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Happy Imbolc! Doing Shadow Work With Celtic Triple Goddess Saint Bridget

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Happy Imbolc!  Today, I'm doing shadow work with Celtic triple goddess Saint Bridget of Kildare, Ireland.  Imbolc is the halfway point between the winter and spring equinox and is also known as the darkest day of the year. 

It's a great time to do some shadow work and get to know yourself in a more reflective way.  You might enjoy reading, How I Celebrate the Celtic Holiday Imbolc With Saint Bridget + New Beginnings Spell to get started with this warm and cozy holiday!

As an introvert, Imbolc is one of my absolute favorite Wiccan holidays!  I like it because there's something about it that makes you want to bundle up inside next to the fireplace.  It's a quiet day to do some reading, writing, spells, and self-reflection. 

Basically, it's an introvert's dream come true!  To make this special holiday even better, I've already started doing my shadow work.  To learn how to do shadow work, you might enjoy reading, Shadow Work and Getting in Touch With Your Dark Self!

Remember, we all have a shadow self.  We all have both an angel and a devil sitting on our shoulders.  The good news is that by facing our darkness head-on, it becomes a celebration of spirit with our higher self on this spiritual journey.

Where I live, it's a dark, gloomy day with rain clouds hovering in the sky, ready to pour rain on us at any given moment.  The point of Imbolc is to embrace the darkness, not to shy away from it, so that's what you'll find me doing today.

If I get rained on, then so be it!  I'll just grab a cute umbrella and some rain boots and make a splash.  Imbolc makes you want to celebrate new beginnings and the secret emergence of spring. 

There will be days here and there dotted with green grass while the butterflies come out to play.  Each day will begin to shift from the darkness and into the light and that's what embracing your darker self is all about!

It's nothing to be afraid of and there's nothing you need to hide, especially with a triple goddess-like Saint Brigid by your side!  She is filled with fire energy, much like her male counterpart Archangel Michael, and she will burn off all the impurities in your life with a quickness. 

I've been working in a celebration with St. Bridget for many years now, whenever I need to light a fire in my life she's there to rekindle the spark within that burns so brightly for a better life.  This Celtic Goddess will motivate you in ways you never dreamed of!

But first, you must be ready to face the parts of yourself that you don't like.  It sounds scary.  We all have things we'd rather run and hide from but with Bridget, you won't be afraid anymore.  She will motivate you by burning away any and all impure thoughts, as well as the dark night of the soul that dwells within us during dark times.

Not only will Saint Bridget help you face your fears, but she will also join forces with you to disintegrate them into smoke!  If there are some things that you'd like to let go of today, write them down and burn the letter to ashes and then wash them down the kitchen sink.

Today is a good day to write in your diary, burn a letter to the universe, and to listen to Celtic music.  This sets the tone for getting rid of all things that no longer serve you.  Once your mission is complete, it's time to plant the seeds of your intentions with the fiery Celtic triple goddess by your side!

This is a time of new beginnings and the tiny first inklings of springtime.  Go ahead and embrace the darkness so that you can step into the light!

What new beginnings do you want to bring into your life?  Write them down in your manifestation journal.  Meditate on it by taking a few deep breaths.  Then, ask Saint Bridget to take your hands and help to plant the seeds for you in rich, organic soil.  By the time spring rolls around you'll see your seeds become plants, then an entire beautiful garden!

Happy Imbolc, everyone!  Enjoy the quiet, the rain, the sleet, and the snow.  Before you know it the warmth of the sun will shine down on you and it will be time for spring magic and change in the air.  
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