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Wishlist: Writing Intentions and Everyone Is You Pushed Out (LOA)

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On today's wishlist, I'm sharing with you writing intentions and everyone is you pushed out in the LOA community!  I've found that by keeping up a clean mental diet and writing my letters to the universe every morning, good things seem to happen to me every single day.  If they can happen to me, they can definitely happen to you!

If you're new here, you might enjoy reading all my wishlist posts, where I teach you how to manifest wishes from thin air!  I have come to find that it's not about vibration, it's not about feeling good (though that helps), it's about your assumptions and beliefs.  This is called the law of assumption!

The one thing that has helped me to change my beliefs and assumptions about myself and others is writing my intentions every morning and every night.  I have had great success with this technique and now I'm going to share it with you!

It sounds deceptively easy, but make no mistake, writing out intentions is one of the greatest ways for your new belief system to seep into your subconscious.  As many of you know, I'm also really into affirmations, even though a lot of people consider it to be silly.

Much like writing out your intentions, affirmations seep into your subconscious to the point where it becomes an assumption.  It becomes a hardened belief.  That's the goal we're looking to achieve when we ask for something from the universe!

The thing that no one tells you is that you are the universe within.  You create your rich inner world until it becomes crystallized and hardened into the earthly realm or the 3-D realm.  You hold the power!

Creating positive affirmations and morning intentions is a great way to take your power back because then you're going to see your manifestations come to life on paper.  If you're a more verbal person like myself, this is the technique I recommend for you!

If you're more of a visual person, I recommend practicing visualization by constructing a scene that resonates with what you're trying to achieve.  I also think a vision board is a good idea for a highly visual person.

Both techniques work to solidify your newfound beliefs and assumptions, but it's really about finding what works best for you!  For me, writing things down seems to work best, probably because I'm a writer and a verbal person.

However, I do create imaginal scenes that I visualize at night in the state akin to sleep.  I will admit that I take breaks from this method from time to time and use my imagination by writing things down.

By writing things down, I can see and feel the scene that I'm imagining in my mind.  I usually write something about each of my intentions at least five times in five different ways.  I usually end up saying affirmations and intentions in my head throughout the day too, mostly because it's fun!

If at any point manifesting feels like a chore to you, it's time to take a step back.  It might be a good idea to let go of your manifestation and take a break from working on it.  It's okay to do that and it will make you come back even stronger than before!

I wrote in my last LOA post, Wishlist: Taking Inspired Action With the Law of Attraction, that if it feels like you're forcing your manifestation into existence then you're probably not doing it right.  What you are doing creates resistance and I've learned a long time ago to not resist whatever comes along because it will drive you insane!

Whenever I start to have doubts, I know that's just a normal part of the process.  It's resistance, so I just let it go and accept the resistance until it either goes away or I move into a different stage of the creative process.

How I Write My Intentions:

Let's say that I make my intention to have someone give me flowers.  I would include it in both my morning and nighttime intentions in at least five different ways until my belief becomes an assumption.

For Example:
  • I intend to receive flowers
  • I intend for someone to give me flowers
  • I intend for someone to bring me flowers
  • I intend to have flowers
  • I intend to enjoy the flowers that were given to me
It may seem minor, but it not only helps you to visualize your manifestation (in this case, getting flowers), but it helps you to solidify it as a new belief and assumption.  After a while, you begin to know without a doubt that you'll be getting flowers!

You can do this with both big manifestations and small ones.  A lot of people start out small to tackle their beliefs and build confidence in their manifestation power.  Do what works best for you!

Just to be clear, this method of intention making can work for anything, even changing negative beliefs and assumptions.  Let's say you feel like you're fat.  You might not be, but you feel that way, so the universe has no choice to deliver more fat plus fat thoughts to you.  

How would you go about changing it?  Let me give you a prime example of how to turn fat thoughts around with ease and grace!

Example of Turning a Negative Into a Positive:
  1. I intend to always look and feel skinny
  2. I intend to love my body
  3. I intend to only think skinny thoughts about myself
  4. I intend to have body confidence
  5. I intend to love the skin I'm in
  6. I intend to feel comfortable in my own skin
  7. I intend to always be at my perfect, ideal weight and size
What happens over time is it becomes a solid belief.  You begin to do, be, and have a thin body and size!  If you weren't overweight, your body would become more thin and toned.  Maybe you feel like working out more, the type of physical activity that would make you keep thinking thin thoughts about your body.  

You see what I did there?  Nothing was forced.  Eventually, if you were to work out it would feel as natural as breathing to you.  

It would become a thought that created a natural inspired action to do that happened organically with the crystallized belief.  So, imagine the possibilities of what you could do with this!

I also use my intentions to ensure the people in my life have good lives too since we're all connected.  This goes back to the, "Everyone is You Pushed Out" saying that I'll be going into in a moment.  

Let me give you a good example of this.  I have a stepfather that constantly talks about Trump and politics, which I don't agree with.  Like most people, I'd rather take politics off the table and out of my daily conversations.  

Here are the intentions I used to get him to stop talking about President Trump and the political world.  You'll find that they are deceptively simple and guess what, he never brings him up anymore!

Everyone Is You Pushed Out Intentions:
  • I intend for my stepfather to stop talking about President Trump
  • I intend for my stepdad to stop talking about politics when I'm around
  • I intend to never hear about Donald Trump again in my conversations with my stepfather
  • I intend for my stepfather to only speak about positive things
  • I intend for my stepdad to never talk about politics with me
Now that you see that you can do this for anything, grab a piece of paper and some colorful pens so you can write down intentions of everything you want to happen in groups of five.  This will help grab the attention of the universal order!
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Wishlist: Writing Intentions and Everyone Is You Pushed Out (LOA)

Here is the concept of everyone is you pushed out explained.  It simply means that everyone around you is acting and behaving in the way you expect them to based on your assumptions.  

This is a very difficult concept to understand at first, but if it doesn't make sense to you, I recommend writing an intention to clearly understand it.  Like I said, you can use intentions for anything, even to understand esoteric concepts.  Just remember to write the intention down at least five times in five different ways!

I don't know why, but the more you write something, the more you believe it, the more the assumption is hardened into form.  To get the most out of your five by five method, try to write at least one page in the morning and one page in the evening before falling asleep each night.

Let me explain the concept of everyone is you pushed out even further.  Let's say you have a brother and he is always getting into trouble with the law.  

After seeing this go on for so long, that's the way you expect him to act now.  You have made an assumption that he will get in trouble again because you believe it.  The universe has had no choice but to deliver the same results over and over again.  

What would happen if you were to turn those beliefs on their head?  What if you created a new belief about your brother?  What would that look like?  

You'd start with writing down intentions about him.  It could even just be five a day and then it becomes second nature to you that you run with it.

For example:
  • I intend for my brother to be a law-abiding citizen
  • I intend for my brother to be a model citizen
  • I intend for my brother to turn his life around
  • I intend for my brother to do good with his life
  • I intend for my brother to have a clean record
See how that works?  Eventually, you'll notice small ways that your brother's behavior changes.  You'll notice him start to turn his life around.  

In some cases, you'll have to keep up with your intentions on your brother, like maintenance for his model behavior, since people have a tendency to fall back on their old ways.  Over time, he will change, make no mistake about it!

If you expect him to behave differently, then that is what will be delivered to you by the universe!  There's no such thing as a lost cause.  If there's still life left in someone you love, start making intentions to turn their life around.  

Yes, you have the power!  They have the power too, but some of us haven't awakened to our inner power yet.  It's up to you to get everyone behaving the way you want them to.  

This is everyone is you pushed out.  If you'll look around you at the people in your life, you can change the way they act around you by expecting them to behave in a way that's in accordance to what feels good to you.  

The only way change can happen though is by starting to make intentions to change your own beliefs.  A good way to think about this is that you are the filter that everything goes through.  

Your thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions are what make up your world.  The great news about this is that it means you have the power to change it too!

You're not changing another person that is in violation of them.  You are changing the roles they play in the world you live in.  

This can work in a romantic relationship, where you are trying to manifest a specific person, and it can work in familial relationships too.  We are all just pawns in the game of life!

At first, this is a scary concept.  It makes you feel overwhelmed by the awesome responsibility of it, but when you take freewill out of the equation, the dynamic changes.

It becomes about you, not them. You become the portal in which everything goes through. There is no one else. 

Other people just become players in the world you live in, in a way that suits you best. People treat you how you expect them to. 

This means that we have all the power, each and every one of us.  Of course, the divine universal is at the helm of the ship, steering us in the right direction too, but he does so because he/she dwells within us.  

It brings a certain sense of comfort, doesn't it?  Just knowing that we can orchestrate the dream life we truly want, as long as we are willing to change our beliefs and assumptions.  

It also means that since source lives within us, we need never to look outside of ourselves, because everything is an extension of what we want to bring into our lives.  Even the angels, fairies, and goddesses that I speak of on this blog come from a place within.  

The heavenly realm, the fairy realm, and the earth realm are all right here at our disposal.  At our fingertips, we have literal magic.  We are the magic wands!

Let that sink in for a moment.  If you have any questions about the new LOA (the law of assumption), please feel free to ask me a question or leave a comment.  I'm happy to help clear things up for you!
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