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Mermaid Bath and Beauty Healing Waters Spa

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Today, I've created a mermaid bath and beauty healing water spa for you that includes how to detox with yoga, water-based meditations, and sea salt baths (my personal favorite!)  I'm always looking for new ways to detox because our bodies naturally want to do this.

Detoxing, whether it be through yoga or juicing, is a great way to connect with the mermaids!  The mermaids are magical creatures that live in our ocean and lakes in the great in-between.

Not only are they here as environmentalists, ready to protect our oceans, but they work well with humans to detoxify them of bad habits and poor lifestyle choices.  If you ever feel ready to detox in your life, whether it be a mental detox or a detox diet, the mermaids got you covered!

You might enjoy reading, Meet Mermaids and Sea Sprites: The Mermaid Detox Diet!  It comes with a free week-long juice fast and other detox tips to help you clear your mind and body of toxic energy.

Why I love mermaids so much:  When I first moved to Ozona, my tiny seaside fishing village in Florida, I started gaining even more intuitive messages from the watery-realm.  Not just mermaids and sea sprites, but also meeting other water energies in my chart.

Now, you can too!  I've also included the full-length version of the mermaid detox diet in this post, sold in my shop.  It comes with a food diary and tips for eating healthier.

The mermaids, as you might have guessed, water purifiers!  This means that they create healing waters in the bathtub for antiaging beauty treatments that are holistic and natural.

Mermaid Bath and Beauty Healing Waters Spa

To prepare for the mermaid bath and beauty spa + water-based meditations, you'll need sea salt and lots of it. One large container.

At least two aquamarine crystals, rose quartz, and a candle that is lit. White, black, or blue are life purpose colors. They will help you to relax and immerse yourself in your water detox world.

Be sure to put an intention into the candle(s) before lighting them up. Close your eyes, hold your candle before you near your heart, and see love, literally pouring into it like hot lava.

Your intention should be to make communication with the mermaids, and to clear your mind, body, and soul, as you immerse into your bath.

Be sure to have a water bottle handy with you at the time, so that you can be sure to keep hydrated. You're going to stay in your detox bath for at least a half-hour. If you can stand it, aim for a little more each time. Add in more candles to future visits.

While under the water, eyes closed for those brief moments, what do you see? You should see mermaids, Poseidon, water sprites, water goddesses, and other sea creatures, and they will often give you a silent message.

I once had a message from a mermaid that held out her fingers with the number two. She was referring that I would soon be part of a partnership.

At the time, I honestly thought it would be romantic, but it turned out to be a partnership in a living situation I was in with my niece and our daughters.

I had one that said Shhh, with her finger over her lips. This meant she wanted me to enjoy silence more, to revel in it, to give myself a more quiet time.

My spirit animal, Cyrus, my blue whale animal totem, once showed me himself as a whale, backlit at night against a display of stars and planets. In the stars, he relayed a message to me, as the solution to a problem that I had at the time.

This all took place in a mermaid detox bath. So, what do you see? Feel it, ask whoever you commune with, to watch over you and to bless you now. feel their energy run their course through your veins.

Live it, breathe it, soak up their essence and energy. They, she, or he is giving their life force energy to you.
A blue inflatable swimming pool or kiddie pool with sea shells found on the beach in Florida

Yoga Sweat Sessions + Hot Yoga Tips For a Mermaid Life

Whenever I workout during a detox, I try to keep it light. This is because your body is releasing a lot of ugly toxins, and often comes down with sick or flu-like symptoms.  Yoga sweat sessions + hot yoga tips make it easier to detoxify by connecting with your best mermaid life!

To get toxins out faster, try working out! One of the best ways to release toxins is through your skin and pores, by way of sweat.

Try to do things like getting on your treadmill, taking a long walk, taking a jog, going for a hike in the woods or mountains, or doing yoga. You'll want to be working out during the five day period, without overdoing it or compromising your health.

Normally, for a heavy detox, I'd recommend hot yoga, but because you are getting rid of so many toxins at once, I prescribe lighter workouts, until the majority of the toxins are out of your system.

This usually occurs around day five. Once you hit that point, you can go heavier if you like, now that your body has had a chance to adjust to so many changes.

Out of all the workouts, I could ever recommend for a detox, swimming has to top my list! Swimming is the key to a detox workout that not only releases toxins, but the feel of the water will envelop you in feel-good vibes and sunshiny energy. Don't believe me? Just ask the mermaids!

You can use the swimming pool or a large body of water, such as a lake or the ocean. Just remember to practice water safety and buddy up, because of your swimming in someone else's home and feeding grounds.

Always practice safety and know which kind of sea life or water life is in your lake or beach. Always be aware of your surroundings. That's of the utmost importance!

You can choose to swim for exercise or play. To be perfectly honest, it doesn't really matter, you'll still expend energy and burn calories galore. Have you ever noticed that you feel super-hungry when you get out of a pool? That's why!

The Healing Power of Water and Mermaids

As soon as you get into the water, you'll be surrounded with healing energy. That energy will awaken you, revitalize you, and restore whatever has been emotionally depleted within you.

To give it a boost, be sure to call on the mermaids. They will immediately come and make a healing connection with you.

To practice calling on mermaids, again, you don't have to believe. After all, what do you have to lose? Either nothing happens, because you're not open to it, or something does because you are. It really is that simple.

Simply float in the water on your back and feel the warm healing energy of the sun, restoring you with a healthy dose of vitamin D. If the closest thing you have to a pool is a kiddie pool, then just lie back in it. If you don't know how to float, then use a large float, meant to hold a person, to lay back and relax, and feel the sun's warmth on your face.

In this laid-back position, eyes closed, call upon the mermaids. You can say something like "Mermaids and all unseen creatures of the sea, I call on you to come to me. I call you thrice because you are nice, mermaid, mermaids, mermaids, please come to me!" Say this three times.

An image of someone, face to face with you, should pop up in your mind. this is called your mind's eye. Let this spirit talk to you freely, take note of what he or she says, as well as any distinct features and affectations in their voice.

You should always introduce yourself first, and he or she will introduce themselves back. Then you can go into asking a series of questions, in which you'll be sure to get instant, downloadable answers to.

Be sure to thank your mermaid friend for visiting. In some cases, as soon as you end the conversation or leave the water, the magic will break, and for now, at least, the mermaid will dissipate.

On the other hand, some mermaids will linger, and you'll either see them (naturally or through your mind's eye) or sense them and "feel" them with you longer. That my friend is how you meet a mermaid or merman!

The Mermaid Detox Diet ~ Mostly Raw Vegan Diet For Plant-Based Meals

If you are looking to lose some weight or rid your body of processed foods and toxins, then I really think you might like to try the mermaid detox diet from Shop Everyday Laurali Star!  Even though it is a mostly raw vegan diet, you don't necessarily have to become a vegan or raw vegan to give it a try.

You can make it a lifestyle change or a temporary detox to reboot your system.  Again, it also comes with an in-depth food diary with fun homework to explore why you eat the way you do and how you can eat a healthier diet with more fruits and veggies.
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