with me.  You might be surprised to find that when I take a walk around my own suburban neighborhood of Ozona, Florida, I find an abundance of plant and flower clippings from around people's homes!

No worries though!  I live in a very safe neighborhood that's friendly about sharing plant clippings, flower seeds, and books too.  Where I live in the south, people are neighborly.

While I'm hiking in the woods, there's even more flora finds with botanicals that can be used for herbal remedies, secret love spells, and plant clippings that grow into big, thriving, healthy houseplants.  You never know what kind of surprises mother nature has in mind for you!

That's the fun of it though.  Every hiking adventure through the forest and woodland themed areas comes fully equipped with natural beauty that you can take home with you or leave behind with just a glance.  As long as you're respectful about it, the woodland creatures and the faerie folk will be happy to lend you their plant magic and herbs!

I personally adore hiking photography for the simple fact that you never know what you're going to find.  You never know what's hiding or lies in wait, from a secret frog to a garden snake, the forest is alive with imagery you can capture with the snap of a button. 

One of my favorite photography features I love to employ is working with blur photography or slow photography snapshots.  Blur photography requires a steady hand and a little bit of zoom and focus on an object.  Then, the background is blurred into a mesh of golden, green, dark, and brown earth-toned colors. 

With slow photography, this is where you take a slow snapshot of mother nature.  You take a snap in a dark corner of the forest or a secret crevice, hidden away in shadows or behind tall trees, then the camera snaps slowly.  A slow shutter image. 

This creates a picture that is worthwhile because it required patience to capture it in this magical moment in time.  It was the camera equivalent of doing shadow work with visual aids.  This one, I must admit, requires patience and practice. 

While I'm snapping photographs of the earth realm, I'm collecting bits and pieces of plants, foliage, dried flower buds, whatever seems like a great find for me.  Much like being on a treasure hunt for soil and debris with buried treasure!

If you're a naturalist, you might enjoy the refined hobby of keeping a nature journal or snapshots of your findings!  You can even keep a DIY Faerie Box for Nature Finds + Faerie Witchcraft.  It's fun to keep a collection of acorns, dried flowers, whimsical toys, and trinkets, and sometimes, if you're really lucky, a secret love note!
Tiny Pink Wildly Growing Flower in the Pristine Forest of a Fairy Glen

Green Leaf and Hiking Photography Assorted Mix of Plant Clippings

Green Fairy House Hidden in a Patch of Oyster Mushrooms Growing Wildly on a Log

A cute wedding chapel of green with white trim hidden behind palm trees and palmettos in Hammock Park near the butterfly garden

Historic St. Andrews Wedding Chapel in Dunedin, Florida Hidden in Plain Sight

A tree log on fern trail in the local park with a green frog toy, an amethyst rock healing stone, and a woodland gathering of simple delights

Whimsical Toy Frog Flashlight Photoshoot on Fern Trail in Hammock Park

Slow Photography blend with blurred background with pink flower botanical as the highlight and focal point of the camera zoom

Budding Pink Flower That's Magically Going Home With Me

When you use backgrounds that are inspired by nature, you'll notice a mix of jewel-tone colors that come to life.  I feel like it's as if the fairies have come to lend a paintbrush to your photograph.

Every single one of these pictures was done with a combination of slow photography examples and with blurred nature-inspired backdrops.  This allows the natural colors to pop in the background making your picture organic yet surreal somehow.  Give it a try!

Practice hiking photography by taking daily or weekend nature walks.  You can even start by taking a stroll around your neighborhood to see what you can come up with. 

Practice makes perfect and what I like about this kind of photography is the wabi-sabi style imperfectness of it.  It's flawed and just like a flawed character in a favorite book or television show, I love it!
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