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Woodland Inspired Workouts: Make Hiking Part of Your Daily Workout Routine

A dragonfly on a tree branch on a hiking trail, the dragonfly is a symbol of good luck
Today, I'm sharing with you my woodland-inspired workouts on how to make hiking part of your daily workout routine!  This blog is a nature journal for the naturalist in me, but it also inspires me to get outdoors and move my body more.

I think hiking will inspire you to spend more time in mother nature too.  Let's talk about all the health bennies to going on daily hiking adventures, shall we?

First of all, hiking is a full-body workout.  It's good a good source of cardio and of course, that means it's heart-healthy too!

In addition to that, hiking gives you a full-body workout through circuit training.  When you're on a hike, think about all the hills you go over, the mountains you climb, the different levels of elevation.  You're pushing your body into full-circuit training and that's a very good thing!

There are times you are walking at a quick pace and walking uphill and the next moment, you'll slow down with a cooldown.  This is a great way to lose weight and body bloat without even trying!

One of the things I really enjoy about hiking is that it motivates me to want to do other workouts too.  We all have those days when we don't feel like doing a sweat session, even though we know it's good for us.  With hiking, it feels so good that it makes you want to go home and keep moving your body in other ways too!

Feeling like you don't feel like working out?  Head into the woods and you'll get your mojo back in no time!  Being in mother nature fosters body movement, ease, and grace.

Much like yoga, hiking brings a sense of peace and tranquility into your day like no other.  There's something about spending time in a serene setting of waterfalls and majestic peaks that brings calm to the inner storm within you.

Hitting the hiking trails challenges your body with small muscle movements while climbing over rocks and fallen tree limbs.  It makes you limber and lithe like the faerie folk, and who wouldn't want to be light and airy like a fairy?

One of my favorite things about spending time on a nature walk is spending time with the fairies, gnomes, and tree elves.  You can read more about what life is like in the fairy realm: a field guide to the nature spirits to get to know them better for better hiking adventures.

I've also found that by making hiking part of your daily workout routine, it helps you during that time of the month when you have your womanly moon.  It makes the signs and symptoms of your period less intense by reducing cramps, belly bloat, and fogginess.

Hiking also helps you to overcome sluggishness by increasing energy and revitalizing your chakra system with ease and grace.  If you're in a bit of an energy slump, head out into your local park right away!  You'll instantly feel your circadian rhythm reset itself, which coincidentally will help you sleep like a baby at night.

Another wonderful health benefit to spending time in the forest is that it's an instant mood lifter and natural mood stabilizer.  You might enjoy reading, How to Use Nature To Heal Depression and Anxiety + Natural Remedies!

Have you ever been in a bad mood and went to the beach or your local park and felt instantly better?  Hiking sweat sessions create a natural healing remedy within your body in a holistic way.

For those days when you feel like taking it slow, try forest bathing, by walking through the forest slowly and letting all the greenery soak in.  For more on nature therapy, you might enjoy reading, The Wonder of Forest Bathing: Shinrin-Yoku!

What I like about hiking is that it's the perfect companion piece to slow living, by taking a forest bath and walking barefoot in the grass and earthing.  Sometimes, it's good to go slow!
A lizard climbing a tree branch in the woods in dim lighting with greenery and foliage

Woodland Inspired Workouts: Make Hiking Part of Your Daily Workout Routine

What I've come to find is that hiking leads to more physical activities in outdoor recreation.  You might find yourself wanting to try new things outside your comfort zone like rock climbing, camping, mountain biking, and skinny dipping in waterfalls!

It might also inspire you to get back in touch with your childlike energy and buy a bike with a cute basket, wearable planter, and a bell.  In case you haven't figured it out, that's a dream of mine!

By the way, biking without the full Lance Armstrong regalia is a favorite childhood pastime of the fairies!  The fairies love it when humans embrace their inner child by having fun, laughter, and lightheartedness.

I should also mention that hiking burns a lot of calories!  Depending on your weight and size, hiking can burn up to around 500 calories within an hour, especially if you already have weight to lose.

It's also great for maintaining your ideal weight and keeping your fat composition under control.  With those kinds of benefits, it's no wonder more people are getting out in their local parks and hiking trails!

To make hiking part of your morning workout motivation, try a few different parks until you find, "the one." When you find your favorite park, it's much easier to find the motivation to get going in the morning.

For me, my favorite park is Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida.  I talk about it a lot of this blog.  Most of the pictures I take come from Hammock Park or the butterfly garden with local flora and fauna.

Once you find your favorite place to go hiking, make it either apart of your daily ritual or spend time hiking on the weekends.  The important thing is to carve out time for your woodland sweat sessions.  It's good for you!

Always have a water bottle ready in the morning and your hiking boots and socks sitting by the door.  If you're prepared like a Girl Scout, you're more likely to cue your mind that it's time to head into the woods for another outdoor adventure!

Happy hiking, everyone!  Make it a goal right now to spend at least one day a week hiking, then each week add on slowly until eventually, it becomes the norm for you.  Once it does, the magic of the forest will come alive for you as the fairies whip you into the best shape of your life!
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