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Why Plants Make People Happy + Plant Energy Healing

Aloe vera plant sitting in the sun on a Florida porch in the backdrop of mother nature + plant pottery painted with yellow flowers in the backyard
This is a post on why plants make people happy + plant energy healing and how that works!  I know, I for one, love being in the presence of plant life, whether it be at home or in mother nature.  Plants not only make great gifts, but they make great friends!

First of all, I want to start out by saying I'm pretty biased on the topic of plants.  I keep plants as pets in and around my home and I can't imagine my life without them.  I even sometimes throw my plant in my wearable planter necklace around my neck so that she (or he) can go with me wherever I go!

So, I'm already in love with plants and therefore, this post is loaded with my love and affection for plants.  Sorry not sorry, everyone.  Chances are if you are here reading this, you probably feel the same!

You might enjoy reading, Pet Plants: 10-Ways to Be a Better Plant Parent or Wearable Nature: Wearable Planters, Gemstone Crowns, and Mushroom Rings, Oh My!  It will help connect you with eco-friendly, ethical shops where you can purchase plants in order to adopt the plant baby of your dreams.

Being around plants is a phenomenon in and of itself.  The greenery of plants makes them instant energy healers, giving your mind a healthy dose of endorphins and a mental mind boost.

In addition to what plant life can do for your mind and soul, plants produce oxygen, which is how we are able to live and breathe.  We need plants to live!

I always say if you want to not only survive in this world but to thrive, adopt a plant and give her a safe space in your home!  The better you care for your plant baby, the better you will thrive as a person.

Houseplant keeping can also help you in your business too, did you know that?  You can measure the growth and success of your business by how well you care for your plants.

You might enjoy more on this topic by reading, A Magical Spell With Plants to Make Your Spiritual Business Grow!  See, I told you.  Plants are magic!

I also have this theory about plants.  I believe that plants make people happy because we have so much in common.  Think about it.

We both need certain things in order to ensure our survival.  We both need water, sunlight, and fresh air.  We need to feel the soil or ground beneath our feet in order to clear the air, so to speak.

Plants are much the same in that way.  Not only that, but plants are made from the same materials as humans.  We're all made up of energy.

This is how plants are able to instantly heal us in our minds, bodies, souls, and hearts.  We are connected to plants and I recommend carrying one on you all the time.

Another cool thing about plants is that they have a sunshiney, optimistic outlook in life.  You'll rarely meet a plant that drags you down.  If you do, it's because that plant is being neglected.

Plants, much like humans, need human connection and pair well with the human species.  When you think about it, plants really do make people happy, and they do it using plant energy healing!

Just being around a plant is good for the soul.  For more on this, you're going to love reading, Plant Magic Energy Healing Kit For Bringing Good Energy Into Your Home!

Remember, plants have distinct personalities as we do.  They love being given a namesake and if you ask them, they will volunteer a name they like, if you can't decide.  They love being cared for by the right kind of human!

So, if you're on the fence about making a plant purchase or gifting a plant for someone you love, don't overanalyze it.  Go for it!  You'll make the plant happy too!

All plants come with a built-in nature spirit, which gives him or her the essence of who they are.  The nature spirit within is the soul.  All plants are ensouled, just like the human beings who care for them.

Even though plants make us happy, we make them happy too.  By brushing up on your plant care skills and honing in on your green thumb, your plant will love you for life!
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