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How I've Come to Live a Life of Minimalism + A Less Is More Attitude

A white trellis in the butterfly garden of Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida with plant vines and wishing well imagery + fairy statues
This is a blog post on how I've come to live a life of minimalism plus a less is more attitude!  Slow living, nature, and sustainability are the building blocks of this blog, but I want to let you in on a little secret.  I live a minimalistic life in real-life too!

I'm a big believer in practicing what you preach and being a living, breathing example of the truth.  I don't believe in forcing your ideas down someone's throat, but taking a more gentle approach to share your values.

Before I ever became a plant-based eater, I knew someone who was vegetarian.  At that time in my life, I was a meat-eater.  She had a forceful attitude when it came to her beliefs and I remember thinking that if she had approached me differently, that I might have listened to her sooner.

Once I started living a plant-based lifestyle, I promised myself that I would never try to force my beliefs on anyone else.  To this day, I hold true to that.  Instead, I've opted to be a role model by being a living example of my beliefs.

When you do that, it encourages questions, and it makes you an expert in your field.  Even in my daily life, with family members and the like, I feel comfortable in my own skin when it comes to being a role model for what I believe in.

One of the things I believe in is minimalism.  I believe less is more.  I've thought a lot about what I want out of life and I don't want more, I want less.

I came to want less and less over time.  It started more than five years ago when I moved into my tiny apartment by the sea.  I live in a tiny, seaside fishing village in Florida where I share the woodland themed corners of my home with my blog readers.

I live a simple, quiet lifestyle that has helped me to reconnect with nature.  Before this, I lived in an urban setting in St. Pete, Florida, almost an hour away.

I remember thinking every day that I lived there that this wasn't me.  Since moving to a small town in Florida more than five years ago I feel like I'm living the life that I was always meant to live and it all started with letting go of a large accumulation of stuff.

It's when you give away stuff, that you realize what's important to you.  When I left my apartment in the city, I left almost everything behind.  You can read more about my minimalist experience in my post on, How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle in the Modern Age!

This is the closest to the natural world as I've ever been.  It's kind of one of those things where you wake up one day and realize that what you want is right in front of you.  Unbeknownst to you, you've been living your dream life all along!

I've got to be honest with you, I don't miss having a microwave.  Getting rid of my microwave was one of the best changes I've ever made toward living a slower lifestyle.

I get a lot of wondering looks when I tell people I don't believe in microwaves, but it works for me.  The biggest factor involved in getting rid of my microwave is how it mutates your food.  My goal is to keep getting rid of things that no longer serve me.

Not having a microwave was at the top of my list.  It's not healthy or good for you and it genetically modifies your food.  If I'm gearing towards an off the grid life, making the transition to cooking in the oven or on the stovetop was at the top of my list!

Again, I'm not saying that everyone has to get rid of their microwave.  I'm just saying for me it was a good move for a more minimalistic approach to life.

It was a good first step toward my less is more attitude.  Another thing that has helped me adopt a minimalist lifestyle is slow living.

Living a kinfolk style, slow living kind of life has opened my worldview up because I'd rather have more nature, than more stuff.  Even when I think of buying a home in the nearby future, all I can think about is what I need, not what I want.
A fairy figurine sitting on a white trellis in a botanical garden with native plants in Florida with a tiny wishing well statue

How I've Come to Live a Life of Minimalism + A Less Is More Attitude

For me, taking a leap of faith more than five years ago has lead me to live a simpler lifestyle.  I wanted a life of leisure, not a life filled with things.

Does that mean that I don't make purchases or buy more stuff?  Of course not!  It just means that I'm more considerate and thoughtful of the purchases I make, whether it be an eco-friendly floor-length dress or a new houseplant for me to fall in love with.

What happens when you take a less is more approach to life is that you begin to shop for a meaningful experience.  You begin to only purchase things you need and really, really want.

For example, one of the things I know I can't live without is my crystals, sage, or tarot cards.  None of these items take up a lot of space in my home, as they fill corners and small spaces.  Therefore, I always feel good about purchasing any of these three things because they are must-have items.

Another purchase that I always feel good about making is buying more houseplants.  Most of the time, I'm given plants and flowers, so I usually don't have to make the purchase.  But, if I wanted to, I'd feel good about it!

Plants are good for the environment and they are good for the soul.  Having a plant in your home is like taking a forest bath from the comforts of home!

The greenery, the oxygen they produce, and the friendliness they exude make keeping plants perfect for the minimalist in you!  If you are going to make a purchase, go with plants.

When Chloe and I first moved to this apartment, one of the first ideas we had was to grow our own vegetables.  We started out with growing a tomato plant and bell peppers, then kinfolk style carrots.  Growing your own herbs and vegetables is a great way to live a life of minimalism.

It teaches you to use what you have on hand and therefore, less packaging and waste from the grocery store.  Not to mention, gardening is fun!

Whether you throw on your garden gloves for growing organic vegetables or for creating a fairy garden, spending time in the garden will give you a sunnier outlook on life.  This optimistic approach to life will help you to slow down and enjoy the fruits (or veggies) of your labors!

I've given myself permission to really slow down and enjoy my life.  If some days I need to spend a few hours in mother nature, then so be it!

The benefits far exceed my expectations.  I'd rather pick wildflowers than accumulating more stuff.  I want everything I pick and choose in my home and life to hold some kind of meaning for me.

Through the years, I keep weeding out more stuff, going so far as to create a slow living capsule wardrobe.  I keep only the meaningful things in life and the rest can go.

When I let go of something, especially something I didn't think I could get rid of, I feel good about myself!  From an early age, we're taught that the more we have, the better we are.

So, imagine if you don't have the things you think you're supposed to have.  Then, you feel less than.  Nowadays, I feel more than when I have less!

Then, we're feeling valuable not by the accumulation of things we have, but the quality in life we have!  We put more value on our time, on family, and the special memories in life.

I don't know about you, but that's how I want to live my life.  It took me years of thinking that things would bring me happiness.  Now, I live my life for the little moments that bring me happiness and the memories I treasure.

Don't get me wrong, it's not wrong to have things.  I just want to make sure I put value into the purchases I make.

For me, this could mean making purchases from small shops on Etsy or supporting local businesses and organic farmers.  For you, it might mean something else.

You can't put a price tag on life!  When you pass away, you're not going to be thinking about all the expensive name-brand things you had.  You're going to be thinking about family, friends, and rich experiences.

This is how I've come to live a life of minimalism.  I've adopted a less is more attitude and I collect memories, not possessions.  What does a minimalist life mean to you?
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  1. Adorei o texto!!! Realmente viver uma vida com menos coisas nos deixa mais leves e mais preenchidos, para focar no que realmente importa! Um grande abraço da Thaís( Brazil)

    1. Thank you so much, my dear! I'm really glad you're enjoying my blog :)

      ~Laurali Star


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