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The Magical Realism Nature Field Guide (Volume Two)

A frog chasing a purple amethyst healing stone on a wooden log in a dark, fairy enchanted forest
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away I created the magical realism nature field guide with a volume two to add to it!  When you spend time amongst the flowers and the trees, you begin to develop your senses in a way that you never have before, seeing the world through a magical lens.

With this guidebook into nature, you'll open your eyes to the green forest that grows in your heart, better known as your heart chakra.  To work on the heart chakra activation key, you might like to read, Working With Archangel Chamuel to Open the Heart Chakra With Romance Angels!

The heart chakra is the color green.  Think, green meadows and mossy forest floors.  Think of emerald-green forests in the hygge style heart of nature!

This is why it's so important to head out into the forest for heart chakra activation.  The greenery of the trees and green leaf plants will operate on your heart chakra on a soul level.  While you're there, you can call on Archangel Raphael to aid you in healing your heart!

With Valentine's day right around the corner, you might enjoy reading, Working With Archangel Raphael to Find True Love and Your Twin Flame!  Even if you're not looking for romantic love, Raphael has a green energy ball of healing light he works with to heal what lies still in your heart.

Heart healing can work for all relationships in life, not just the romantic kind.  Spending time in the enchanted fairy forest will instantly heal all heart-related ailments and problems naturally. 

Whether it be a residual broken heart or a scorned lover, the forest calls you to retreat into the bosom of mother nature!  Spending time in nature will effectively heal the heart of toxic pain and anguish. 

You can do this at any time, not just during the season of love in the month of February!  Love is a universal language that breaks down all holidays, birthdays, and transcends time. 

In addition to activating the heart chakra, the magical realism nature field guide teaches you how to see the world through rose-colored glasses!  If you see the world in a magical way, your outer world will reflect that. 

It will give you a rose-tinted vision of eternal hope and optimism that is much needed in a new decade and time in life.  It's no longer about the 3-D world anymore, but about doing things in the 5th dimensional level of spirituality. 

You'll soon come to find out that much of the 3-D world is the false illusion humans have created through their ego-based minds.  It's a lot more fun to tread carefully in the footprints of the faerie folk, as they wind their way through our hearts with strings of light. 

There's a certain power and beauty that comes with knowing and seeing the things before you in a way you haven't before.  Sometimes we get heady with our dreams.  We don't know how to execute our ideas or how to ground them into reality. 

With our new positive filter in which we view the world, we'll gain useful tips and eco-friendly resources on how to make our little corner of the world a better place.  When we spend time in the fairy realm, life as we know it gets easier. 

We're no longer straining to come up with the next raging success of a project.  We're no longer fighting our way to the top of screaming at the top of our lungs.  It is here that dreams become a reality!
A purple amethyst gemstone on a wooden log being chased by a green toy flashlight frog: girls novelty toys

The Magical Realism Nature Field Guide (Volume Two)

When you work within the earthly realm, you'll undoubtedly end up somewhere in the between.  The place that you land will be the land of the fairies where unicorns roam like wild horses and majestic creatures fly high above the forest in peaks of trees.

For more on what life is like there, you might enjoy reading, What Life is Like in the Fairy Realm: A Field Guide to the Nature Spirits!  Being there means having access to instant manifestations like the fairies do.

In the fairy realm of possibilities, you'll have access to the fairy queens, and the fairy queens are like the archangels of the natural world.  Working with them is down-to-earth and a grounding experience that I recommend to anyone who is looking to simplify their lives. 

For example, if you've been dreading and procrastinating on working on an upcoming project, you might like to work with Goddess Aine, as she can help you take a leap of faith with inspired action!  You might love to read, Take a Leap of Faith With Goddess Aine: Fairy Queen of Motivation.

Maybe you need someone to listen to you and be your cure and band-aid to your problems.  In this case, you might like to read, Patron of the Arts: Goddess Aeracura + Fairy Queen Basket of Goodies!

The reason being, you'll learn how to see things from a fresh perspective.  As writers and artists, we often single-handedly approach a problem and end up with egg on our face.  When we work with the elementals and the kings of the forest, we're able to see solutions to problems that were right under our nose all along!

This is why it's so important to look at the world with rose-tinted glasses and a heart-shaped world.  When you look at things through the lens of love, it soon seems apparent that you have everything you ever needed all along!

It means a lot to open up your heart chakra with pulsing green sparks of light and electricity.  Having a clear heart chakra allows you to see the world with love in your eyes.  You can then bring this love to the projects you work on. 

Working from a place of love gives you a different perspective on things and that's what the magical realism nature field guide is all about.  It's the natural world with a magical realism twist!
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