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Magical Herb Ingredients For Your Water Infuser Bottle

Creating spells in a bottle straight from the herb garden or windowsill herb garden with sprigs of lavender, mint, or rosemary magic healing properties
Today, I want to touch on some magical herb ingredients for your water infuser bottle!  For more hydration tips, you might enjoy reading, Field Notes For Making a Rose Quartz Water Bottle For Hiking Adventures.  It's easy to put together simple ingredients with a sprinkle of real-life magic.

I'm a big fan of fruit infuser water bottles that are BPA free, meaning they're eco-friendly and don't contain the chemical Bisphenol-A, a chemical that is known to be dangerous for humans.  A lot of times, when we're picking out our favorite water bottle, we might know we want to do something safe for the environment, without really knowing why.

Basically, we want a BPA free water bottle, so that we're not putting harmful chemicals into our water and our bodies which are made up of 70% water.  When picking out a water bottle, it's important to do a little research first, and know your plastics.

Obviously, if it's toxic to the human body, that chemical will, therefore, be harmful to the environment as well.  This includes all the animals contained in the ecosystem.  So, picking out a water bottle that's toxic-free is highly important!

Once you have the perfect water bottle picked out, you can begin to use the water element (water), the earth element (herbs, crystals, etc.), in order to make a magical potion that contains healing powers as you drink it.

I like to pick herbs right from the garden whenever I can.  I keep a windowsill herb garden on hand at all times and during the spring and summer months, it's not uncommon for me to grow herbs like rosemary, mint leaves, basil, lavender, and the like.

Set An Intention:

How do I know what kind of water bottle magical potion to make each day?  Easy!  I set a clear intention.

Before beginning any spell, you must set an intention, as intentions give your spell a framework in which to grow by.  Let's say one morning I wake up and decide that I want to be surrounded by secret admirers that day?

If you want to attract a specific person or make men fall head over heels in love with you, basil is your girl!  Sweet basil is used in all attraction spells and is quite a powerful ingredient to play with when you need a boost of confidence and attractiveness.

For more spells on how to charm the socks off of anyone, you might like to read, A Crystal in the Bra Spell For Natural Beauty and Attractiveness.  You might find some powerful gemstones to pair with your fruit infuser water bottle.

Let's say your intention is to fall asleep naturally and get a good night's rest.  You'll want to break off some lavender sprigs and add them to your magical water bottle spell.  Lavender has a built-in sleep inducer and powerful magic for helping people sleep well at night. 

Whatever your intention is, you must find the corresponding herb that goes with it.  It all starts with setting a powerful intention first and setting the mood and right environment for your natural living.

Choose an Herb:
  • Rosemary - Promotes clarity and clear thinking.  I add rosemary to my water bottle or tea when there's an issue that I can't see clearly.  For best results, ask the question first, drink the rosemary-infused water, then wait for clarity to come through.
  • Basil - Attraction and boosts attractiveness, adoration, compliments, and attention.  It can also be used to attract money and good luck!
  • Spearmint - Playfulness, connection to the fairy realm, and fresh thinking and fresh ideas.  If you need to open up your energy or your heart, use spearmint in your herbal remedies.  
  • Lavender - Promotes sleep, rest and relaxation, and calm, soothing energy and high-vibrations on a subtle level.
  • Sage - Strong, masculine energy that works to build strength, stability, and empowerment within you.  
Mix and match your intention with herbs fresh from the garden and you can't go wrong!  Another thing that can really boost the quality of your water is to do a simple visualization.  Imagine your favorite angel, ascended master, or deity infusing your water bottle with light.  

As your water bottle lights up with the color of the light ray of your choosing, imagine the water bubbling up to indicate that your magic is now infused, activated, and ready to drink up!  For the color light rays, think in terms of the light ray your special angel friend or goddess lives on.  

For example, with Archangel Michael, the strongest color indicator is the healing power of cobalt blue.  For Lord Krishna, I always see a royal blue and gold when he blesses my food and drinks with the light of good intention.  

You can also use a rainbow of colors for goddess Freya, who comes in on a rainbow, Merlin, and Archangel Raziel when you are working with a rainbow prism of colors.  This will reflect in the quality of your water and bring it to life with the color that it represents!

Add An Incantation:

For example, "By the power of 3x3, bless this water, infuse it for me!"  Now, say the words to the spell three times fast!  

Sometimes, when I'm doing a spell I like to say it over and over again until I feel something.  When I feel something, such as a warm, tingling sensation, then I know that my spell has been heard and cast.  

To boost the magic of your spell, you can also look into your mirror as you say the magical words to your spell over and over until you feel you are heard and your prayer has been answered.  It should feel almost instantaneous.  

Another thing you can do to boost spell power is to work with the deity of your choice and add him or her to your spell as an addendum to create more power.  Working with gods and goddesses can be a great boon to your magical powers and teach you things you never knew before on how to live a magical life. 

Choose a Deity:

For me, I always do my spells with Goddess Freya, as she happens to be one of my goddess patrons.  I would typically use her for love spells, attraction spells, confidence, and self-love creation.  

I recently performed a magic spell for getting a kiss from someone I like and I could definitely feel her strong presence as she assisted me in activating my sigel magic.  I could feel the heat of her presence as I knew she was activating the magic mojo of my secret love spell.

For more on Goddess Freya, the Norse Goddess of Sexual Confidence, you might love reading, Self-Love and Self-Care Routine With Goddess Freya!  She's a strong, powerful, confident goddess who happens to have a knack for high magic.

Another Goddess that I work with a lot is the Goddess Isis, as she works with people who are ready to perform high magicks.  If you are ready to take your witchcraft to a higher-level, then Goddess Isis is definitely your girl!  

Goddess Isis is amazingly honest, forthright, and truthful in revealing things to you.  If you need clarity on a situation, work a truth spell with moon goddess Isis!

To learn more about the winged-goddess, you might enjoy reading, Charm School by Goddess Isis: The Moon Queen of Beauty Makeovers!  She typically is someone that I go to for beauty tips and insightful makeovers and self-improvement.

Whenever I'm performing money spells, good luck spells, or want to create golden opportunities, I really enjoy working with Goddess Lakshmi.  Lakshmi is the Hindu deity known for waterfalls, elephants, and great abundance and wealth.  

Working with Goddess Mahalakshmi requires the uttering of her name at least three times fast!  Remember that it's not just the words you say, but the meaning behind them, and sometimes the speed in which you say them.  

While I've worked with many deities for the creation of a charming kind of life, I would say these are the three that I work with the most when it comes to higher magic and crafting spells.  You really can't just get in there and start asking for things right away.  You've got to build a relationship slowly, over time with the deities in your life.  

However, once you have a colorful garden filled with spirit helpers, you'll find matching them to a magical herb spell can really boost the power and effectiveness of your spell.  Always add, by the power of three times three!

Always be sure to say thank you or show gratitude by leaving an offering that your goddess might like.  For Freya, I used sparkly nail polish and sweet perfume on a candle and wrote the words thank you.  Why?  Because I knew that she would like it!  

To work with magical herbs and water, you can also boost magic power by adding gemstones with healing properties that are safe and non-toxic.  In addition to that, you can even add secret love notes to your water or a sigel symbol spelling out a word with herbs.  

Herb magic is like any other kind of witchcraft.  It takes patience and practice and getting to know your herbs, deities, and setting crystal clear intentions.  Play with it, have fun with it, and find a way to add magic to your everyday life with your drinking water!
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