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Working With Flower Botanical and Flower Essence in the Garden

A purple amethyst butterfly garden flower with spinning purple petals and soft fragrance like clean linen and honey bees
Working with flower botanical and flower essence in the garden can really help you to connect with mother nature in a new and exciting way!  Why?  Because all flowers, plants, and gemstones come with a built-in nature spirit!

Having a built-in nature spirit is the same as saying that a floral bouquet, a healing stone, and a healthy green houseplant has an herbal essence of its own.  For the wildflower kingdom, this is the same as saying that a single long-stem rose has a distinguishing personality, healing powers, and it's own bit of personal magic!

To really start working with flower botanicals, you might enjoy reading, How to Work With the Flower Fairies, where I go into more detail.  Flower fairies are living beings of light that live in individual flowers, botanical gardens, butterfly gardens, and rose bushes.

Wherever you find flowers, that's where the flower fairies will be!  The flower fairies tend to the flowers where the butterfly fairies nourish the flowers with their sweet nectar.  It's a symbiotic relationship that involves a lot of trust.

If you love learning about the magic of caterpillars and their transformation into beautiful winged-creatures, you might like to read, A Radical Transformation With the Butterfly Maiden and the Butterfly Fairies.  When you start frequenting butterfly gardens or seeing a lot of butterfly imagery, it means a huge transformation is forthcoming!  Think, a Cinderella makeover, and you get the picture.

What's important about working with flower essences is that you can find many uses for them that are outside of the box.  If you're thinking of practicing natural living, then working with flowers to create your own perfume, shampoos, soaps, and mint leaf facial wash can be really invigorating!

You'll suddenly find yourself getting into the natural way of doing things by working with what's on hand in mother nature versus buying it from a store.  Granted, not everyone has time to make homemade products fresh from the garden, but it's still something that can be captured in your life more.

For more on how to live a natural lifestyle, you might love to read about, Working With Archangel Michael For a Life Purpose in Natural Living!  Michael is an archangel that will aid you in the discovery of your life purpose and help you to make money from it.

Who knows?  Maybe working with the flower fey will inspire you to build a greenhouse in your backyard, a windowsill garden, or to begin growing an organic vegetable garden with kinfolk style carrots.

You never know where your love of botanicals will take you, but it's sure to take you far and away to secret, hidden places safely snuggled in time.  For me, it has always been easiest to connect with the flower fairies by spending time with the earth in my hands in the garden.

If you don't have access to a garden where you can get your hands dirty, you also have the option of visiting a flower shop, a plant shop filled with flowers too, or honestly, even your mainstream shops in their local garden sections.  Spending time at the Saturday morning Farmer's Market can also be another great way to connect with flower energy.

Flowers are everywhere for the taking!  They love to be plucked from the ground if it's with the right person.  The fairy within loves that you're going to repurpose them into herbal essences that can be passed down through family recipes, magical garden spells, and herbal remedies that have the ability to heal a broken heart in no time!

So, the first and only requirement to work with the blueprint of a floral arrangement is to simply spend time with these spendthrift, magical spinning creatures!  It shows good faith when a person talks to their flowers or plants.  It shows how nurturing, loving, and sweet botanists can be at heart.
Purple Stokes Aster Flower Butterfly Garden in Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida

Working With Flower Botanical and Flower Essence in the Garden

Besides spending time in a flower garden or tending to your own flowers, there are other things you can to do to start working with flower botanical and flower essence in the garden!  For example, how would you feel about learning how to create DIY flower arrangements?

That's a really good place to start when you're a beginner with a green thumb!  Learn how to make mini flower arrangements for table settings and for a table centerpiece.  You can even challenge yourself by designing a new floral bouquet for every season and holiday coming up.

To up the challenge factor, try to pick wildly growing flowers from your flower garden in bloom this spring!  Another way to challenge yourself with botanicals is to take a hike and pick wildflowers that seem to speak to you.

Guess what?  If a certain flower is calling out to you, then that means the fairy spirit within is begging for you to pluck her from the earth so she can be included in your new project.

If flower arrangements is something you already excel in, you can take things next level by creating DIY flower barrettes and floral hair clips.  You could really up the ante by designing a flower crown with your favorite color scheme for spring, summer, fall, and winter!

Do you feel like maybe you're more of a healer?  Use the essence of flowers to create a blended herbal remedy of crushed flower petals and mint leaf explosion.  It can be used as an anti-itch cream for insect bites and stings.

Perhaps your personal brand of flower essence is all bottled up?  Inside of a perfume bottle, for example!  Mix and match your favorite blend of herbs and flowers to capture your signature scent.

Design a sweet-smelling line of organic bath and beauty products that are package-free, paraben-free, and vegan to boot!  You could even sell them on Etsy to really grab some fairy-inspired attention!

At the end of the day, it's about allowing yourself to uncover the secret, hidden talents that have lain dormant since your past life as a medicine woman.  It's really all about being grounded by dreaming up frothy flower recipes that go in your mortar and pestle.  It's about discovering a new side of you that maybe you never knew existed!

Springtime and flowers tend to do that!  If you suddenly find yourself cooking with flowers or adding crushed rose petals to your morning green juice recipe, it's the flower fairies at work in your heart.

The fey of flowers is kind of gentle-spirited like that.  They will work over you with the gentle, healing energy of a rose quartz crystal or a heart-opening aloe vera plant.  They like to work undercover until the genie gets let out of the bottle, so to speak.

This is to get you to think out of the box with your dreams and ideas.  Like humans, the flower petals like to know that when they are blowing in the wind, they will eventually find a safe place to land with soil at their feet.

They use humans to further their efforts.  Why?  Because it takes a special type of person to see the natural beauty in flowers and to be able to work with them from such a raw, natural way.

Maybe someday that can be you!  If you have dreams of someday opening your own botanical garden or curating a masterpiece floral arrangement then maybe you've found your spiritual calling.

If you have little ideas that pop into your head like soap bubbles filled with dreams of opening your own flower or plant shop, then working with botanicals may just be part of your life purpose and journey into healing.  It's time to follow that gift wherever the wildflowers bloom!

We each have a calling, a mission in life that we have to heed.  If you daydream of greenhouses and organic farming, then working with the essence of flowers and plants is the path you need to take.  It all simply starts with a walk in the park, talking to the flowers in your head.

They will whisper to you on the winds of change, filling your life with meaning and purpose, images, and diagrams.  It could be as simple as crafting love and appreciation for making DIY flower crowns or it could be as extensive as starting a plant Instagram.  Whatever the case may be, get creative, and let the milkweed and thistle interweave into your dreams!
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