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Charm School by Goddess Isis: The Moon Queen of Beauty Makeovers

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I created a mini charm school by Goddess Isis, the moon queen of beauty makeovers.  I swear, this girl invented the phrase that confidence is sexy!

One of the ways that I work with the moon goddess Isis is during the moon phases, even if they are in transition.  While her favorite time is during a full moon when her magic is the most potent and powerful, she really loves to work inner beauty throughout all the seasons of life!

This past week, I've been working on a resurgence of energy with the moon queen Isis, and I can feel her bringing me back to life in numerous ways. 

So, who do you call on when you need a new life force?  Goddess Isis, of course!  This moon queen is all about hope and renewal and breathing new life into things.

If you feel there are parts of your life that are dead or decayed, Isis is your girl!  She is a powerful moon goddess of Egypt and the river Nile, who works quickly to restore the balance in your home and career life.

It is said that she favors working with women and has a special affinity for helping women in business by being their sister in arms.  In working with her, that has proven to be the case.

She's also a magical healing goddess with lots of hidden magical properties that she will only share with her most devout and loyal following.  This is where her magic for creating miracles and bringing the dead back to life comes from.

In addition to her magical, bewitching ways, darling Isis, can also be very loving, nurturing, and supportive.  She sometimes comes across as a mother goddess to me, even though she appears quite young, agile, and beautiful.

Working with this high priestess and queen of the moon will aid you in quick recovery if you are suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, or have lost all hope on life.  She will literally bring you back to life and I can testify to that!

Queen Isis has gotten me back on track this week.  I wrote her a long, heartfelt letter, a letter to the universe, and poured my heart and tears out to her.  In return, she gave me my life back.

Moon Goddess Isis, charming, graceful, magnetic beauty that she is, loves to be adored and worshipped.  So, if you plan to work with her, it's important that you make a note of that.  You can read more about her in, Transitions: New Moon, Staying in Florida, and Moving to a New Home.

Goddess Isis also is the queen of makeovers!  Working with her, you'll notice that you'll begin to take on the wonderful qualities and traits she embodies.

For example, Goddess Isis is both confident and sexy.  Suddenly, you'll find yourself feeling sexy and confident too!  After all, confidence is sexy.

One of her higher visions for women involves self-love and self-adoration.  This is why she loves giving makeovers.  For her, it's about making your insides match your outsides and vice versa!

She's also a wonderful goddess to call on when you're ready to get back out into the dating world like I am.  Isis will inject you with her feminine wiles of charm, beauty, and grace.  Just like Isis, you will become magnetic to men everywhere!

Isis is one of those goddesses that knows what she has and knows how to use it.  She can help you become the same.  Beauty is more than just surface level, like the river Nile, it runs deep!

To sum the beauty queen up, I'd say that Isis is a multi-purpose moon goddess.  She's a goddess of life force or chi and she can bring you back to life by literally breathing new life into you.

Goddess Isis is also a smart, savvy businesswoman who can help you with your small online world or mom and pop shop.  She's also a magician of sorts, practicing high magicks that she will happily share with you in exchange for love and admiration.

She's the goddess of the sun, moon, and stars that is sometimes shrouded in mystery, as she prefers the darkness and the night.  Don't let that scare you away,  because her moonlight powers bring a great change in your life.

She's a goddess of love and romance.  Many years ago, I even got her to get a guy that I liked to text me!  If you give her free-range, Goddess Isis will bring your love life back to life again.

She's also the goddess of self-love, beauty, makeovers, and fashion.  She's a very trendy goddess to have in your closet when you need to find a fresh take on an outfit.

If this sounds like a lot of fun to you, it is!  She is.  Goddess Isis will ask you to do your part, put the work in, but she will go above and beyond for you.

To call on Goddess Isis, I recommend working a spell with sparklers during any of the moon phases, when there's intense energy in the air.   I did my last spell with her on a working full moon but to each their own.

Write a simple spell out on paper with what you want and keep chanting it over and over until you feel a surge of energy (this is the power of Isis), then light a sparkler and let the sparkler burn the paper over the sink to complete your moon spell.

Be sure to thank Goddess Isis by writing her name and the words thank you in a blue candle with a sharp knife.  Then light the candle and let it burn all the way down.  So, mote it be!

Just to let you know, this spell works instantly!  I had asked for love and the next day a guy started hitting on me at the hospital.  He wasn't "the one" but the point is that it absolutely works!

I plan on doing this spell again, but being more specific about it.  That's what I recommend you do too.  Ask for what you want and be clear about it.

Goddess Isis is a lot like me in that she takes some warming up to people.  She wants you to prove that you are worth her while.  You can do that by proving your loyalty and devotion.

Create a Goddess Isis altar with blue candles and healing stones.  Put up the winged-goddess imagery around your home.  Little things like that to let her know you are ready to work with her full-time.

One of the things that worked with me is dancing around the house to Egyptian music on YouTube.  I felt her powerful feminine presence and perfume scent in an instant.  You can too!

It might take a few tries unless she's your patron, but soon enough she'll see that you are making an effort and warm up to you.  Once she does, behold!  Magical things will begin to happen in your life with this Egyptian Moon Goddess by your side.
A woman laying a green grass earthing with blonde hair spilled all around her and a summer hat

Charm School by Goddess Isis: The Moon Queen of Beauty Makeovers

I am undergoing a tremendous butterfly transformation journey, as well as a self-adoration makeover that will turn the hands of time!  The moment I noticed it start happening was when I began to get back to my morning affirmations and morning rituals.

It may sound simplistic in nature, but it works wonders for me, and it can work for you too.  I decided to throw away all my old notebooks filled with my hopes and dreams.

Even though some of the things on my wish list, affirmation list, and gratitude lists would be the same, I just needed to a fresh surge of energy!  The only way to do that is to get rid of the old, to bring in the new.  So, I did.

Before I share my affirmations and wishes with you, it's important to note that I've been suffering from a lack of confidence and self-doubt for a while now.  Therefore, I needed my affirmations to include things that made me feel sexy, confident, and in love with myself.

Some of them might sound cocky, but that's because they were only meant for my eyes.  I'm sharing them with you today, so maybe they will inspire you to fall head-over-heels back in love with yourself.

My suggestion is, only use the affirmations that resonate with you.  You are always welcome to borrow mine or make up your own.  The important thing is that you start off your day with affirmations.

After a while, they will stick.  I like affirmations because they seep into your subconscious, even while you sleep.  It's a magical exercise in self-love!

Affirmations for Fortune, Good Luck, and Business:
  • I am lucky, blessed, and fortunate
  • I am rich beyond my wildest dreams!
  • I am blessed beyond belief
  • I am healthy, wealthy, and strong
  • I am prosperous in all ways
  • Money comes to me easily and frequently
  • I am a smart, savvy businesswoman
  • I love money and money loves me!
  • I am living a magical life!
  • I am a rich, successful businesswoman
  • Money follows me wherever I go!
  • All of my needs are always met
  • The universe has my back
  • I am creatively linked to the universe
  • I am happy to be alive and well
  • I am living a charmed kind of life
  • I get wonderful compliments on my blog every single day!
Affirmations For Attracting Men (or women!), Self-Confidence, Beauty
  • I am divine beauty and grace
  • I am head-over-heels in love with myself
  • I attract positive male attention wherever I go!
  • I am safe and I am loved
  • I am beautiful inside and out
  • I am confident and sexy
  • I receive wonderful compliments every day!
  • It is safe for me to love again
  • I exude confidence, charm, and grace
  • I have an incredible love life that most people wish they could have
  • Men turn their heads when I walk in a room
  • I glow with happiness and eternal beauty
  • I have secret admirers all over the world!
  • Men are wildly attracted to me wherever I go!
There you have it.  This is my morning affirmation ritual that's a huge part of my self-admiration makeover.  Take what works for you and leave the rest!

In addition to my self-love affirmations, if I find myself with negative self-talk, I repeat one of my loving affirmations to turn a negative into a positive.  Give it a try!  It works.

Fashion and Beauty Makeover:

What else am I making over?  In addition to loving myself, I'm physically changing a few things.  You know, so my outsides match my insides.

This summer, I already started rebuilding my wardrobe.  I've been buying more linen and cotton clothes instead of fast fashions.  This is a slow living blog and I prefer my clothing to match my lifestyle with slow fashions.  

I've continued to wear flowers in my hair, as that's just something I like to do for fun.  I like to grab wildflowers while I'm on a hiking adventure and stick it in my ponytail or behind my ear.  I also have this thing with flower crowns!

I have a natural style with natural makeup, minimal jewelry, and wearable nature.  That's me.  That's my style and I think it's safe to say, I'm simply coming into my own.  

I'm a faerie shaman and I'm finally embracing the magic of who I am.  You'll find more on this topic with, How to Add Elements of Magic to Your Green Nature Witch Capsule Wardrobe!

I've also decided to chop my hair off.  I'm going to make it a little shorter and cuter, as it's a hairstyle that both suits me and makes me look ten years younger.  At least that's what I've been told.

In addition to that, I'm going to dye my hair blonde again.  I haven't done that in a while and a lot of red roots have been showing through the crown of my hair.  I don't mind my naturally red hair, I just think the new haircut combined with a natural blonde dye will refresh my overall look.  

My fashion and beauty makeover is more subtle than most.  I'm not one of those people that is going to do something drastic to get attention.  I've got more of a queen of wands energy!  That means I like to sit still and magnetize things to me.

Diet Makeover:

Again, just getting back to the heart of who I am with a mostly raw vegan diet and the magic of the roughage diet.  I started becoming a vegetarian by necessity about a year or so ago, now I'm ready to begin phasing out dairy products for good.

I also did a raw vegan cleanse this week to initiate feeling better from the inside out!  I'm working to reboot my system and that involves peeling back a lot of emotional layers.

This year, I've also begun to really learn about what works best for me and my body with intuitive eating.  This involves asking your body what it needs.

For me, this means eating raw vegan during the day and eating a cooked plant-based meal in the evening.  I personally don't think I'll ever go completely raw vegan, except during a juice fast or body cleanse since I love the warmth and comfort of baking goods and cooking foraged meals.  

But, that's just me.  This year, I've really been exploring myself and understanding my needs better and it's a beautiful thing.  You do what works best for you!

Love Makeover:

I've also asked the goddess of the moon, Goddess Isis, to bring my love life back to life and something just clicked for me.  I honestly was beginning to feel that I would never be ready for love again.  Yet, here I am, getting ready.

This is one of the reasons I felt that a self-love makeover was totally called for.  How can I expect someone to fall in love with me if I don't love myself?

I don't know how to explain it but there's magical love energy in the air right now, at my request.  I can feel that something has clicked for me and without worrying about it, love is about to enter my life!

I'm both excited and a little scared.  I've been alone so long, it's hard to see how someone could fit into my life, let alone my heart.  But, there's room there.

My daughters are all grown up and out of the house, two with children of their own.  I have an empty nest that I want to fill with love and romance.  

So, I'm putting myself out there energy-wise!  It's time.  I can feel it.  Thanks, Goddess Isis!  For more on love, please read, Working With Archangel Raphael to Find True Love and Your Twinflame.  He's quite the love doctor too!

As you can see, Goddess Isis is really working on me lately.  I like to spend at least a week with each goddess if I can and Isis is no exception.  

The fact that I'm sharing private lists and thoughts with you is a big deal for me.  Even though I'm a blogger, I can be a really private person.  In real life, I kinda keep to myself unless I know you.

Don't get me wrong, I'm friendly enough.  I'm just a lot more like Queen Isis, warming up to people slowly.  

I strongly urge you to get out of your head and into your heart with Goddess Isis!  She will become a wonderful friend and sister in life if you let her in.
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