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A Saint Patrick's Day Reading + Message From the Leprechauns

A good luck shamrock painted rock found in the bark of a tree in mother nature
Would you like a free Saint Patrick's Day reading and a message from the leprechauns? Keep reading to find out how!

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The leprechauns teach us about how to make our own luck through social connections. I realize with the coronavirus epidemic, people aren't really in the mood for fraternizing.

The leprechauns teach us to connect online as well as offline, as a method for bringing more good luck in our lives. It's through other people that golden opportunities come our way.

Why? Because we allow the golden opportunities to flow into our life rather than trying to control how it comes.

The leprechauns are a special group of faerie folk that has a specific purpose right here on earth. That purpose involves creating abundance, good luck, and opportunity for growth and expansion.

There's a reason that money is something that some people really struggle with and it all has to do with having a healthy, wealthy mindset. The leprechauns teach us how to expand our mindsets to focus on wealth rather than lack.

Working with the leprechauns will help you discover your money struggles and fears and bring them into the light. When your subconscious is exposed, this leaves enough wiggle room for making changes to your financial plan instead of winging it.

When I first moved to Ozona five years ago, one of the first spirit helpers I worked with was a leprechaun. His name was Archie and he had red hair and a beard.

At the time, I knew my financial journey to independence was just beginning. I was restarting my blog business and still living on government assistance to get by.

Even though it's been difficult, Archie helped me achieve my goal of freeing myself from being codependent on the government for food and shelter.

It was hard. Like, really hard. But, my leprechaun spirit helper showed me how to unravel myself from the tangled financial mess I was in.

If you are struggling to keep a roof over your head or pay your bills, call on the leprechauns for help! They can't interfere with your freewill unless you ask them too.

Calling on them is rather easy. It doesn't require faith. It doesn't require anything except an open heart and mind to the possibilities of more.

Need more luck in your life? Want to have more chance meetings? More golden opportunities?

The leprechauns can help you accomplish your abundance mindset in no time! You simply need to be open and receptive to allowing and receiving.

If you listen to their guidance, they will guide you on what you can do to bring more of the good things into your life! Signup for my newsletter to get your free Saint Patty's Day reading + secret message from the leprechauns now.

May the luck of the Irish be with you during these troubled times. Let them bring positivity, love, and light into your life in magical ways!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone! Thanks for reading...xoxo

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