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Valentine's in the Woods Self-Love Date + 2-Minute Love Spell

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Last year, I spent Valentine's Day in the woods on a self-love date and while I was there, I did a 2-minute love spell!  If you're spending the holiday of love alone, might as well make it a fun ritual in self-adoration, right?  Here's how I did it.

It wasn't planned or anything, but I started heading into the woods on the morning of Valentine's day as a way to keep my mind off the fact that I was alone.  It's sometimes hard being a single lady when what you really want at the end of the day is to settle down and spend the rest of your life with someone you love.

I'm sure many of you single ladies (or men) can relate.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself like I normally would, I headed into the Great Outdoors for a serene nature hike.  Before I left, I called upon the goddess Freya to help me with self-love by writing a love letter to myself.

This was all part of my two-minute love spell in the heart-shaped world of mother nature.  For more on the goddess of love and sensuality, you might enjoy reading, Self-Love and Self-Care Routine With Goddess Freya!

If you're feeling a little down on yourself, she's the perfect girl to call on!  Goddess Freya is like a walking love spell in and of herself.  This girl exudes confidence!

If you feel like you're lacking in the confidence department, write a love note to yourself with the assistance of goddess Freya, as she makes you bold enough to ask for what you want!  Not only that, but Freya will give you a boost of confidence that will make you feel instantly attractive.

Everything you'd like to embody, write it down in your love note.  Write it down in pink ink if you can.  You can even add heart stickers!

I recommend writing it down in a Valentine's Day greeting card, where you have the space to write everything you feel in your heart chakra.  Ask Freya for exactly what you want and be crystal clear about it.  Freya likes women that are bold!

If you're a man reading this, the same applies to you!  This 2-minute self-love spell will include words like exuberance, self-confidence, self-love, self-adoration, and body love too.  It will be a love note to yourself with all the bells and whistles.

Throw some glitter and confetti in between your greeting card and seal the envelope with a kiss.  Where the flap closes and meets the middle, leave a kiss mark with your signature vegan lipstick!

While you're hiking on your favorite trail, leave your love note somewhere in the trees or under a rock, as long as it's in a secluded place where someone is less likely to find it.  As you leave the trail behind, blow three kisses towards your love note as you walk away.  This seals the spell tight!

As the day goes on, watch your confidence grow.  You'll begin to see people looking at you, being attracted to you.  Why?  You are a highly attractive person!

You've got it going on!  Best of all, the goddess Freya will let you know it.  Simply soak in the moment, as compliments pour in and your confidence soars.

This is what I did last year and I plan on having my Valentine's in the woods tomorrow.  If you'd rather use this spell for true love, it's okay to do that too.  Just change the meaning of your romantic greeting card.

Ask Goddess Freya for what you specifically want.  Ask for the love magic of the qualities in a man you are looking for!  Be sure to spray some perfume on the card to further give it a romantic light dusting of true love and attractiveness.

If you have an SP in mind, you might love reading, Love Magic: My Secret Crush + Manifesting a Specific Person!  It might make you feel better knowing you're not alone on the twin-flame romance experience, which can be rather jarring at first.

For more on romantic relationships, you might get a kick out of reading, Working With Archangel Raphael to Find True Love and Your Twinflame!  This healing angel can help get you, two crazy kids, together in no time.  The secret is getting out of your own way!

I have this problem too.  I ask for help then I can't seem to let it go until I eventually have to walk away from my SP manifestation for a while.  When you ask Raphael to take charge of your love life, let him do the heart work needed to heal this relationship and bring two hearts together as one!

So, use this two-minute love spell in good health.  You can use it for self-adoration and for romantic love two.  For double the magic, you could even make a secret love note to yourself and your SP and lay it out in the meadow somewhere hidden under a blanket of wildflowers in bloom.

Let Goddess Freya be your guide to the playbook on love.  Both self-love and romantic love too.  This love goddess works to show you how self-love and romantic love go together!
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