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Meet Nemetona: Sacred Goddess of Groves + Florida Orange Grove Ritual

The natural orange groves of Florida + Florida Oranges
Meet Nemetona: Sacred Goddess of Groves + Florida Orange Grove Ritual!  I have recently reignited my spark with the reverent goddess of nature and we're getting to know each other again.

Many years ago, I was reading a Tess Whitehurst book, when I came across Nemetona.  I looked her up and immediately connected with her natural imagery.  There was indeed something mystical about her that allured to me.

I immediately printed out a painting of her and stuck it to my wall.  When I moved, some of the prints got moved around in the shuffle and I somehow lost them.  I eventually moved on and forgot about Nemetona.

I mean, she was somewhere in the back of my mind, in the deep dark recesses of my brain.  Just recently, she came to let me know she was still with me.  We've been friends ever since!

Goddess Nemetona is not a goddess that you hear about all the time if you're into that sorta thing.  If you're a nature witch or a hedgewitch, you might immediately feel a reverent connection with this gentle goddess.  She has a mystical air about her as she is highly connected to the moon.

In fact, when there's a full moon, that's the perfect moment to capture her attention!  Simply head out in nature for a moonlight hike and let the moon wash over you, as you lie still and call on goddess Nemetona in silent reverie.

Simply soak in the essence of Nemetona as you sit still on a wooden log or rock.  When you sit in silence with Nemetona, you can hear her whispers.  She has soft, glowing energy reminiscent of the moon.

If you live in a sunny, tropical place in Florida, head out into the orange groves.  I find naturally wild orange groves growing in Hammock Park all the time.  There's something about the balmy scent of orange blossoms to fill your nostrils on a warm spring day.

There's magic in orange groves.  If you live near an orange grove, even a wildly growing one, I highly recommend that you spend some time there during the day.

While at night you'll hear the undertones of Nemetona's soft, gentle voice.  You'll receive moonlight communication and thought transmissions.  The daylight brings a sunny feel and orange overtones to everything.

I recommend trying both a daytime and a nighttime ritual of sitting in sacred groves.  Each Nemetona ritual will deepen your spiritual goddess of orange groves.

Even though Nemetona seems more nocturnal than anything, she knows how to transition from day to nighttime with elegance.  Think, a vintage pearl necklace.  That's the smooth feel of the Nemetona goddess.
The natural orange groves of Florida in Hammock Park, Dunedin, Florida

Meet Nemetona: Sacred Goddess of Groves + Florida Orange Grove Ritual

Spending time with the goddess Nemetona during the daytime can feel like a warm summer picnic in the shade.  She brings a sunny optimism to the mix like no other!

While at night she's a strand of luminescent pearls, in the daytime she's like warm liquid sunshine.  Sometimes referred to as Florida orange juice.  So, if that's the kind of energy you want, spend time in a sacred orange grove today!

Nemetona Brings:
  • A warm optimism
  • A sunshiney outlook
  • A feeling of hope
  • Sunshine energy
  • Deep, spiritual connection
  • Reverence
  • The silence between words
  • Tranquility
Daytime Nemetona Brings:
  1. Everyday mundane magic
  2. A spiritual awakening
  3. Deep reverence
  4. A warm optimism
  5. A sunshiney outlook
  6. Eternal hope
Nighttime Nemetona Brings:
  • Silence between words
  • Intuition
  • Deep spiritual reverence
  • Eternal beauty
  • Moon magic
  • Deep healing
  • Tranquility
Working with Nemetona during the daytime can really bring a fresh outlook and increased energy to your life!  The best way to hang with her is to head out into a sacred orange grove with a camera in hand.  

Snap photographs of the wild beauty of Florida orange groves.  If you live in California, enjoy a glass of California orange juice in the orange grove while snapping picture-perfect pictures of orange blossoms and dark forest green leaves with caterpillars.  

This type of activity energizes daytime Nemetona in ways you never imagined.  Be sure to thank Nemetona for your time well spent in the orange grove.  Blow her kisses when you turn to leave!

Celtic Goddess Nemetona will be sure to send you her love in kind!  Each time you spend with her in a natural setting or a sacred grove your reverence for Nemetona will deepen.  

What Nemetona Will Return to You:
  1. She will bless your space 
  2. Spiritual cleansing and releasement
  3. Helps create sacred altars in your home or yard
  4. Heps you to create a safe space to do magic
  5. Moon rituals and moon readings
  6. Increased intuition
  7. Helps green witches + all nature witches
  8. Helps the fairy shaman on her journey
  9. Eternal hope and optimism
  10. Places of worship
If you don't live near an orange grove, there's still one more thing you can do to bridge a connection with daytime Nemetona.  Grab a glass of Florida orange juice, ask daylight Nemetona to bless it, feel her glowing light blessing your glass.  Feel your hand warm from the magic of her touch.  

Drink the orange juice and spend time in your backyard and walk barefoot in the grass with earthing.  If you live near a woodland, spend some time doing some forest bathing to get to know Nemetona.  Nature is her calling!

If you really want to connect with goddess Nemetona, spend time holding an orange between your hands, letting daytime Nemetona warm your fruit.  Then, simply peel the orange and eat it.  This way, you're consuming the liquid sunshine energy of daylight Nemetona!
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