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Patron of the Arts: Goddess Aeracura + Fairy Queen Basket of Goodies

A fairy girl figurine with a flower dress living on a mushroom patio with a green fairy house on a hiking trail in Florida
Meet the Patron of the Arts: Goddess Aeracura Fairy Queen Basket of Goodies!  If you're looking for a cure, this powerful goddess is the answer.  She's got everything you need to support your creative endeavors and projects.

If you're looking for more on Aeracura, a fairy queen holding a basket of goodies, you might enjoy reading, Meet the Fairy Queens: Goddess Aeracura and Celtic Goddess Aine!  Where Aeracura is like a healing antiseptic to any situation, Goddess Aine will boost your faith and help you to take inspired action.

You might like to read, Take a Leap of Faith With Goddess Aine: Fairy Queen of Motivation!  Fairy Queen Aeracura often works hand-in-hand with the Celtic goddess Aine, in order to support their patrons on a higher level.

If you're an aspiring artist, writer, or actress, then Aeracura is your girl!  This is why she is known as the patron of the arts.

This fairy queen will literally financially support you in your career path in the arts.  If she believes in you and sees the sincerity of your passion for the arts, she will swoop right in with her basketful of goodies!

Speaking of her basket of goodies, fairy queen goddess Aeracura carries a basket full of goodies wherever she goes!  Inside her basket of goodies is financial gifts.  Gifts of money, financial freedom, golden opportunities, and chance meetings.

If you ask for Aeracura's help out in a natural setting in the backdrop of mother nature, she will look into your heart to see your truth.  If she feels you're worthy of her gifts then she will happily share them with you!

How do I know?  I know because she shared her gifts with me several years back!  It was my first time asking for her help and I asked for money so that I could build a new website at the time including a host for WordPress.

In less than a week, she came through for me.  Her gifts of abundance work fast!  She has a similar vibe and sparkly energy as the goddess Abundantia, but they have distinct personalities.

Since then, I haven't really asked her for any monetary gain, so this morning I headed out to the forest and began again.  I poured my heart out to her, steeping in honesty.

Upon working with her I instantly began to feel better about money and my blog business.  Through the years, I've been through so much with my business, that I had forgotten how to enjoy the fruits of my labors.

That's where the goddess Aeracura comes into play!  She will show you how to simplify the process with anything you're struggling with within your business or financial future.

She'll do this by ridding you of a lack mentality and helping you to have positive thoughts and feelings about money.  This is all part of her grab bag of fun gifts for creative types!

If you're having negative thoughts about your business, Aeracura can cure you of that kind of negative thinking.  She'll reach into her bag of goodies and pull out something magical for you!

Aeracura can help you reach new numbers by elevating your thoughts about money, work, and life purpose.  If you desire more traffic to your site, goddess Aeracura can help you with that too.  She's like a first aid kit for artists of all kinds.

Basically, if you have a creative bone in your body, she will foster it!  She loves working with the human imagination and bringing childlike energy to whatever she does.

As an artist, we sometimes need a nudge to enjoy our art the way we used to as children.  Back then, it was fun to color outside the lines.  As grownups, we've got to learn to get back to that.

To learn more about embracing your inner child, you might love reading, Nostalgia: Embrace Your Childlike Energy by Living a Slower Life.  Fairy Queen Aeracura helps starving artists get back to what made being an artist fun in the first place.

Even though it's okay to ask for monetary gifts from her, you're more than welcome to ask for fun, playful energy in your life.  Being easy, lighthearted, and fun is a good intention to make in your daily life because it's a very fairly-like quality to have!
a fairy hiding on an oyster mushroom in the forest with a bright green fairy house on a meadow glen in mother nature + Florida wilderness

Patron of the Arts: Goddess Aeracura + Fairy Queen Basket of Goodies

Working with the fairy queen and goddess Aeracura means a lot to me.  She's wonderful with a wonderful emotional outlet to have and it's good to know she'll help me with anything.  Naturally, this means she can help you too!

Fairy queens are like the archangels of the natural world with one vast difference.  A fairy queen has an ego and therefore will intervene even if you don't request their assistance.  They just have to hereby dub you worthy of their assistance with a quick glance into your energy field.

An angel on the other hand mostly needs your request in order to be able to intervene except in emergency situations.  An angel is also flawless and has no ego nor judgment.

Both are great in their own ways, but it's really a fun, sparkly, unique experience to work hands-on with a fairy queen!  It's rare, unique, and one of a kind to work with the playful energy of forest queen and goddess.

Immediately, upon calling on Aeracura, I instantly felt connected to her energy as healing was coursing through my veins.  I felt like it was safe to open up to her and spill my feelings out on the forest floor.

The fairy queens, not surprisingly have down-to-earth, relatable energy to humans.  They spend a lot of time in both the fairy realm and in the earthly realm too.  They are also made up of the same materials as humans, with physical composition.

Because of this, fairy queens make for a great best friend and someone you can easily approach!  You might enjoy reading, Life in the Fairy Realm: A Field Guide to the Nature Spirits for more on the topic.

If you are looking to work with an easily accessible goddess, you're going to fall head-over-heels in love with working with the goddess Aeracura!  She has grounding energy with sparkles in it.

Imagine a ball rolling through the forest, picking up rocks, soil, and sediment.  Then, imagine the big ball of nature rolling downhill, picking up wind and electricity.  That's the sparkly, magical feeling you get when you work with Goddess Aeracura.

She's sparkly yet centered.  Fairy Queen Aeracura is nature-inspired and yet fancy-free like all fairies should be!

She's a lot of fun to work with and you have a backstage pass to her energy!  You could simply be hanging out with your favorite houseplant and call on her.

She's very easy to work with and because she's a small, flying fairy with pink, sparkly fairy wings she has a childlike innocence about her.  She's grounded in mother nature, which creates a peaceful, easygoing feeling within you.

With Goddess Aeracura, you learn to let your guard down, because you begin to trust that you can.   Fairy Goddess Aeracura will happily share her basket of goodies with you if you open up your heart to her!

Things That Attract Aeracura:
  • The laughter of children
  • Bubbles
  • Sparkles
  • Windchimes
  • Birdbaths
  • Fun!
To work with Aeracura, simply do something creative.  You can draw her a picture.  Color in a coloring book.  You could even make a terrarium and devote it to the goddess Aeracura in return for her most favorable outcome.  

Just do something creative for her and then give it to her as an offering or sacrifice.  Ask that in return she would share her basket of goodies with you.

Let her know what kind of goodies and gifts you had in mind.  This fairy queen doesn't take issue with someone being specific about what they want.  Let her know so she can feel free to bring it to you!

What Can Aeracura Help You With:
  1. Fostering creativity
  2. Supporting starving artists
  3. Helping you to let go of things that no longer serve you
  4. First Aid Kit for anything!
  5. Making a creative workspace
  6. Making work fun instead of drudgery
  7. Creative endeavors and projects
  8. Finding the fun in life again
  9. Manifestation 
  10. Embracing your childlike energy
  11. Living a more magical life
  12. Charms and blessings
  13. Surprises
  14. Hidden talents and abilities
  15. Sharing gifts of money with patrons
  16. Childlike innocence
  17. Making things easy
  18. Crafting
  19. Developing hobbies
  20. Creative business endeavors and startups
  21. Etsy Shops and the like
How to Contact Goddess Aeracura:
  • Go for a daily hike
  • Take a long nature walk
  • Go for a slow bike ride that reminds you of childhood nostalgia
  • Have a picnic in the meadow
  • Hang out with your plants
  • Spend time in your backyard
  • Do some gardening
To connect with the fairy queen Aeracura, just head out into nature.  Spend time in the Great Outdoors and beyond!  She'll meet you there with a sparkle in her eye.  
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