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Snapshots of Garden Life With Snails, Healing Stones, and Wildflowers in Bloom

A brick manmade garden in Hammock Park With Soil, green leaves, wild daisies, and a faux garden snail in the sunlight
This time, I've decided to share, Snapshots of Garden Life With Snails, Healing Stones, and Wildflowers in Bloom!  When I'm spending time in urban garden planning, one of the things I look for is the potential to grow something.

When I'm talking about an actual garden, I want to map out which plants and flowers go where.  Which flowers will attract butterflies?  Which type of garden will attract the fairies?

When I'm thinking in terms of the garden of life, I'm thinking about how I can grow as a person.  What kind of potential growth I have.  What would make my business bloom and grow?

Whether it be life in the fairy garden or thinking about what kind of person I strive to be, it always comes down to one thing.  Growth.

There's something about growing and fostering living things that work as a metaphor for real-life magic like garden spells and other magical things.  For more on this topic, you might enjoy reading, A Magical Spell With Plants to Make Your Spiritual Business Grow!

I've been thinking about how good it feels lately to spend time in the garden.  It's such a serene setting where I can set my concerns aside for a moment.

Where in most cases I would shy away from the sun, I raise my face to the sky and let the sun soak into me.  It's in the garden that the feel of the soil between my fingertips makes me feel alive.

It reminds me of the seeds of my manifestation, being planted every moment.  We just need only lovingly sprinkle our good intentions with love and light.  We must tend to them but also give them room to grow.

Such is the garden of life!  Sometimes, I like to spend time in the butterfly garden of Hammock Park, snapping photographs of a garden trellis or butterfly attractive wildflowers in full bloom.

There are other times I like to sit in silent contemplation on my porch overlooking the garden.  I like to listen to the voice within, as it becomes more clear when I'm in the confines of mother nature.

I like to listen to the sounds of the birds as I sip my favorite tea, feeling the cool breeze kiss the soft tendrils of my hair.  It is here that I long to stay, not going anywhere, not doing anything.

Sometimes, we just need to sit still and let it be.  We need to let go and let God.  We can only do that with those silent moments in between, where babies breath flowers crawl through sharp fences.

We trace the woodgrain of the porch with our fingertips, feeling the texture going against the grain.  In life, it is different, as we must go with the flow of what is happening all around us.

Whatever garden you are planting, simply know that you're planting the seeds to your future.  With each seed, you drop into the ground, say an intention, smooth the soil over the seed and let it grow.  Tend to your garden as needed.

It helps to physically do the seeds of manifestation exercise, as it is a solid way to make your manifestation come to life!  You want your seedling to not only survive but thrive, just like you.  Happy planting!
A tiny toy turtle woodland creature on a wooden log in the forest on a Florida hiking trail
Snapshots of Garden Life With Snails, Healing Stones, and Wildflowers in Bloom
A tiny owl toy figurine up in a bare tree in winter in the magic of the forest
 Owl Spirit Animal Symbolism and Meaning (See at the end)
A garden snail in a brick urban garden setting in the green leafy shade of Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida + Garden Planning
 Life is a Garden So Dig It!
As promised I wanted to give you the symbolism and meaning of owl imagery and symbolism.  If you have an owl animal totem or owl spirit animal, You are being watched over all the time!

Owls are known for their symbolism of high intelligence and ancient wisdom.  So, if an owl keeps showing up in your life, it may mean it's time to go back to school or to get that second degree.

It's about career advancement and moving up the ladder of life.  In this case, you'll be elevated easily, as owl symbolism means being looked at from high above the trees.

This means that with the owl by your side, you'll have a higher perspective on things.  You'll see things from a higher vantage point.

Another reason you might be seeing owl imagery is that the great Goddess Pallas Athena is trying to grab your attention!  She may just be your ancient patron of the goddesses.  Reach out to her to see if this is the case.

With Athena, you'll know right away as she leaves nothing to chance!  She is a clear communicator and knows how to help you make sound decisions in your life.  Call on her when there's an important decision to be made!

Chances are, if the owl is showing up in your life, you are strongly connected to the warrior goddess Athena.  If that's not the case, then you may just have an owl spirit animal that holds special meaning to you!
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