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My Favorite Photo Prop: A Toy Frog Flashlight in the Woodland

A tiny green frof flashlight in the emerald green leaves of the forest + amethyst crystal
Today, I'm sharing my favorite photo prop, which is a toy frog flashlight in the woodland!  I'm going to share with you why it's my favorite prop, as well as where you can find more pictures of it.

First of all, let's talk about where I found it.  Yes, found it!  I was taking a nature walk with my youngest daughter Chloe on a muggy summer morning when we stumbled across the cutest nature find a girl could discover on a hike.

That morning, it was overcast and the air was heavy and opaque.  In Florida, that speaks for it's getting ready to rain.  Whenever it gets ready to rain here, the forest becomes still and quiet.

That's when I saw Henry sitting in a tree staring at me.  Naturally, I got excited and grabbed him up. In case you haven't figured it out, Henry is my toy frog photo prop!

Chloe and I were both delighted to find that our new green toy frog was also a flashlight!  Little did I know, Henry would become a mainstay in the photographs sprinkled throughout my blog.  Henry photobombs my pictures a lot and I'm more than okay with that.
Add frogs to your entryway in your home or blog for good luck!
Let's talk about frog imagery for a minute, shall we?  Frogs symbolize good luck.  If you have a dream about frogs, consider yourself lucky.

If you see frogs in their natural amphibian habitat, that's a sign that good luck is on the way!  Think about it.  How often do you see frogs out in the open?

One time, I opened my kitchen cupboard to grab my plant mug for my morning coffee.  Guess who was sitting there staring at me?  A big, green toad!

You know, the kind that you imagine when they say you had to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince?  If you see a toad, you're going to have luck in love!

If you see frog imagery everywhere or have a frog spirit animal, that means that you'll have good luck on your life path.  Frogs also symbolize money, abundance, riches, and gold.

If you see a frog in your line of vision, you're about to receive a windfall.  As you can see, frogs are a very, very lucky creature to encounter!
A turtle made out of sea shells, an amethyst healing stone, and green toy frog on a wooden log in mother nature

My Favorite Photo Prop: A Toy Frog Flashlight in the Woodland

I enjoy having fun and playful photo props, like toys, fairy imagery, and nature-inspired finds.  It's not uncommon to see girls novelty toys, fairy houses, miniature dolls, and whimsical toys throughout my blog as it fits in with my blog decor perfectly.

I'm a big believer in matching your photography with your blog content whenever you can!  This helps to create a cohesive brand that you can feel good about it.

You might enjoy reading, How I Style My Photos With the Elements of Nature + Fairy Imagery for some low-key photography tips!  It might inspire you to discover what your photography style is.

To discover your photography style, you might like to read, How to Develop Your Signature Photography Style!  This will prove especially helpful if you're starting out with blog photography.

Photo props should really match the style and content of your blog.  If you run a lifestyle blog in a posh setting in the Los Angeles area, frogs and fairy houses may not match your aesthetic.  Instead, use urban murals as backdrops to your city life!
A frog sitting on a wooden log in the forest + good energy healing

Meet Henry: My Toy Flashlight Frog Photo Prop

As promised, here are some links where you can find Henry!  Seeing him and being around his frog imagery will be sure to bring good luck, love, and prosperity to your life.

Frog Imagery for Good Luck:
  1. The Magical Realism Nature Field Guide (Volume Two)
  2. Wishlist: Taking Inspired Action With the Law of Attraction
More Frog Symbolism:

If you have a frog spirit animal or a frog animal totem, you're most likely going to have a lot of luck on your life path.  If the opposite has been true, take a look throughout your life to see a pattern.  

Sometimes, we don't recognize the good luck we already have in our life.  Do you receive a lot of golden opportunities?  Are you lucky with scratch-offs?  Do you win contests easily?  

All of this could mean that luck is on your side with the frog spirit guide.  Trust me, you'll notice him in your encounters along the way.  Don't discount the things that appear as coincidences.  

If frogs tend to pop in your life a lot, there's something more to it that needs to be explored.  Go into a deep meditation and visualize a green frog that ribbits a frog sound that comes out as a thought bubble.  What does that bubble say?

That should tell you if a spirit animal is trying to communicate with you or not.  Depending on what your frog is saying and the colors he changes to during meditation, this should give you the meaning of the frog in your life!
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