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Working With Gnomes to Bring More Abundance and Treasure Into Your Life

A garden gnome sitting in a green zen garden in the backyard in Florida + Florida Living
Today, I'm going to talk about working with gnomes to bring more abundance and treasure into your life.  It's been a while since I've written about these magical creatures of the elemental kingdom so let's get started, shall we?

First of all, despite the fact that you see gnome imagery everywhere in stores, people's garden decor, etc. they don't seem to be talked about as much as the fairies do.  That's okay because today I'm going to help you understand and get to know garden gnomes, tree gnomes, and backyard gnomes better than ever before!

Why work with gnomes?  One of the first things you'll notice when you start working with gnome elementals is that you'll see an increase in treasures and money.  This is because gnomes not only protect the forest and the trees, they protect treasure too.

To learn more about gnomes, you might love reading, Meet the Gnomes: Protectors of Forest and Trees!  When you walk through the forest and you feel all eyes on you, you can rest assured the gnome families are watching you as you walk by.

My first ever real-life experience with these mythological creatures was when I lived in Sedona, Arizona with my niece.  We had a fairy tree in the backyard and there was a gnome that kept showing up in the pictures we would take.

I started leaving notes to Graham Robinson (that was his name) with broken pieces of aqua aura crystals.  To this day, I still feel connected to the fairy tree and the little tree gnome who dwelled within it!

One of the things I learned about gnomes from Graham Robinson was that they will protect your treasures with their lives!  They are very good with treasures and that includes increased money, gifts, and opportunities. 

If money is something that you just can't seem to get right in your life, no matter how hard you try, you might try to call on the gnomes in your backyard!  Better yet, head out into the forest and look for a tree hollow. 

You can learn more about Earth's Grounding Energy With Trees and Mushrooms to get started.  If heading out to a woodland setting, I recommend bringing an offering to leave for the gnomes. 

While the fey loves fairy offerings that include sweets and sparky trinkets, the gnomes really love offerings of treasures.  The way to a gnome's heart is through gemstones, broken crystals, and change.  They adore gifts of money!

Even if you have a mere few pennies in your pocket, they will accept it as a gift, and increase the gifts they give back to you ten-fold!  I also recommend leaving a note to the gnomes, letting them know what parts of your life you would like them to work on. 

You can talk to them about anything, openly and honestly.  Gnomes not only protect treasures, but they protect secrets! 

So, if you have something you need to get off your chest, wear your heart on your sleeve to a gnome.  They love people who are genuine and aren't afraid to get real with them.

In hindsight, gnomes can appear stingy to some people, when in truth, gnomes are protective of the earth's treasure and what they have.  Nothing makes their day like spending time in the presence of a gemstone essence.

It is their job to ensure that treasures, secrets, trees, and entire rainforests are protected with ease and grace.  Gnomes are observant creatures, watching people as they walk the forest floor, looking in their hearts at their intentions. 

If you do decide to call on a gnome, you'll want to ensure that your heart is pure and that you are filled with good intentions.  All fairy elements have the ability to read people by doing a body scan. 

If they don't trust you, they won't help you.  It's that simple.  If you'd like to work with the gnomes, you'll want to do little things to build that trust. 

You can do that by spending time in nature and picking up litter wherever you can.  You can start eating a plant-based diet with my vegan starter kit or you can make it your intention to live a waste-free lifestyle.

All of these things build trust between you and the gnomes over time.  Each time you go on a moonlight hike in the forest or compost, you're increasing trust in your relationship.  It's the little things that count!
A gnome zen garden sitting on the back porch in a natural setting in sunny, tropical Florida

Working With Gnomes to Bring More Abundance and Treasure Into Your Life

How can the gnomes help you increase wealth and abundance in your life?  By connecting with the gnome family, you'll automatically start seeing small increases in wealth. 

It could be as simple as getting a bill paid that you had no idea how you were going to pay.  The main way that a gnome can help you increase wealth is through ideas and business ventures!

Maybe you have a full-time job that you love and suddenly you receive a raise!  Maybe you'd like to have multiple streams of income or maybe you'd like to start a business.  The gnomes will offer up sparkling insights into how you can build more treasure in your life.

What are some little signs you'll notice when you start working with the gnomes?  You'll start finding money on the ground wherever you go and you'll watch it increase.  It will start out as simple as finding a penny on the ground to finding full-blown cash money on your path!

Another sign that the gnomes are aiding you with financial prosperity is through unexpected money flowing into your account.  All of a sudden, you'll receive that back child support you'd given up on or you'll receive an unexpected check in the mail!

In fact, you may not even notice the signs at first because the gnomes are more subtle when it comes to increasing financial freedom.  What you can do is keep a list of little financial increases to watch your wealth grow right before your very eyes!

Another thing that I'd like to point out here is to be sure to thank the gnomes and to show an increase in gratitude every single day.  Even without calling on the elementals, gratitude increases wealth, so it's important to remain in a state of gratitude for what you already have.

You might like to download a gratitude app or write out a gratitude list each day as a tip from the gnomes to increase a wealthy mindset.  The biggest block people have when it comes to money is a lack mentality and the gnomes can help you overcome that. 

If you are someone who struggles with money, I highly recommend working with the gnomes on a one on one basis.  If you can spend time by a tree and get to know a treasure gnome on a personal basis (like I did with Graham Robinson), then I think you could really benefit from the experience.

Talking with them, getting to know them, will automatically shift your mindset to wealth instead of lack.  It's a really good place to start and the gnomes are great at giving you advice on how to create a life of financial freedom.

How do you know that the gnomes are helping you?  Right away, you'll begin to feel a shift in your mindset.  You'll begin to feel good about money again.

Another thing you'll notice right away is an instant download of information and ideas.  This means the gnomes are preparing you to make changes in your financial life to increase revenue. 

You'll feel excited and inspired to make money again!  The gnomes, like all fairy creatures, are here to remind us that life is meant to be fun and easy.  One of the ways they do that is by making money fun!

There will be fun, lighthearted, and easy energy when it comes to making money.  You won't see making money or paying bills as something you dread anymore.  That kind of thinking will cease to exist eventually, as you get better at making money. 

Another thing that happens is you'll feel encouraged to start a savings account, even if it's as little as saving away a dollar a day!  The gnomes will teach you how to protect your treasure as well as to increase it. 

If you have a blog business, you might be more likely to start sharing income reports with your reading audience!  It's little things that will build up treasures over time.

If bringing more abundance into your life appeals to you, simply write a letter to the gnomes and leave it under an oak tree or redwood tree (really any big tree) in the forest.  Then, give thanks and walk away with gratitude in your heart.

At home, keep a list of little increases in abundance.  For example, today I found money on the ground or I found a healing crystal on a woodland hiking adventure.  These little financial increases add up to one big treasure chest of prosperity over time.

If you ever get off track or feel your luck fading, go back to the same tree or forest, and leave another note and treasure to get things flowing again.  The gnomes will teach you what earning money and financial freedom is all about and makes it fun while doing so!
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