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Trees Are Magic: Why You Should Spend More Time in the Trees

A Tiny Owl Figurine Nestled in Winter Tree Branches in the Enchanted Forest
Did you know that trees are magic?  I'm going to show you why you should spend more time in the trees!  Trees are magical, wise old sages that will hug you right back if you're a tree hugger.

On a physical level, trees are really good for us.  They produce oxygen for us to breathe.  In a way, we have a symbiotic relationship with the magic of trees.

Think about it.  When walking into the forest, the first thing you notice is the trees and all the greenery they produce.  The green of trees instantly heals you as you walk the forest floor, soaking in the abundance of all that green.

Different seasons produce different colors of tree leaves with seasonal shifts and changes.  For more on the seasons of life, you might like to read, Winter Magic: A Journal of a Seasonal Shift in My Life!

With those colorful leaves comes change!  In the fall, the colors of red, orange, and yellow line the trees, creating the warmth of a cozy fire and bunny slippers.  In the springtime, tree-lined streets of pink and blue make their debut.

Even in Florida, where we don't have a lot of seasonal shifts, the trees bring new warmth and light to everything.  With Spanish moss dripping from trees as if they were dipped in golden honey, Florida has some of the prettiest trees.

My favorite tree in Florida, with the exception of what it does to my allergies, is the tall oak tree.  Oak trees and me go way back.  Oak trees are a favorite of the gnome!

For more on the gnomes, you might enjoy reading, Working With Gnomes to Bring Abundance and Treasure Into Your Life!  Gnomes and tree elves tend to hang out in trees a lot.

Oak trees live long lives.  They've seen things.  They have a long history and many stories to tell of treasures untold.

If you ever need encouragement for writing a children's book or breaking out of your shell creatively, spend time with an oak tree.  Oak trees are wonderful storytellers and increase creative expression.

Another tree that we have here and in California are Palm Trees.  Palm trees tend to attract tree elves more than anything.

Tree elves tend to live in skinny trees.  I'm assuming because tree elves are tall and lanky themselves.  Palm trees are one of the trees they like.

Now, if you ever visit Florida or California (or anywhere with palm trees), you'll be thinking about the tree elves that live there.  For more on the faerie folk, you might like this article!

Remember, tree elves and gnomes aren't like humans at all, other than they too have an ego at work.  Gnomes and tree elves are in and out of the fairy realm and the earthly realm.  They are in the in-between so they are able to transition.

Being amongst the trees is really beneficial for you in so many ways!  It's actually good for your health to hang out in trees.

Tree Health Benefits:
  1. Lowers blood pressure
  2. Balanced Mental Health
  3. Decreases the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts and ideation
  4. Lowers cortisol levels
  5. Decreases pulse rates
  6. Calms the nervous system down
  7. Increases rest and relation
  8. Works as a sleep aid
  9. Sometimes results in weight loss
  10. Increases creativity and self-expression
One of the ways that being in the greenery of trees can help you is through green therapy, otherwise known as taking a forest bath.  You might like to read more on this topic with, The Wonder of Forest Bathing:Shinrin-Yoku!

When you're in the forest, you find inner peace and calm.  Forest bathing is a lot like a walking meditation in nature.

It has all the same benefits as meditating from home with an extra boost of greenery.  Spending time in the trees is a magical experience, whether it is reading a book against the back of a redwood tree or hugging a tree, you'll always walk away with magic in your heart.  Trees are magic!
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