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Introducing Archangel Claudius: 2020 Angel of Purification, Speaking Truths and Using Your Authentic Voice

Silver-lined clouds and close-ups of tree leaves against cloudy skies in a Florida forest
Introducing Archangel Claudius: 2020 Angel of Purification, Speaking Truths and Using Your Authentic Voice!  I'm excited to tell you about a new angel in town that's stepping forward in the new decade.  A lot of new angels (well, new to us anyway) came forward in 2012 such as Archangel Nathaniel and Archangel Orion, and this new decade will be new no different.

Before we get into this new angel, let me give you the highlights of what he is all about and how he fits in with my blog decor perfectly.  Claudius has masculine energy and appeared to me as a wise man complete with garb and staff.

The wise men, like in the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, used the stars to orient them.  Back then, it was also common to live by the sun and the moon.

Cloudius appears as an older gentleman at first with a short gray beard and salt and pepper colored hair.  When I was able to see his face closer, he appeared young with smooth, tan skin and piercing blue eyes.

It was during meditation that the new Archangel made his appearance to me, as I was in a state akin to sleep.  He came to me twice actually.  One time with the wise men's appearance and the second in his natural state in the clouds.

You might have guessed it, but the name Claudius is derived from clouds.  Other spellings of his name include Cloudius, Klaudius, and Cloudious.  Claudius is an angel of the clouds and when he performs any type of energy healing, the color associated with it is the color of pink and blue cotton candy sunsets.

Ultimately, in his natural state, he wears all white with silvery filament threads.  I'm supposing this is to represent his cumulous cloud energy.

I asked Claudius why his healing color meaning was different than his natural trajectory to which he replied, he is also the angel of sunrises and sunsets, hence the cotton candy colors.  Makes sense, right?

Highlights of Archangel Claudius:
  • Appears as a wise man with a youthful face and piercing blue eyes
  • Wears classic wise man garb and staff 
  • Angel of the clouds and skies
  • Invented the expression, "Every cloud has a silver lining."
  • Colors are cotton candy colors
  • Associated with sunsets and sunrises
  • Performs energy healings infused with cotton candy colors
  • Throat chakra activation + helps you speak your truth
  • Known as 2020 angel or as a modern-day angel
  • Associated with air plants for air purification
How is Archangel Claudius the 2020 angel and will there be more?  Archangel Claudius, like all archangels, has always been since the beginning of time, but this is his time to shine and introduce himself.  He is stepping forward now because he is here to help become a patron of the arts!

Before we get into that, I also wanted to say that Claudius has informed me that there will be at least three more new angels stepping forward to help the planet earth in the new decade.  He's just the first of many.  

There will be many twin flame reunions and baby lightworkers stepping forward to fulfill their mission on earth for the new decade.  They are going to need help, especially when it comes to spreading the word of their mission, whether it be art or tarot readings, and they are going to need financial support.  

In recent years, many artists, small business owners, writers, and tarot readers have floundered due to a lack of financial support as well as emotional support.  That's where Archangel Claudius comes in to play!

Archangel Claudius sees many lightworkers treated poorly or unable to speak their truth or use their authentic voice.  That is all about to change in the year 2020 and beyond!  You may already be feeling it if this applies to you.

He sees good-hearted people with a life purpose for the highest good of everyone struggling to meet their rent or pay bills.  Claudius is here to end the starving artist mantra that many of us made in past lifetimes.

Below, are a few of the things that Archangel Claudius can help you with, and of course, I'll delve into them further as this article moves along.  It's important to note that Claudius helps us to end vows of poverty that we have taken and to end the struggle that is real in each of us.  

As with all angel readings, fairy readings, and intuitive insights, I ask that you call on Archangel Claudius directly at the end of this blog post.  The best way to get to know someone, including a relatively new archangel, is to put in a prayer request and ask for help.  

It's always important to remember that angels will not interfere with your free will without you giving them permission.  As soon as you call on an angel, they will be happy to oblige and help you out.  Also, don't be vague about what you want.

Ask for something specific so that you'll get 100% proof that Archangel Claudius is working with you!  Angels have no problem sending signs, synchronicities, and symbolism in order to convey a crystal clear message to one of their patrons.  

Archangel Claudius Abilities and Strengths:
  • Angel of purification to bring you closer to God
  • Patron of the arts
  • Provides financial and emotional support to artists, lightworkers, and writers
  • Here to eradicate starving artist syndrome and break vows of poverty
  • Helps you to speak your truth
  • Helps you use your authentic voice
  • Simplify your life - clean living, minimalism, and mental detox
  • Angel of detoxification - detox diets, mental detoxification, clean energy
  • Mental acuity and focus
  • Spring cleaning and home energy detox
  • Clean air and breathing 
  • Daydreaming, head in the clouds, and embracing childlike energy
  • Slow living - slow down and smell the wildflowers
  • Changing how artists and lightworkers are perceived by the world
  • Past life healings + past life regression
When speaking with the archangel of purification, I asked what messages did he want to come through.  He says that many of us were burned at the stake in our past lives, either as witches, high priestesses or for other religious beliefs.

During the dark ages, before the age of reason or enlightenment, many of us had to hide ourselves to survive.  We had to lie or be straight up deceptive in order to survive the world we lived in.  According to Claudius, in modern times, many of us are still hiding entire parts of ourselves from family and friends.  

In other words, we haven't been able to be ourselves fully.  We are not speaking our truth and due to this, our throat chakra, which is an aqua blue color, has gone haywire.  Lightworkers have also been unable to use their authentic voice, especially when it comes to their personal life.  

I can speak on behalf of what this feels like because I've been experiencing this for at least a good solid decade now.  While I'm able to be pretty transparent on my blog, I have entire parts of my life hidden in the closet from my family.

I feel like I can't completely be myself around them because I fear they won't accept me.  One of the things I don't really talk about much on my blog is the fact that I'm a Christian witch.  I'm also a green witch, as I work with all the elements of nature.

Growing up in a strict, religious upbringing of Christianity has made coming out as a witch impossible.  So, I've learned to keep my head down low and not talk about it.  

In my past life, I was burned at the stake as a high priestess of high magicks, and now my current soul fears retribution and punishment.  If you'd like to dig up your past life, I highly recommend doing a past life regression with Archangel Claudius to get to the heart of the matter!

Another thing that concerns Claudius is for the past decade or so, artists haven't been getting paid for what they do.  Getting paid for what you love to do often ends in getting the side-eye from family and friends.

Archangel Claudius is making it his mission to help you get paid for what you give in use-value.  He wants to end the vows of poverty we've made and get rid of the starving artist's syndrome that plagues humanity.  

So, if this is something you've struggled with, Archangel Claudius is your go-to guy!  He says this is your time to shine lightworkers.  He wants you to stop the struggle and step forward into the light.  He aims to help you every step of the way!
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