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How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle in the Modern Age

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This is a post on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle in the modern age!  I feel like the more modern we become, the more we want to get back to our natural selves with our ancient roots.  Let's talk about what you can do to live a more green lifestyle in the age of technology.

One thing you can do is live a more minimalist lifestyle.  I plan on broaching this subject in a future post, but this is how I choose to live.  I'm not saying it's for everyone, but pairing down all the stuff you have is a really good first step.

Recently, I donated a large portion of women's clothing, accessories, and more to a father with a thirteen-year-old girl.  It felt good to do something for someone else and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest when I made way for the new.

So, if you plan on being eco-friendly in modern times, start with clearing out your closet.  Donate anything that is still in good condition and can be reused.  This will feng shui your closet on a metaphysical level and it helps the planet by keeping clothing in rotation for years to come!

You'll need to adopt the philosophy of less is more!  In America, there's always this need to accumulate more and more, which isn't good for the environment.  What you'll need to do is start paring down and only keep what you actually need and use.

For slow fashions, you can create a capsule wardrobe that contains only what you need and use in your closet.  Read, How to Add Elements of Magic to Your Green Nature Witch Capsule Wardrobe for some helpful tips!

Another post you might enjoy reading is, A Thoughtful Approach to Building a Wardrobe With Slow Fashion!  You can wear hand me downs and vintage clothing and make bigger purchases like vegan hiking boots and eco-friendly women's clothing for the longterm.

At one point, I left Florida with four suitcases and a carry-on bag plus my purse.  I had donated all my books, furniture, everything.  It was truly one of the most cathartic experiences of my life.

To live a more sustainable lifestyle in today's world, start with a minimalist approach to life.  Again, less is more!
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How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle in the Modern Age

In order to go green in a world with technology at your fingertips, surround yourself with houseplants as a reminder to slow down and live a simple life.  One of the things that have helped me is embracing kinfolk style, slow living by growing my own kinfolk style carrots!

When you begin to practice slow living, there's an element of natural living and sustainability to it, since it's geared towards nature-friendliness.  You're more likely to spend time in your garden growing vegetables and herbs than you are to go out and buy more stuff.

Simple living is about eating organic foods in their natural state, with less packaging.  You'll spend more time in mother nature, therefore you're more likely to be someone who composts or adopts a plant-based lifestyle or vegan diet.

For more on the vegan lifestyle, you might like to read and download my vegan starter kit!  It will help you to take a spiritual approach to become a plant-based eater.

Besides living a slower life, there are a few simple things you can do to help the planet earth.  We're always hearing about reduce, reuse, and recycle, but what about repurposing?

I love repurposing flowers that people give me in a dozen different ways, using aloe vera plants as a healing treatment, and repurposing candle lids with DIY mini zen gardens.  You might enjoy reading, DIY Buddha Zen Garden Gifts + Earth-Friendly!

Repurposing is one of the easiest ways to live a greener lifestyle.  You can repurpose jars, candle lids, clothing, etc. to get more shelf life out of them.  The point of repurposing is to stretch the life of an item, making less waste on the planet.

Plus, it's fun!  I've found a lot of use for many different things around my house and yard that can be used in multiple ways.

That's always my end goal: to get the most use and wear out of something.  You can work to make it your goal too!

It's really easy to live an earth-friendly lifestyle when you really look around and clear space for it.  It's about repurposing things whenever you can by passing them down or using them in different ways.

It's about adopting a philosophy of less is more and pairing down all your stuff, passing it down to future generations.  It's why vintage is so popular because, in reality, nothing goes out of style forever.
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