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Meet Aspen: My Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Terrarium With Moss

A tiny gemstone terrarium with a bed off moss with a red monarch butterfly in the kitchen
Meet Aspen: My Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Terrarium With Moss!  I've become a bit of a zen garden and terrarium hobbyist throughout the years and this is my latest creation.

I had a leftover terrarium that I wanted to repurpose and put to good use and that's how Aspen came to be born.  For this tiny gemstone terrarium, I kept things surprisingly simple as it as a lot like decorated a tiny home or a small apartment space.

I used some leftover faux green moss that I had leftover from my other terrarium projects, which I used as a substrate for the bottom of the jar.  Then, I added my amethyst healing stone to her new home with plenty of cushiony space to roam free!

Why I like Amethyst Crystals:
  • Amethyst crystals are healing crystals
  • Amethyst is most known for its deep spiritual reverence for the universe
  • Amethyst is an abundance stone bringing wealth and abundance with it wherever it goes
  • Amethyst and the purple light ray will open your mind up to the possibilities
  • Amethyst healing stones align you with the universal order of things
  • Amethyst stones create a wealthy mindset which allows money to come through
  • Amethyst chakra stones can open up your third eye chakra between your brows
  • Amethyst connects you to new dimensions and to galaxies, stars, and universal energies
  • Amethyst aids with transcendental meditation
  • Amethyst can increase spiritual awareness and spark an awakening within you
  • Amethyst can take your yoga practice to new heights by placing it on or near your yoga mat
  • Amethyst assists with depression and anxious thoughts
  • Amethyst is the gateway to other realms and thins the veil between dimensions
  • Amethyst aids in sleep and relaxation
  • Amethyst enhances vivid dreams and visualizations
As you can see, having an amethyst in and around your home can be a spiritual experience!  On one hand, it can open up portals in your mind.  On the other hand, it encourages growth and prosperity in your financial life. 

The one thing I've noticed about amethyst is that it has an innate ability to help you feel good about money, even in the most discouraging situations!  If money is something you struggle with, you might enjoy reading, Working With Gnomes to Bring Abundance and Treasure to Your Life!

Gnomes are treasure protectors, not just protectors of the trees and forest.  The gnome creatures can also help you pick out the right stones for your home or situation.  

Another great thing about amethyst crystals that I really like is the fact that they aid in sleep and relaxation!  Sometimes, I'll place an amethyst stone underneath my pillow or hold it my hand as I'm going to sleep.  

This allowing, which is a keyword associated with this purple healing stone, will allow your mind to open and relax.  When you're in a relaxed state, you're more likely to manifest wealth and abundance.  Plus, an abundance of sleep and relaxation can work wonders on healing your body overnight!
Miniature Crystal Terrarium on a bed of moss with amethyst healing crystals in the kitchen with butterfly magnets and low lighting

Meet Aspen: My Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Terrarium With Moss

Aspen is a smooth amethyst stone with clear, sparkling energy that reminds me of snow-capped mountains melting in the springtime in Colorado.  Hence, her lovely name!

When I hold a crystal in my hand, I always feel a distinct energy and soothing touch.  When I held Aspen in the palm of my hand, I felt crisp, cool energy that reminded me of babbling brooks and summers in the meadow.

Beyond that, like all talking gemstones do, she became my healing therapy crystal.  I noticed that this tiny crystal packed a punch!

If you listen carefully, crystals will talk to you.  Aspen was no exception to the rule!  When I leaned in to listen, I felt peace and calm within me.  

It was a feeling of serenity.  The fact that she gave me a boost of majestic mountain energy, also gave me a feeling of openness and receptiveness to hearing her.

Sometimes when a crystal talks to you, it's through words and imagery, and that's when I knew serenity was mine.  When you're living in a natural state of abundance, you create space.

That space you create is room for allowing yourself to receive.  Whether it be wealth, golden opportunities, or chance meetings, it's all the same.  That sacred space is called serenity.

That's what my tiny amethyst stone taught me.  She taught me to live in my natural state with ease and grace.  Since I'm sharing her gemstone essence with you today, Aspen can help you open up the mountain top of your mind to the possibilities!

Simply, spend time with this post or Aspen's picture here on the blog, and let her energy move you like a sparkling mountain stream.  Close your eyes for a moment.

Visualize the snow-covered mountain peaks of Aspen, Colorado and imagine that clear energy moving through you like it moves through the Rocky Mountains in the springtime.  Let Aspen be your river guide.  

Imagine Aspen granting you the serenity you need to allow things to move and flow through your life creatively.  Visualize aspen creating space in your mind for wealth and abundance.  Imagine that prosperity on a mountain top, sparkling in the sunlight on a tiny purple gemstone.  

Is there a word or image that comes to mind?  If not, wait for a moment of clarity or a spiritual download to come through.  That's how Aspen communicates with you.  

Aspen's Favorite Things:
  1. This tiny gemstone loves small cafes and paperback books
  2. Aspen has a snowball that she keeps in her freezer from childhood
  3. Her favorite season is wintertime
  4. Her favorite holiday is Imbolc, which you can read about here.
  5. Aspen's favorite song is by some obscure indie band you've probably never heard of
  6. This girl adores all of the winter holidays
  7. She loves snow cabins and cozy campfires for warmth
  8. Her favorite color is purple for obvious reasons
  9. Aspen loves moss-covered babbling brooks and hiking adventures
  10. Her favorite look is her ice skating outfit
Healing Crystal Resources:
Thanks for reading about my gemstone healing essence!  As I create more DIY terrarium kits and miniature zen gardens, I'll be sharing them here for your enjoyment.  ~Laurali
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