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Meet Silas: My Gold Stone Dragon Crystal With Fire Energy

Fire-breathing dragon gold stone gemstone meaning in the woodland
Meet Silas: My Gold Stone Dragon Crystal With Fire Energy!  I've had my dragon gemstone statue for almost a decade now and he's still going strong.

I try not to get attached to items, but I'm human and it happens.  With Silas, I felt a special connection from the beginning.

Maybe it's because I'm an Aries, a fire sign, but I love the fire breathing dragon that my gold stone dragon statue brings my way!  Fight fire with fire, I guess.

Anyway, all these years later, I thought I'd talk about why I was attracted to Silas in the first place.  I remember reading about how goldstone has magical healing properties and was a manmade healing crystal. 

It always made me think of an alchemist, turning base metals into gold.  It also always reminded me of having the Midas touch where everything you touch turns to gold!

When I first bought Silas, my first thought was how dragons are known for bringing raging success plus fame and fortune your way.  At the time, I was just opening an Etsy Shop and getting back into blogging, so I was naturally drawn to the magnetism of the dragon.

Dragons can also work in changing how the world perceives you, which helps you to get the recognition you deserve.  So, this was another big draw for me.  I wanted to not be seen and heard.

I'm also really into anything with fire, probably due to my fiery Aries nature.  As many of you know, my patron angel is Archangel Ariel, which you can read about here, and she has an earth and campfire energy about her that I love working with.

I naturally tend to gravitate towards fire and beings that bring fire and brimstone in their wake.  For example, Goddess Kali is a much-feared goddess of purification, and I was instantly attracted to working with her.  We all have our dark sides, I suppose. 

I think a lot of it has to do with what's in your astrological chart.  In my case, I'm an Aries sun sign, a Cancer moon sign (making me highly sensitive), and Leo rising!  My chart does well with a lot of fire and sparks of energy. 

For more on fire-breathing dragons, you might like to read, Dragon Radiance: To Boost Your Confidence and Good Reputation!  If you have a business and want raging success, the dragons make a great friend to have!

They will really see you through the dark times and bring you into the limelight where you should be.  They see the magic that you have within you.  They know your worth before you do.
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