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Chloe's Instax Instant Picture Collection For Travel Adventures

Chloe's Instax Instant Picture Collection for Travel Adventures
You wouldn't think that you could develop a photography style with an Instax camera, but Chloe has gotten quite good at it!  Chloe's Instax Instant Picture Collection for Travel Adventures is great for when you take road trips or adventures driving around town.

A few years ago, I bought Chloe and Veronica an Instax camera and some film for Christmas.  Chloe's was aqua blue and Veronica's was the pink one.  I also bought my oldest daughter Angel a more sophisticated Polaroid camera from the 1970s.

Needless to say, Chloe uses hers the most.  Yes, sometimes the film can be a little pricey, but it's worth it just to see that smile on her face.  Plus, I like buying something that someone is going to get many years of use out of.

Chloe likes to travel and go on adventures.  A lot.  She was the only child that moved with me to Sedona, Arizona three-years ago, where we stayed for two and a half months.  She came back a different person.

It was like she left a little girl and came back a grownup.  Not an adult, because an adult implies responsibilities and a mortgage on a house.

She has now come into her own.  She went from being a little girl who was shy and quiet to someone who has political views and knows her place in the world.  I am truly proud of the young lady she's become.
Polaroids + Instax Picture Nostalgia for Summer Blues

Chloe's Camera Collection

Right now, Chloe has two cameras.  She has an Instax mini 8 in aqua and a Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS Digital Elph.  So, an Instax and a point-and-shoot camera.

The point-and-shoot used to belong to me, but when I upgraded, she got the Digital Elph because she has proven to be responsible with cameras.

She takes a lot of pictures for me.  I've gotten really good at selfies but for outfit posts, I need someone who's good at taking pictures to snap away for me.  She's pretty impressive, isn't she?
Vintage-Inspired Florida Lifestyle, Slow Living Pics

Chloe's Instax Picture Collection For Travel Adventures

Anytime someone starts up photography, it takes years to find their style.  It takes lots of crappy shots sprinkled with good ones to hone your skill.

Since getting her Instax she's been getting better at finding what she likes and how she wants to take the picture.  I noticed that she's willing to go to great lengths to get the shot.

For example, when we were at a local pier the other day in Dunedin, Florida, she quietly went down to the boating area to get snapshots of seabirds without scaring them away.

At home, her picture-taking style consists of houseplants and stuffed animals.  At Christmas time, she got a great photograph of our white Christmas tree with all the lights.

When we go on travel adventures, she likes to take pictures of animals, architecture, and the ocean.  She was even going to take her camera for a spin at the beach the other day, but her plans had to be changed due to the rain.

Tips for Taking Perfect Instax Pictures

  • Hone in on something specific.  Since Instax cameras take instant pictures that are small, you'll want to focus in on specific things.  For example, Chloe took a picture of the charm sport wall mural that can be seen in the very first picture.
  • Still life photography.  Instant cameras are great for practicing still life photography.  A bouquet of flowers in a vase.  A houseplant with a talking gemstone inside.  A surfboard.  
  • Nostalgia.  Instax cameras are fun for creating nostalgic memories.  For example, when you go to a carnival for the first time with your child or a Ferris wheel.  
  • To create a series or a collection.  Chloe has several images from the pier we traveled to.  That makes a series.  She also has some that just have the books that she's read so she can keep track.  One photograph for each book and sometimes a stack of books where you can see the titles clearly.  
Taking pictures with an Instax makes you more calculated.  When you have less film, you'll be more careful with the images that you take.  You'll be a deliberate photographer!

Chloe's Favorite Places for Travel Adventures

I know Chloe pretty well.  I mean, like her sisters, she's both my best friend and daughter.  That didn't stop me from asking her where she likes to go the most in our area.

Here are a few of Chloe's favorite spots in the Tamp Bay and St. Petersburg area for pictures:
  • Boca Ciega Millenium Park - show in this post. She loves the observation tower and the view of the bayou.  We've seen alligators there before.  If you're ever in the Seminole, Florida area, check it out!  
  • Safety Harbor Marina Park and Fishing Pier - We used to live in Safety Harbor when I first became a single mom.  It holds a lot of dear memories for us.  We go there every late April to early May to see the manatees.  No wonder she likes it!
  • Josiah Cephus Weaver Park - We only just discovered this one recently and it's already a favorite.  It's just so peaceful.
  • Saturday Morning Market - It's a farmer's market in downtown St. Pete.  Chloe wants to go back again so we can take some pics with her Instax.  It's been a while.
  • Oldsmar Flea Market - Chloe likes this place because she first learned how to haggle a price here.  Plus, the pictures turn out really cute, like being at a fair.  
Having an Instax camera is a lot of fun for kiddos.  Chloe loves hers.  For a starter camera, I highly recommend an Instax to teach kids responsibility and for instant gratification.  I think it could work for smaller kids too!
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