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Currently: Rekindling My Love of Reading In Mother Nature

A fairy girl with yellow wings reading up in a tree nestled in branches and slow living
Currently, I'm rekindling my love of reading in mother nature!  There's really nothing better than combining my love of books with my love of outdoor recreation.

With everything going on the world with COVID 19, I think many of us are beginning to retreat.  That's why last week I wrote about a spiritual retreat for mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.  I wanted to share some of the things that I'm doing to keep sane during all of these shifts and changes, in order to help my readers to learn how to cope as well.  

One of my great escapes is through my love of books and reading!  While I'm always reading spiritual and self-help books, I felt that I had gotten out of touch with my love of reading for fun.  There's something to be said for pouring over fictional book series and books that fall under the magical realism genre, which just happens to be my all-time favorite reading genre.  

As a writer, one should always be reading, learning, and growing.  I've been building up quite the library of tangible reads that fit in with the escapism that I was trying to recover.  

You see, each time I visit the local park, I always hit the book bin for new books.  I often find hardcover children's books for my grandchildren and books that I can share with my mom and daughters.  Plus, I don't know about you, but I love getting free books!

The weather has been really nice lately in Florida, as spring comes in like a harbinger of flowers blooming and pastel colors in sun-filtered light.  It's the kind of weather that makes me want to sit out on my porch, watch the butterflies flutter on by leaving magic in their wake and curl up with a good book.  

When I'm not on the porch reading with a zephyr ruffling the hair on the back of my neck, I enjoy reading a book in the butterfly garden at Hammock Park.  It's a great way to practice the art of slow living.  For more on slow living, learn how to embrace kinfolk style, slow living with ease and grace!

Want to live a slower life?  Grab a book and a cup of coffee or tea and settle in for some good storytelling.  I swear, it will soothe your soul!  Reading has this innate ability to help you get caught up in the story through world-building.

Since getting my Kindle paperwhite a few years ago, I have gone mostly paperless, which is good for the environment.  However, I still enjoy building a collection of books that are physical too.  Passing books down from generation to generation is a great way to keep the spirit and story of the book going.  

When building a mobile library of books, I always curate a collection of books that I can pass on to my mom and daughters or for any other bibliophile that I know.  It's not uncommon for me to get multiple copies of the same book and when that happens, I always gift a copy to my loved ones.  I also have a tendency to write secret notes and spells in my books to become a harbinger of magic for future readers.

There's something about a book that brings an enigmatic mystery to the knowledge it contains.  I feel like there's an unspoken secret love affair with books between the book and the reader that forms a bond with a tale as old as time.

I feel like there's a magic thread that runs through books, weaving a silvery filamented thread between the reader and the writer and the book itself as it's own separate entity.  It's as if the book and the characters, towns, and creatures all come to life when the right reader comes along.  Are you the perfect reader?

As a believer in animism, I believe that each book has its own built-in nature spirit.  Made from trees and sometimes leather-bound or using vegan ink, a book becomes the portal in which the reader goes through in which to find magic, terror, and adventures aplenty.  

The material books are made from are giving me an earth element kind of vibe, like pages from paperback novels, are made from trees and trees are magic, to be sure!  Rekindling my love of books is rekindling my fondness for the ancient tree spirits that dwell within the heart of the storybook novel.  

Have you ever felt a kinship with the book you're reading?  If you did, that's the real-life magic of the nature spirits at work within the book.  Your book is made from the earth elemental tree spirits and they speak to you through the pages of the great American novel. 
A fairy winged creature in the woods reading a book of fairy tales and Alice in Wonderland adventures + nature books

Currently: Rekindling My Love of Reading In Mother Nature

How am I rekindling my love of reading and books?  I am spending time reading out in mother nature and collecting books as I make my way through winding park trails on a spring day.  

Another thing I'm doing is reading fairy tales, short stories, and poetry as I go along.  Sometimes, we lead busy lives and if the only thing we have time for is to recite a Robert Frost poem from our wraparound porch then so be it!

When Chloe was still living with me, long before she started daunting, we enjoyed sitting on the porch taking turns reading Grimm's Fairy Tales and Alice in Wonderland stories for fun.  Sometimes, it felt as though we were reading to the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees.  It felt like a woodland gathering of simple delights!

If you have kiddos or grandchildren, you might enjoy reading collections of short stories and reciting poetry in the woodland out loud.  There's something about it that grabs the attention of the nature spirits and the tiny woodland creatures as they dot the forest in earnest to listen.  It beckons to them that it's time to settle in for a good story!

It's also a great way to connect with your children, enhance their reading skills, and engage them with fostering their own love of books and reading.  What could be better than that?  

For all my faults as a parent, the one thing I excelled at was bringing books to life and giving them a soul.  Whether it be by telling ghost stories during an electrical storm or going on nature adventures in wonderland, my kids were always engaging with books.  Right now, I'm building a stellar collection of children's books for the little ones for homeschooling.  

If you give your kids nothing else, give them a love of books!  Reading helped me escape a traumatic childhood and those troublesome teenage years.  As an adult, reading has brought me back down to earth and enhanced my ability to find the childhood magic that hides within each of us.  

It's also somehow managed to make me a better writer, a benefit that I had always wondered about.  When I read a good book, it's like an open invitation that's warm and enticing, filled with treasures untold and secret schoolgirl crushes. Somehow, being away from books for a spell has only shown me that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. 

Reading magical realism books filled with magical recipes and kitchen witch spells has made me a better cook.  Relishing in the secret pages of books has built a complimentary dream of writing within me that has never left me and probably never will.  

I'm so fond of reading, in fact, that I am working on blogging a book on the backend of my blog.  It will be a witch grimoire filled with homespun magic in my everyday life.  Books lead you to your secret heart's desires.  

It only takes one book to set things in motion to find the story within you.  What's your story?  Is it in a book or is it yet to be unwritten?  Spending time with books in the backdrop of nature enhances the secret magic of the book in wonderous ways.  

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