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The Future of Lifestyle Blogging in 2020: The Golden Age of Blogging (Second Wave)

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Today, I'm writing about the future of lifestyle blogging in 2020 and the golden age of blogging (second wave)!  I rarely write about work-related topics, but since slow blogging has arrived on the scene, I feel it's worth exploring.

While my emphasis here is on the world of lifestyle bloggers, I feel this can apply to almost any type of blogger who adds a personal angle to their blog posts.  Throughout this article, we're going to cover blog trends for 2020 and beyond!

Blogging has changed tremendously from when I first started back in 2010 and therefore, I want to show the evolution of what is to come in the new decade.  While I am going to touch on social media a bit, I'm really going to hone in on how to turn your blog into an all-in-one social media website.

Even if you have a small following, it's possible to transform your small blog into a close-knit, small-town community, which was always the goal of Everyday Laurali Star!  I feel like my readers are friends who are like family to me, and if you follow blogging trends, you'll be able to build a niche community on your blog easily.

Even though I cover a wide array of topics that are nature-inspired, I definitely consider my blog to fall under the lifestyle niche.  Here's why: My blog covers all the different facets of my lifestyle in slow living, nature, and sustainability.

In short, my blog biz is a blogshop of woodland gatherings and simple delights!  It's about living a simpler lifestyle, real-life magic, and hiking in the woodland.

But, enough about me.  Let's talk about you and your lifestyle design blog.  Let's see where this takes us, shall we?

Blogging Trends For 2020 and Beyond:
  1. Micro-Blogging Over Slow Blogging - Write bite-sized, digestible blog posts
  2. Open a Blogshop - Sell and market your own products and services
  3. Newsletter Communities - By hitting the reply button on newsletters, spark a convo!
  4. Instagram and Pinterest - Still going strong in 2020 and beyond!
  5. Lifestyle Blogging - Makes a comeback!  A return to halcyon days or what is known as the golden age of blogging
The future of blogging continues to grow slow and steady.  Many bloggers have burned out from the trend of writing too frequently.  They've instead adopted a slow down approach to their writing style with something called slow blogging.

While I do think slow blogging can work for some, depending on the length and style of articles you write, I think it will eventually phase out.  Here's why: Slow blogging means that you are writing so infrequently that you could lose readers along the way.  

In most cases, I believe less is more, but not when it comes to blogging.  For example, I'm in the middle of getting ready to launch my matching blog shop, and that means slowing down a little.  Slowing down for me means writing at least five blog posts in a week.  

For me, it doesn't matter when the blog posts are published or when they come out.  Some days, I might feel an inspiration strike and write a bunch of posts at once.  This helps me to stay motivated to keep posting and cranking out great content.  

However, everyone has a different writing style and this method doesn't work for everyone.  Ideally, what I'd like to do is write a fresh blog post once a day or a few times a week.  This means I'm still writing frequently and creating a balance between free content and premium content sold in my blog shop.  

If you're a planner, you might try writing three long-form blog posts a week.  Ultimately, you have to decide what works best for you and utilize it to keep you motivated and inspired to keep writing.  The more you write, the more people are able to find you!

So, my first prediction is that bloggers will try their hand at micro-blogging!  You'll be able to use your blog to posts regular updates, just like you would on Instagram.  Micro-blogs will include bite-sized, digestible content that readers will eat right up!

Trend Number One: Micro-Blogging Over Slow Blogging

Let's dive into the topic of micro-blogging and what that means for the future of blogging, shall we?  While the art of slow blogging is being phased out, micro-blogging and frequent posts are coming back into play!

If you are on Instagram, you are already practicing the art of micro-blogging.  The only difference is that you are moving digestible chunks of content over to your blog for keywords and relevance.  

What can micro-blogging be used for:
  1. Personal stories - If you have a personal story of inspiration or hope that you'd like to share on your blog, why not micro-blog it?  You can fill it with links to other articles plus rich, organic keywords. 
  2. Build a story around a photograph - I do this all the time on my blog.  If I can't think of anything to write about, I'll start with a photograph and build a story or how to article around it.  It works like a charm!  If you think about it, you are already doing this on your Instagram stories and feed.
  3. Highlight plants, gemstones, and flowers - Depending on the nature of your blog, you might like to share your pet plant with a name, personality, magical healing properties, and more!  I do this all the time on my blog and used to do it on Instagram when I was on there once upon a time.
  4. Share a video - This is something I've yet to get into but feel I will eventually muster up the courage to try.  You can build a short microblog post with a long caption around it to make your video stand the test of time.  On Instagram, people do this with Instagram stories.  On your blog, you'll have to find your own way to capture the magic of video.  
  5. Family photo albums - If you are a lifestyle blogger, posting miniature family photo albums might apply to you.  You might just want to share a few pictures of your kids if you're a mommy blogger or a family-friendly postcard at Christmas.  That type of thing.
While I'm sure there are many different ways to practice micro-blogging, these are just a few that stand out to me.  The best thing you can do on your blog is to have a mix of both long-form posts and bite-sized blog posts.  It's about balance!

Why I believe that slow blogging is being phased out?  Honestly, it's just not fun to visit someone's blog in anticipation of a new post, only to find nothing has been posted for months.  I've seen this on a few popular blogs and it's a good way to lose readership.  

It's better to post something than nothing.  Some people say that it's quality over quantity, but as a blogger that's been around since the golden age of blogging, I have to say frequency matters to your readers.

The more you post, the more likely that Google is to index your site and bring readers your way.  In addition to that, you should be writing some full-length posts at least once a week as well.  When I want to up my readership quotient, I post more not less!

This is a good rule of thumb for bloggers everywhere.  In the past, whenever I'd start a new blog I gained traction by posting frequently.  This is an old school method of gaining traffic to your blog and the reason it's been around for a long time is that it actually works.  

My recommendation for blogging is to write frequently by creating bite-sized content through micro-blogging!  This especially proves true if you are just starting out.  In between your regular updates, you'll want to include one or two long-form articles for relevancy and keywords.  

In other words, micro-blogging is making a comeback!  Take a look at popular Instagrammers to read posts in their feeds and watch their stories for great ideas.  Then, strategize to bring that kind of chunked content over to your blog.

Trend Number Two: Open a Blogshop

If you've been blogging or reading blogs for a while, you may have noticed that blogs have a more professional, polished look to them.  This is because your blog is a standalone business.  

Depending on how you make money from your blog, I recommend transforming your blog into a blogshop.  What this means is that your blog includes a shop with your products and services.  

Typically, your products will be premium or extended content such as tarot readings, e-courses, subscriptions, services, e-books, and more!  As a blogger, you'll want to start making your own instant digital downloads and services to sell in order to create a self-sustainable business.

You can learn more about self-sustaining businesses by reading, Eco-Blogging: On Creating a Self-Sustaining Business Model!  The point of this style of business model is to steer away from depending on other companies to make money.

Why open a blog shop?  Opening a blog shop filled with premium and extended content allows you to keep doing what you love to do.  Blogging!

In recent years, we've seen more and more bloggers going this route.  Instead of promoting other people's blogs and products (with exception to relevancy), you'll be completely self-sufficient by promoting your own brand and products in your blog posts.  

Why this trend is happening?  When blogging first started out, there weren't that many options for making money.  There were ads and sponsored posts.  In order to place ads on your blog or to gain traction with sponsored posts, you had to have a large amount of web traffic coming in and proof of numbers and social media.  

Many people still use this method to this day, and if it works for them, I'd say keep doing what you are doing.  However, if you have an instant digital product or service, you can sell something with a smaller audience without having social proof or a stellar media kit.  

While I don't see adware or sponsored posts being completely phased out, I do think we will see more blogs selling their own products and advertising their own services through simple marketing in the 2020 decade.  Personally, I think that's a good thing!

Trend Number Three: Newsletter Communities

Have you noticed that blog comments have mostly become irrelevant?  I'm actually considering closing comments on my blog for this very reason.  

Where are people commenting?  I've found that the best discussions have been taken off the grid.  I've noticed more and more people are replying to newsletters as part of a newsletter community.

I think this allows people to feel more comfortable asking a question or making a comment.  A newsletter gives people backstage, personal access to you!

I used to be one of those people that wasn't really sure if I wanted to do a newsletter at all, let alone create a community around one.  Then, it took me many more years to create a newsletter marketing strategy.  

What I've come to find is that building an email list is one of the greatest treasures in your blogging arsenal.  It keeps me connected to my readers while also challenging me in a way that blogging sometimes doesn't.  

If you'd like to get free moon readings, Wiccan holidays, and equinox celebrations, you might enjoy signing up for my newsletter!  

Make your newsletter a priority on your site then transform it into a community where people are able to ask questions, make comments, and tell you more about themselves.  On Mailchimp, you can even send postcards to readers for a small fee.  It's fun!

To be honest, other than Pinterest and the blog itself, I've found that this is the greatest way to build a close-knit, small-town community on your blog.  You can do this by creating a newsletter community where people can hit reply, share their birthday with you, fill out questionnaires, whatever.

More and more bloggers are doing this, myself included, and I think it's a fun way to get users engaged with your blog and newsletters, which are self-sustainable.  Plus, you can take your list with you wherever you go!

I've also made a few blog friends by signing up for their newsletter lists!  It's a great way to spark a conversation with your readers.

I'm very selective about the email newsletter lists I signup for, but I thought I'd share a few of my favorites here.  Sometimes, it's hard to find a newsletter list that you actually look forward to.  I've found a few!

Newsletters I Love:
  1. The Moon Journal ~ Free coloring pages and moon insights during moon cycles
  2. Circle of Pines ~ She covers every season of life with poetic words.
  3. My Tiny Laguna Kitchen ~ Stephanie covers free magical recipes + free moon milk E-book!
  4. Forever Conscious ~ Astral insights and weekly forecasts in astrology!
  5. Mystic Mamma ~ Full Moon and New Moon readings monthly!
  6. Plants Are Magic ~ Botanical dyeing, magazine updates, and plant tips!
  7. Enchantment by Faerie Magazine ~ What's new in the latest issue
  8. Christy Dawn ~ Sustainable, Ethical, and Timeless Dresses and slow fashions!
By starting a newsletter collection, it will inspire you to design a newsletter for your personal lifestyle blog!  It's kind of like keeping a mood board, but for magazine-style newsletters.

Trend Number Four: Instagram and Pinterest Still Going Strong

I don't see either Instagram or Pinterest going anywhere anytime soon and that's probably not surprising to you.  Even though there's been a fluctuation in the algorithm, it's not going to stop people from using what is probably the most popular social media site for small business owners!

There will be a trend of popular Instagrammers making their way back to their lifestyle blogs.  With micro-blogging becoming increasingly popular, I see more and more people taking to their blogs!

This is because you have more control over your blog.  You're not under the fickle nature of Instagram's ever-changing algorithm.  

While I don't see many people giving up Instagram entirely, I do see more people putting time and effort back into their blogs, which is really a win for everyone.  Bloggers want to have more rights over their content and how it's distributed and when.  

Even with a return to blogging, I see Instagram growing larger than ever.  I see the biggest boon being over sponsored posts and influencers continuing.  With their suite of business tools growing, I think it's safe to say it's here to stay.

Pinterest, on the other hand, keeps getting better and better.  Here's what I see for them.  Since it's a search engine, I believe that Pinterest will eventually make it to where you can use a pin creator right from their site with both free and premium pin templates.

Bloggers will keep using it because it's one of the best ways to get blog traffic over to your site.  It's time-consuming, to be sure, but with the new pin creator built-in, this will save time and sometimes money.  

In conclusion, Instagram will continue dominating social media with it's growing suite of business tools and user-interactions.  Pinterest will dominate as a social media search engine with its built-in pin creator with pin templates you can purchase!

Trend Number Five: Lifestyle Blogging Makes a Comeback: A Return to Halcyon Days

Last but not least, lifestyle blogging is making a comeback!  People have always had a fascination with the behind-the-scenes lives of popular bloggers, making a lifestyle blog with a built-in niche a good place to focus.

With micro-blogging becoming increasingly popular, lifestyle blogging will create a second wave in the golden age of blogging.  In case you weren't here for the first wave, let me explain.

The first wave of the golden age of blogging didn't have a niche.  After MySpace shut down, they started to make their own blogs and wrote about whatever they wanted to.  Topics were personal in nature, almost reading like a private diary.  

This was a great time to get into blogging because you got in just under the radar.  This was long before rules were set in place with blogging, including the rules and regulations of Google.

People made money through ad placement on their blogs.  This was before in-post ads, so sponsored ads were placed in the sidebar.  There was good money to be made, but it set the tone for affiliate links, sponsored posts, and adware like Mediavine.  

When blogging became professional, the blogs took on a more polished look and feel.  This was because blogging became a business and this was a natural next step to take.

Now, lifestyle blogging is beginning to trend again, with a second wave of the golden age of blogging.  This time around, we have a lifestyle blog with a built-in niche and we know what to do to run our small business.

I don't know about you, but I naturally gravitate to blogs and small businesses that are personalized in nature.  I like to know the maker or the writer behind the blog or ethical brand.  

During a time where modern technology is on the rise, people want to get back to a simpler place in time and recapture the real-life magic of living.  While this won't happen overnight, I see it increasing in 2020 and throughout the rest of the decade.  

What lifestyle bloggers will do is create a lifestyle blog with a built-in niche.  The built-in niche can be whatever lifestyle he or she lives by.  I'd say in this generation, the more unique the better!

For example, I run a lifestyle blog with a built-in niche as a faerie shaman.  I look at the physical and metaphysical parts of mother nature and I live a slow life.  I've found my little plot of earth in the blogosphere by being myself and using my authentic voice.

Guess what?  You can too!  What's your superpower?  Write it down and use it as the central aspect of your lifestyle design blog.  

Mine is being a faerie shaman who practices slow living and lives a sustainable lifestyle.  Stephanie from, My Tiny Laguna Kitchen creates magical recipes and DIY beauty remedies.  Katie from Skunkboy Blog used to sew and sell Skunkboy Creatures.  

It's all about finding your magic power and building a life around it through building your blog community!  If you like this post, I plan on writing more blogging tutorials every now and then.  The future of blogging is so bright, I've got to wear shades!

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