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Wearable Nature: Hand Me Downs and Vintage Clothing Energy

a woman wearing a brown flower-patterned dress and brown moccasins at the pier in Florida
Today's wearable nature feature includes wearing hand me downs and vintage clothing energy! One of the easiest ways to lend planet earth a helping hand is through repurposing clothing through multiple uses and passing pieces down to future generations.

Besides, you never know, your style might be the wave of the future! It's kind of cool to think that your favorite summer dress or magical pair of Jean's might be worn by your granddaughter someday.

One of the worries that go along with vintage pieces is energy transfer, especially if you're a hyper-sensitive empath. Today, I'm offering you a simple solution to that.

Before wearing used and like-new clothing from thrift shops and yard sales, sit a black obsidian rock on top of each article of clothing overnight. In a pinch, you can place your obsidian on the top of your clothing pile for overnight healing.

What this does is clear away any and all residual energy from people who have passed on or from the negative energy of toxic people and situations.  The thing with old clothing and accessories is that you really don't know where they came from most of the time!

You can also ask for Archangel Michael to clear away any negative energy remaining in the clothing by using his flaming sword to cut away all that no longer serves you.  For more on the most powerful archangel, you might enjoy reading, Working With Archangel Michael For a Life Purpose in Natural Living!

There's also energy associated with clothing and accessories made from leather.  Animals were harmed in order to create a physical product for you to wear and the item will carry the fear and suffering of the animal.  This would be another time to take a moment and call on the Archangel Michael!

Whenever possible, buy vegan leather and never leather!  However, if you're given something that is animal-based, consider if it feels energetically good for you to wear it or not.

If it does, thank the animal and tell the animal spirit that you will not wear his suffering in vain!  In other words, you'll make sure to get the most use out of it versus being wasteful.

There's a lot of schools of thought on this subject, especially in the vegan community, and I say follow your heart.  If it feels good, wear it.  If it doesn't, pass it along to someone so that the animal didn't die in vain.

This is my opinion on the subject of clothing, shoes, and accessories made from animals.  Yours might be completely different and that's okay.

I personally feel it honors the animal more if the vintage leather purse you are wearing lasts for another sixty years.  On the other hand, I would never go out of my way to buy a leather purse or product.

Wearing fur wouldn't happen in my world at all, only because I feel like wearing animal fur makes a less subtle statement.  It says a lot without saying a word, don't you think?

Whatever you do, be sure to clear the energy of any hand me downs and thrift store items you receive.  It's not so much that the energy can harm you, but why take that chance?

Note:  These brown leather Seychelles moccasins were given to me as a hand me down by my oldest daughter. Even though I live a plant-based lifestyle, I opted to keep them by thanking the animal and removing any dark energy that would have told a story that doesn't resonate with me.

As an empath, I'm lucky.  I can feel the energies of animals that have passed on and are in peace.  I can feel when an item is given to me expressively for healing the animal spirit within.

Trust your instincts when it comes to sustainable clothing and slow fashion choices.  One of my favorite things to do is to imagine the story behind the clothing or vintage purse.

When I used to have a vintage clothing shop back in the day, I kept a tiny brown leather purse with fringe on it.  It had artwork inked all over it with a name and a bit of a story.

Since the purse was a 1970's vintage leather purse, I liked to imagine a young girl doodling on her purse in between classes.  I wondered what kind of dreams she had and if her life turned out the way she expected.

I let the vintage handbag tell me the story that it wanted to tell.  If you listen closely, you can hear the whispers of the past.

Eventually, I gave that purse to my youngest daughter Chloe, and she adores it as much as I do.  There was youthful energy to the purse and innocence in the story she wanted to tell.  This was a case where there was good energy, so nothing needed to be cleared!

Hopefully, as you work on energy healing, you'll be able to discern between vintage dresses worn by women with high hopes for the future and the tawdry energy of someone that had their first breakup at the time of wearing a heart-shaped locket around their neck.  If you look inside the locket, maybe you'll even find a secret note with a story for the ages.  
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