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Celtic Faerie Shaman Healing Practices Guide

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I recently came out as a Celtic faerie shaman, which wasn't an easy thing to do.  In a world of practicality, a shaman isn't a widely accepted healing modality.  Using a shaman is a great way to clear your chakras, ground your energy, and heal a fragmented soul.

We practice energy healing, which is a natural gift that was passed down to us through our ancestors, spirit guides, and spirit animals.  Our belief is that every living thing including plants, gemstones, and animals has a soul.

If a shaman specializes in fairies, like I do, then he or she is a faerie shaman.  If that faerie shaman has lineage in the Celtic region (Ireland, Scotland, etc) then that person is a Celtic faerie shaman.  That who I am and what I do.

Just to be crystal clear, a faerie shaman is not made, they are born that way.  They have ancestral links to the nature spirits, usually in the form of a guide.

  For me, that fairy guide is the fairy queen Mercoo.  She is a pure fairy, meaning that she is ancient and appears to look insect-like.  You can read more about her in an upcoming blog post.

What Does a Faerie Shaman Do?

We make a connection with the faerie realm to perform energy healing.  Sometimes, that energy healing results in physical healing.  That's because mind, body, and soul are all connected.

We can also teach others how to do soul work and bodywork by eating high vibration foods, going on nature walks, and using herbal remedies and essential oils.

The fairies make suggestions using the shaman as a portal and we pass that information along to our patient.

What's My Healing Specialty?

After many years of practice on family and friends, I have figured out what type of healing practice works best for me.  I love helping others and being a healer is the perfect way to give back to the world in some way.
  • Adopt a fairy.  I connect with different fairies in order to help different people with different problems.  The client can choose a nature spirit based on an area of their life that needs healing.  Then I connect with the spirit world and channel the faery that would work best with this person and situation.  It's all very personalized.  This is where a customer can adopt a fairy for good energy.
  • Nature in an Envelope.  This is where I collect plants, wildflowers, acorns, pinecones, etc. as a gift from the fairies and send them in an envelope.  Nature heals.  You can read about natural healing here.
  • Connecting you with your nature spirits.  I can also connect you with the nature spirits that stay close to you.  They may be wanting to connect with you, but need an outlet for it.  You may be trying to connect with them on a more personal level and need a middleman.  That would be me.

How Can the Fairies Help You?

  • Energy healing.  By connecting with the fairies, they can restore the balance in your energy.  Since the fey lives in between worlds, they are closely linked to earth's grounding, stable energy.
  • Business.  The fairies can help you start a business and bring success to it.  They know which products to make, what will become a bestseller and can instantly manifest money and web traffic. If you plan on starting indie biz, the fairies can help you with your startup and help you keep the faith.
  • Instant Manifestation.  Fairies are naturals when it comes to manifesting something they want instantly.  They are more than willing to share their faerie magick and child-like faith with you.
  • Sexual abuse.  Fairies can heal your inner child or any part of your personality that has been sexually abused at any point in your life.  By healing your inner child, you'll regain your sense of playfulness and freedom.
  • Fashion.  Believe it or not, the fairies are fun to shop with.  They know a lot about indie style and vintage-inspired clothing.  Whenever you need a makeover, call upon your fashion fairy!
  • Romance.  The romance fairy can help you open your heart to love again, as well as to help you find a partner who will be good for you.  Before you find love, they prepare you for it by assisting you in self-love.
  • Life's Purpose and Money.  They know which fairy-lighted pathway you should take.  They will lead you to what is a natural fit for you.  Once aligned, the money will naturally follow.
  • Wellness.  The fairies are the diet and fitness coaches of the spirit world.  Since they reside in both the fairy realm and earth, they can guide you in eating a more plant-based diet, weight loss, and finding a fitness practice that will work best for you. 
  • Forgiveness and Stuff.  The fairies work in families or groups.  They can heal a broken family dynamic and also help you shed friendships that are toxic for you.  In addition to that, they can help you forgive yourself as well as others too.  Once forgiveness happens, physical healing often takes place.  
  • Connecting With Nature.  The fey goes hand-in-hand with the natural world.  They can bring out the inner environmentalist in you, by going green or living a minimalist life.  They also know that nature heals and would like to see humans return to their more natural selves as human woodland creatures.

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor.  While much of the work I do results in healing the body, mind, and soul, it doesn't take the place of a licensed medical practitioner.  

As a shaman, my focus is more on healing your energy and spirit.  I take the fragmented parts of your soul and make them whole.  For anything else, please seek the care and attention of a doctor or specialist.  

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