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The Granola Girl Starter Pack for Girly Nature Lovers

A woman hiding behind a green fern on a fern trail hiking adventure in the emerald green forest of Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida
The Granola Girl Starter Pack for Girl Nature Lovers comes with everything you need to fall head-over-heels in love with nature on hiking adventures and in your own backyard.  When people think about spending time in mother nature, it is often forgotten that nature is everywhere, including within you.  

You are made up of all the secret ingredients to nature and that makes it easily accessible to you.  Not only that, but nature can be in your windowsill herb garden, your potted houseplant, or in your own backyard or garden.  Find your inner nature today!

First things first, grab yourself a piece of paper and your favorite colorful pen.  First, list the qualities that match you up with mother nature.  What are they?

My Nature Life-Style Design Blueprint:
  1. I'm made up of stardust, which means that I'm just as beautiful as a shooting star and just as bright as the sun in my heart.
  2. I eat plants.  By living a plant-based lifestyle, I live closer to the plants and wildlife of nature, like a tiny herbivore snacking on plant life.  
  3. I remind myself of a solid oak tree sometimes, always looking for stability and always taking root.
  4. I activate my root chakra which has a similar vibe and energy to the forest, meadows, and landscapes of the earth
  5. I'm a wildflower in bloom.  I'm wild, tumbling, and free.  I'm a free spirit who hates rules and doesn't like being told what to do.  
  6. My eyes remind me of a jade gemstone, a deeper shade of green and pools of moss growing wildly on rocks in waterfalls.  
  7. I often get told that I look like a fairy, tiny, lithe, and whimsical.
You can use my answers as a template to come up with your own and add to them.  For some of you, maybe you are just getting to know this side of yourself.  Perhaps you've been a city girl your whole life and have only experienced the warmth of urban gardening.  Use that!

Getting to know your natural, organic self will help you to become more accustomed to your true nature within.  It doesn't matter where you live or what you do.  It matters how you bring nature into it!

It's about turning over a new leaf and redesigning yourself in the patterns of mother nature.  It's about connecting to the magic of nature in your own special way!  

Write down all the things you love to do in nature.  It can be anything from reading books in central park to having a summer picnic in the meadow.  Write it down for a bit of nostalgia and to find the whimsical wanderer that dwells within your heart.  This will help kickstart your next adventure!


Adventures don't have to be complicated either.  Sometimes an adventure can be camping in your backyard or taking photos of a butterfly as she lands on your nose.  It's the simple things!

Once you have your list completed, you might enjoy answering these nature-inspired questions to get to know yourself better:
  • If you were a landscape what would you be?  I would definitely be an enchanted fairy forest.  You know, the kind you see in fairy tales!
  • Would you rather camp under the stars, live under the ocean, or get lost in a canyon with everything you need?  For me, I'd rather camp under the stars.  There's something about the milky way that makes me feel connected to Starseed children and spiritual realms and places I cannot see with the naked eye.
  • If you were a season, which season would you be?  I choose the in-between seasons of fall and spring.  Autumn has always held a fondness in my heart, but there's something magical when spring is in the air too, don't you think?
  • If you were a fairy, what kind of fairy would you be?  A mermaid living under the deep, tranquility of the sea or maybe a tiny gnome living in a redwood tree.  For me, I choose a butterfly fairy.  In case you missed all the butterfly imagery on this blog, butterfly fairies hold a lot of meaning for me.  
  • If you could only bring one survival item with you in a survival situation, what would it be?  I choose real-life magic.  The reason being, if you are able to instantly manifest the way the fairies do, you can make anything happen in a survivalist situation!  Think about it.  You can manifest water, hiking boots, a trail that leads back home, whatever.
  • If you could bring one food with you into the forest, what would it be?  I'd bring chips and chunky guacamole with me.  It's my must-have food dish that I can't live without!
Believe it or not, all these questions are meant to help you embrace the girly nature lover within you!  Nature has a way of bringing out the best in people.  During a full-moon ritual, it can even make things surface that was kept hidden, including hidden talents and secret abilities.  

Full-Moon Ritual For Connecting With the Fairies:

Fairies love a full moon!  It's a sacred time for them to come out and dance naked in the moonlight and bathe in the solitude of its feminine strength and beauty.  A full moon is a great time to connect with the faerie folk and I'm going to show you how to do it.

You'll Need:
  • A flashlight
  • A point-and-shoot camera of any kind
  • A basket full of goodies
Now, take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass.  It can be in the woods behind your home or in the landscape of your backyard.  Before setting out to meet the fairies under the light of the full moon, you're going to need to fill your basket with sugary sweets and treats.  

This basket is inspired by the fairy queen Aeracura, patron of the arts.  She carries goodies with her wherever she goes, passing out gifts of abundance to people who call upon her for favor.  

Your basket should be filled with treasures that the fey will like.  For example, the elementals love shiny, sparkly things like bells, gemstones, and prisms.

The wee ones also enjoy sweet treats like honey and a pint of bubbly champagne.  The fairies also enjoy freshly baked goods such as brownies, rice crispy treats, and sugar cookies with sparkly sugar on top.  

Now, set out with quiet stealth into the grass and woodland, in search of the fairy world.  Snap photographs of dark places that you can look back on later.  Don't be surprised if you look over your film later to find orbs of light and fairy lights in your pictures.  This will give you physical proof of your encounter!

While it's not required, I urge you to go out on your moonlight expedition at midnight, since this is an in-between time that brings down the veil between the earthly realm and the land of the enchanted.

On the days leading up to the full moon, prepare yourself for the surge of energy the full moon brings by spending time in nature in preparation.  To help the faerie folk take notice of you, you'll want to do things like pick up litter, help a frog cross a path, and talk to the fairies in your mind.  

This will give the fey time to get to know you.  Remember, the fairies don't trust humans in general.  They have a long history with humankind, so you'll need to prove your worthiness to them.  Once the fairies trust you, they will be loyal to you for life!

In the forest, let your flashlight and your intuition be your guide.  Eventually, you'll come to a spot outdoors that coincides with the light of the full moon shining down.  This is most likely where the fairies will be, even if you can't see them.  

This is called a fairy hot spot.  You'll feel an energy shift here.  Stay still and quiet, sit down on a log or rock under the moon letting the moonlight bathe over you, and settle in.  

You can take photographs if you dare, but if you do, I'd keep it to a minimum and from a distance.  You don't want to interrupt the fairy king and queen sacred moon dancing ritual.  

After a short time, you should begin to hear something.  You might hear song and dance or whispers through the trees.  You might be attracted to a singular light or many lights called fairy lights.  

Follow your intuition to where you can sense and feel the fairies.  Within the quiet thudding of your heart, you should begin to hear the faerie folk laughing, dancing, and having good times.  

When you feel you've sat for long enough, set out your basket of goodies for them, under direct moonlight.  The next day, return to the same spot to see if your treats and treasures have been taken into the fairy realm.  

Is there a change in the air?  Did they leave behind a fairy ring?  Is there a crop circle where you think they might have been.  

Your job at this point is to be an observer and simply take it all in.  Soak in the essence of where the fairies have been with your senses and make a note of it in your nature journal.  

One of the things I like to do before a moonlight walk in mother nature is to make have a list of questions handy that I'd like to ask the gnomes, tree elves, mermaids, and pixies.  I always include it in my basket of fun goodies so that I can gain clarity on them.  

Most likely, the fey will answer your questions in a way that is unexpected.  For example, you might suddenly get an instant download of information with the solution to your problem or the answer to your question.  This is a great way to spark a conversation with the week folk!

If questions aren't your thing, write the faerie folk a sweet love note.  Wear your heart on your sleeve and the fey will respect that.  They will be more likely to have heartfelt conversations with you in the forest and in your dreams!

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