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Snapshots of Springtime, Kiddos, and the Slow Life

A calla lily flower in the springtime in bloom on the porch in mother nature
These are some of my more recent snapshots of springtime, kiddos, and the slow life we've been living!  Before the coronavirus pandemic starting spreading, the girls and I had a chance to gather together for Chloe's official eighteenth birthday.

We did our traditional birthday lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.  My family enjoys eating there because they have something for almost every kind of diet.  Plus, watching Baby Lily (Pic number two) eat a tiny ice cream cone is delightful!

After we ate, we came home to watch Chloe open her birthday presents.  It was kind of cool because my mom and I kind of coordinated our gifts in the spiritual category.  We both bought our gifts at the Five and Below store and we're able to create a sacred space for her filled with crystals, wild sage, fairy lights, and more!

I think it's safe to say that Chloe loved all her gifts.  Baby Lily opened a few of her own, given to her by GG, or great grandmother.  We didn't want her the baby to feel left out as Chloe opened her gifts. 

Plus, it's kind of hard not to spoil her because she's so darn cute.  She got some more children's books and a couple of new stuffed animals to play with.

Afterward, we went to the park across from the pier.  You can see which pier I'm talking about in this post.  I love how serene and peaceful the waters are there.

 The playground was kind of wild as it was a Saturday and this was before everyone started to get serious about the coronavirus outbreak.  Luckily, we didn't stay too long.  Too many big kids came dangerously close to trampling baby girl.

I did, however, manage to get a few good pictures out of it.  I even got some mother-daughter pictures of Veronica and Lillian on the pier, which are the cutest thing ever!

I'm just really glad that I got to do something with my kids before this all started.  My birthday is on Friday, March 27th, and I'm a little sad because there will be no Sweet Tomatoes salad for me here in Florida.

It's not a good time to go out and eat in restaurants and I'm especially high risk with severe asthma and autoimmune disease.  So, I'm probably going to get to open some presents at my mom's house, maybe eat some vegan sweets, and then it will be like any other normal day.  

I'm a little sad and disappointed, but maybe my birthday wishes will come true in some other way.  I'm not hitting a milestone at forty-three like Chloe is at the ripe young age of eighteen, but I still have my hopes and dreams to cling to.  

I would tell you my wish as I blow out the candle, but then my wish might not come true.  For now, I'm just openly wishing, praying, and hoping for everyone's safety, healing, and recovery.  That's my not so secret wish and desire for the world.
A baby girl with big blue eyes playing dress up in a checkered dress with matching hat and flower purse from the dollar store
Baby Lily Playing Dress Up With Matching Hat and Flower Purse
red cardinal bird found in a tropical Florida backyard in a nature retreat
A Red Cardinal Hanging Out in My Backyard Oasis
A mother and daughter snapshot with Veronica and Baby Lily at the pier in Florida
Mother-Daughter Bonding Time With Veronica and Lillian.  Too cute!
Bee pollen and a green wild lizard sunning on a wooden porch in mother nature on a sunny day in Florida
A Lazy Lizard Sunning Himself on the Porch
The Birthday Girl!  Chloe Looking Like a Mermaid on the Playground
Thanks for reading!  I promise more snapshots to come.  I've gotten a little behind on everything, including photo editing since I've been sick. xoxo 
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