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Working With Archangel Ariel to Ground Your Energy + Activate Your Root Chakra

A black butterfly on green plant life on a nature hike in Hammock Park in Florida near the butterfly garden
Today, I'm going to talk about working with Archangel Ariel to ground your energy plus activate your root chakra, and how all that goes together!  I love working with nature angels and angels of the earth, as it really helps me to stay grounded and focused during my work week, but the good news is that I'm not going to keep this best-kept secret to myself!

That best-kept secret is my relationship with Archangel Ariel.  If you're looking for someone you can talk to, whose grounded, solid, and dependable, then look no further!  Ariel is your girl.

Even though I have many more angels, fairy queens, and nature goddesses I still need to write about on my blog, there's something that always brings me back to Ariel.  When it feels like the whole world is falling apart, Ariel is right there to make me feel safe and secure.

That's because she is my patron angel.  A patron angel is different than a guardian angel that's been assigned to you.  A patron angel is more like a best friend that always sticks around and is there when you need them.

Not only that, but a patron angel is someone that you can always count on.  A lot of people have disappointed me or let me down throughout my life, but Ariel never fails me.  She is there to get me through even the most extenuating of circumstances and she always makes her presence known.

For more on how Ariel is my patron angel, you might enjoy reading, Building Strength and Confidence With Archangel Ariel: Patron Angel of Nature-Inspired Things.  Even though Ariel is my patron angel, that doesn't mean she won't work with you if you ask her to.  She'll be there for you in a heartbeat!

Angels are different than humans, given their ability to move through space and time so easily, helping a million people all at once.  So, never fret that you are pulling her away from someone who might be in more critical need or circumstance.

What are patron angels?  Much like when you choose a patron goddess or they choose you, you can do the same thing with a special angel in your life.

Even though I probably call on Archangel Michael more than any other angel, Ariel instantly became my patron do to the things we have in common.  For more on the archangel of protection, you might like to read, Working With Archangel Michael For a Life Purpose in Natural Living!

With a patron goddess or angel, it's not about how much you call on someone for help, it's about aligning with your life purpose.  My life purpose is the magic of nature and that just happens to be Ariel's wheelhouse!

If you too have a life purpose working with animals, flowers, plants, or pretty much anything in mother nature, you might like to make a connection with this earthy angel.  She is very grounded and down-to-earth.

What I like about working with Ariel is that she's approachable.  I never have to worry that she's too far away, somewhere frolicking in heaven, since she works directly with the earthly realm and the faerie realm too.

For more on the fairy realm and what it's like there, you might love reading, What Life is Like in the Fairy Realm: A Field Guide For the Nature Spirits.  With Ariel, connecting with the nature spirits is easy, peasy!

As my patron angel, one of Ariel's duties is to protect me when I'm walking in the in-between, and she does that by grounding my energy and activating my root chakra.  The in-between is the fine line between earth and the elemental kingdom, where the fairies live and dwell.

This is their playground and sweet Ariel ensures that everything is running as smoothly there as it is on earth.  Ariel tends to spend a lot of time on planet earth, watching over its inhabitants, and that includes the animals, plants, flowers, gemstones, and the built-in nature spirits of the earth.

You might want to grab a cup of tea and cozy up to read, Nature Angels: Working With Archangel Ariel to Connect With the Elemental Kingdom!  Ariel works to ensure that all your physical, earthly needs are met with one caveat.  You must call on her for help!

By physical needs, I mean everything that you would need to live a comfortable, cozy life here on earth.  That includes your rent and expenses, as well as creating stability in your life by clearing your root chakra and activating it.

When our root chakra is out of whack, everything in our lives goes out of whack.  Our ego-mind begins to scream at us because it feels it is in danger and it's only purpose is to protect us. 

That's where the Archangel of Nature comes in and makes things better.  Ariel doesn't just want us to survive in this world, she wants us to thrive!

She does that by ensuring that we feel safe and have stability in our lives.  As my patron angel, she has gotten me out of many pickles in my life.  There were times as a single mother that I didn't know how I was going to pay rent, only for a miracle to occur at the last minute.

If you are in a situation that feels helpless and is affecting your ability to feel safe in the world, call on Archangel Ariel now!  She will cover your needs with ease and grace.  Once you call on her, she will make herself known to you.

She will leave no doubt in your mind that she has answered your request for help!  She can help you with rent, bills, groceries, toiletries, and even gas in your car.  I've even had back child support show up in my bank account before thanks to the help of Archangel Ariel.

Like I said, she's a powerful earth angel to have at your side through life!  She will also help you to find work that guides you to your life purpose, especially if you have a life purpose that involves working with animals or environmentalism.

So, how does Archangel Ariel ground your energy and activate your root chakra?  Let's deep dive into this, shall we?  I promise you, after working with this earth angel, you'll have a whole different outlook on life!
Pretty weeds and flowers on a hiking trail in the magical forest of a Florida woodland

Working With Archangel Ariel to Ground Your Energy + Activate Your Root Chakra

What does it mean to ground your energy?  People talk about it all the time, but what does it actually mean?

Grounding your energy simply means that you are connecting to mother earth.  You are borrowing the earth's energy to activate your root chakra, which is a vital chakra enacted to create stability in your life.

There are many ways you can ground yourself in earth's energy, but you can simply stand tall, arms outstretched, and visualize roots coming from beneath you.  This is an easy method that you can do from home, especially if you have limited mobility.

However, the best way to ground your energy and to really let it take root is to head out into mother nature.  I take nature walks daily in order to clear my head and connect with Mother Gaia.

As soon as you get to your local park, the greenery will instantly soothe you, as you breathe in the fresh oxygen from plant life.  While you are there, take it one step further.

While you are hiking the trails, start talking to Archangel Ariel in your mind.  Let her know of your troubles and ask her to heal you and create grounding in your physical body, heart, and mind.

When you call upon her, she will come instantly to aid you in the healing process.  While Ariel is easing your troubled mind through holistic energy healing using the natural elements, you should begin to feel clear on what to do next.

Even though it may seem subtle, Ariel will provide solutions to your problems and will resolve many of them for you, without you having to lift a finger!  You will also notice a feeling of clarity.

When you walk through a park or in a botanical garden, Ariel will clear your head of all the jumbled thoughts you were having, making it easier to hear her guidance.  Suddenly, you'll be able to see the forest for the trees, which brings you the clarity and insight you so desperately needed!

This is how grounding works.  It stomps away any vestige of things that no longer serve you so that you are able to think clearly with your rational mind.  When you are clear and grounded, you are able to make sound decisions and see things in a positive light.

Another thing that Ariel does is help you to clear your root chakra, as well as to spin and activate it.  The root chakra is associated with the color red and when I think of Ariel, I see both pink and red colors a lot.  That's because Ariel lives on the pink light ray and this is where her strength lies.

What does it mean to activate the root chakra?  When your root chakra is out of balance, your very safety is threatened and in comes the ego-based thoughts and feelings.  When Ariel activates your root chakra all your needs are met and there's a sense of stability throughout your life.

The root chakra is in charge of things like financial stability and savings.  It's in charge of your most basic needs being met.  It's in charge of your need for survival and is very important for life force.

When your needs aren't met, it will feel as though your whole life is falling apart.  You can't make rent or pay bills.  You might even lose a job in the process or work that was promised to you doesn't come through.

On the other hand, if your needs are met and intact, that means you have a balanced root chakra, that is built on a solid foundation.  Believe me, that's the end goal you want to meet and luckily, Ariel is here to help you meet that goal!

Ask Ariel to activate your root chakra and picture the color red in your pelvic area or in between the hip bones of your body.  Imagine that red healing light with golds and sparkling flecks in it, swirling with energy.

As you watch closely, this light will turn into a campfire and light up your root chakra with many different flames and colors, in a golden mix that works together to create fire and warmth.  Now, see the Archangel Ariel in that campfire within your root chakra, as it burns brightly just for you.

Ask that Archangel Ariel to send you a message of healing and hope as you are being ignited with the fire of the root chakra, as it moves up through your other chakras, consuming you like wildfire.  For the message, you'll hear a voice within, see an image, or you'll gain a moment of clarity.

Don't try to push or pull or force it to happen.  The message could even come through after activation.  Thank Ariel that your root chakra is now healed and restored then go about your day.

Wherever everything was falling apart before, now everything will be working seamlessly together in your life.  Return to the campfire root chakra activation as needed for times when you feel like things have gotten out of control again.

Remember, it's Archangel Ariel's job to ensure your survival, no matter how dire your circumstances may be!  You need only walk into the forest, place your hand in the soil of your houseplant, or spend time in the garden to reconnect with her.  
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  1. I'm so glad I came across your article. I'm having a very hard time right now...with everything!!...and totally forgot that during a reike (sp?) session I was connected by cord to Ariel. I'm so out of wack I forget everything. I'm going to have a convo with her right now!🙂

    1. Awe, you are so sweet! Thank you so much :) That's so cool. Archangel Ariel is my patron archangel too. I think that's why I write about her so much. She really keeps me grounded and natural. Thanks for reading and let me know if you need help with anything!


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