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Life Lately: Enjoying Nice Weather While Dreaming Up Ideas

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Let's talk about my life lately, enjoying nice weather while dreaming up ideas!  After last weekend's full moon in Leo, I had a bit of a moon hangover, so I've been trying to be gentle on myself lately!

If you're any type of energy healer or sensitive person, you're going to feel high magic on or before the full moon with a hard crash afterward.  I've been extremely sensitive and crab-like lately, as my moon sign falls under the sign of Cancer. 

This week, I've been enjoying the spring-like weather we've been having.  This includes doing yoga with my sliding doors open and the cool wind on my face as I transition into yoga poses. 

I even pushed my limits by doing an hour-long stretching session while facing the greenery in my backyard.  I've also managed to fit in a nighttime yoga practice, which I've been wanting to start doing for some time now!

It's been a week of a lot of roiling emotions with Valentine's day right around the corner!  I felt myself settling into that old familiar pattern of feeling sad that I would be spending another Valentine's day alone.

Like I said, I've been extremely moody and sensitive this week.  To be honest, I've been a bit of a hermit too, spending lots of time alone doing yoga and in the woodland.

This week has tested me in ways that I never could have imagined.  The funny thing is that I don't know if I passed the test. 

As far as the dreamy and receptive mood I've been in as we move into Pisces season, I've been dreaming up some great ideas!  I've been spending a lot of time sitting at the counter and planning things. 

The real magic will be if I can take these ideas and make them into a reality.  Sometimes, I have my head in the clouds, this time of year especially.

When that happens, I wonder if I can really make things happen.  I wonder if I have what it takes to ground my ideas into reality. 

It is fun to dream up ideas.  It's like laying on a bed of grass in the summertime watching the clouds take shape.  You might enjoy reading, Nostalgia: Embrace Your Childlike Energy by Living a Slower Life!

The thing is, I don't just want to be a dreamer.  I want to be a doer.  A mover and a shaker. 

It's times like this I ask myself, can I make my dreams come true?  That's usually the exact moment when I see a shooting star, or a butterfly walks with me, or a cool breeze blows on my face.  As if to tell me, yes, you can.
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