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Nostalgia: Embrace Your Childlike Energy by Living a Slower Life

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Use nostalgia to embrace your childlike energy by living a slower life!  One thing that can be said for kinfolk style, slow living is that it brings out your inner child spirit.  It's the one thing left unsaid when people talk about slowing down and taking a slower approach to life.

When you slow down and quiet the wild sounds in your heart, something begins to happen that you never would have imagined.  You begin to embrace your inner child in a way that you haven't since childhood!

Think about it.  It makes perfect sense.  Life was both slow yet fast when you were a child, as days were filled with songs, schoolwork, laughter, and fun times with friends.

Think about the kind of things you did when you were a little girl (or boy).  You laid on your back in the forest green grass with wildflowers growing all around you in the summertime, watching the clouds take shape in your dreams.

When you slow down, you have more time for daydreaming, for lingering in your favorite books and fairytales, and for turning your dreams into reality.  It's time to get back to that.  Those simpler places in time, where things moved at a snail's pace and you secretly loved it.

Back when the possibilities were endless, long before you became jaded by the bittersweet bite of life.  It was then that you knew real-life magic like the back of your hand.  Life was wild, tumbling, and free.

You can easily get back to that freefalling state of mind.  Being a grownup doesn't just have to mean pain and responsibilities all of the time.  It means following your heart with passion, purpose, and meaning.

When you start living a slower life, everything else begins to fall away.  You find yourself doing the things you loved as a child, the things that made you happy and carefree.  Don't you long to feel carefree again?

Falling back on slow living will help you to harvest your childhood games and pastimes in a warm and welcoming way.  What kind of things dd you love to do as a child?

Maybe you loved to write poetry and fairytales as a young girl like I once did.  Remember how good it felt to be in the creative flow of your writing, as pen hit the paper, and characters came to life.  This would be a good time to consider keeping an online journal or starting a blog just for the fun of it!

Perhaps you dreamed of being a marine biologist as a child and swimming with the blue whale in the deep, dark abyss of the ocean blue.  I know I did.  Start dreaming up vacations of snorkeling with stingrays and brightly colored coral reefs.

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Whatever you enjoyed as your childhood favorite, you'll find you have more time for, and maybe even in an emotionally mature, adult kind of way.  Maybe your love of exploring places makes you a world traveler.

The possibilities are endless when you force yourself to really slow down and enjoy your life, no matter what season of life you are in!  When we were children, we were instant manifestors.  We simply had to think about that shiny new bike we wanted and we would get it.

We didn't overthink things back then.  We kept things simple.  Who has time to let doubts creep in when we were busy playing outside with our friends catching fireflies in the summer?

We would spend a lot of time daydreaming, laying in the grass with our hair spilled all around us.  We would listen to idyllic music while we weaved wildflowers in and out of our long, golden locks.  This fairy-like energy made our dreams come true right before our very eyes!

We may have had bruised knees and cut lips from falling off our bikes and roughhousing with our little brother, but man we had fun back then!  The good news is that we can have fun now too.  The universe asks us to step out of our own way and allow things to unfold naturally like they did when we were a child.

That's exactly what slow living allows us to do.  It allows us to get back to the magic of childhood and the nostalgia of a simpler place in time.  A place where the red fern grows and fairies come out to play in silent reverie with us as sunsets low over the hill.

If you were looking to lead a quieter kind of life, all you have to do is think of childhood, and how easy it was to be, have, and do whatever you wanted.  Why?  Because you believed it to be so!
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