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A Good Luck Charm and Secret Good Luck Spell For Your Online Biz

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Today, I'm giving you a good luck charm and secret good luck spell for your online biz!  Both of the enchanted spells are easy, peasy to use and have been tried and tested before sharing them on this blog.

I'm a big believer in trying things first before promoting them in order to ensure they work properly.  Remember, the more faith and belief you put into the spell or good luck charm, the better!  

Here's a simple good luck charm for your entrepreneurial spirit!  Running a business is hard sometimes.  Most of the work will fall on you, even when you have lackluster days.  

That's why it's so important to create a Self-Love and Self-Care Routine With the Goddess Freya.  Once you've got that down, you'll remember that you can't bring your best game to your business unless you take care of yourself first.

Take a fresh lemon and unpeel it, then eat it with salt if you like or plain.  This is to squeeze a fresh lemon into your soul.  Visualize a lemon yellow light that smells like fresh lemons as an outside layer to your entrepreneurial spirit.  The outside layer is the form that outlines your soul.  The lemon will wash her clean.

When you ate the inside of the lemon, the actual citrus fruit, you were internally cleaning p your entrepreneurial spirit with ease and grace.  Can you feel it now? 

Simple Good Luck Charm For Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Keep the lemon peel for three days where you work and let it act as your good luck charm.  Then use it in the garbage disposal for the fresh scent of lemons.  

This will boost your drive, passion, and spirit with a cleansing effect.  Repeat when you feel your good luck or spirit waning in business.  That's it!  Be sure to thank Goddess Freya for her help in rejuvenating your spirit!
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A Secret Good Luck Spell for Your Website

Let me share a secret with you.  Shhhh!  You can't tell anyone.  This entire website is covered by a good luck spell.

It's a magical energy that acts as a veil over it, bringing forth good energy, and attracting customers and readers to boot!  Well, guess what?

Not only am I sharing this secret with you, but I'm sharing the good luck spell for you to copy and use in your own business, blog, or e-commerce shop.  Are you ready?

  • You'll need a shop, blog, or website and that's it!  Also, a little faith can't hurt either.
Remember, that all spells come from a place of empowerment.  With prayer, though equally as powerful, you're giving your power away to something or someone bigger than yourself.  With spellwork, you're taking your power back by engaging fully.

A spell and your belief in it, all stems from you.  That's what makes it a spell.  It's the power of creation.  You're essentially working with the laws of the universe (via the law of attraction, the law of opposites, etc.) and sometimes a deity to create something using power.

The power of your mind and magical thinking.  So, this spell and any other spell you do will work with or without your belief.  Faith is good and all, it's definitely helpful, but the power and the creation of what you want to come from you and you alone.  Now, drink that in for a minute.
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