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The Mermaid Negativity Detox Diet

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The mermaid negativity detox diet is a toxin flush for your mental diet. I figured with everything going on with the scare of the coronavirus, we need some positivity in our lives. The mermaid negativity detox accomplishes that!

By being ahead of the game on your mental health and well-being, you'll learn how to be the master of your own universe by rewiring your brain and controlling your thoughts.

We can’t control what other people do and when bad things happen to us. The only thing we can control is our reaction to it.

 The good news is, if you are the source of your own negativity, then you are also your own solution. That’s a powerful revelation!

Right now, you are probably scratching your head and thinking, how am I the problem? I’m just trying to live my life and trouble keeps finding me. I get it.

I was thinking that too, the first time I heard that statement. Then I realized something really profound, it was true.

 The world is always going to have negative people and problems will always follow us, wherever we go.

There’s nothing we can do about that, except change our way of thinking. That’s when a negativity detox becomes super-handy.

How It Works:

● The first thing that needs to happen, is we need to flush out all the negative toxins in your life. Remember, you’re the mastermind, and that means you have control over this. Having control over our part in the universe, makes us feel victorious, and less like a victim. I will get to the how of it in just a moment.

● Once we flush out all the toxins, then we need to rewire your brain of negative thoughts. Just know that this is only a temporary solution. It’s human nature to fall back on old ways. If in the future you relapse, then you’ll always have your negativity detox diet to fall back on.

● Once we’ve rewired your brain of negative thinking, then we have to pour in the “secret” ingredients that add something of value to your life. Most people do a detox and subtract things. Here, we get rid of the negative but fill that void with some positivity. Kind of like replacing a bad habit, with a good habit. You with me so far?

How To Use the Negativity Detox:

● To get the most out of your negativity detox, read this entire document first, then go back in to implement the homework that I have you do. Be sure to have your favorite pen, a notepad, and your favorite coffee and tea ready.

● Go at your own pace. This is a self-paced detox. That being said, choose the length of time that you’d like to do the negativity detox. This goes back to you being the master of your own universe! I recommend doing a short-term detox of 21-days. I will say people are more likely to stick with a detox of this nature if they go for shorter durations.

● After your detox is in the past, if you like the changes that you see (which I believe you will!), then be sure to keep going with the ones that seem to work the best for you!

Now that we have all the deets out of the way, let’s begin! Get your pen and notepad handy, because I have a few homework assignments for you. The first one, the actual flushing of toxins from your system and life, is the only one that can be truly painful. Everything after that is fun and inventive!

 Flushing out the toxins is an emotional experience. If you’ve ever done a physical detox before, you know that it can give you flu-like symptoms. The same can be said for a negativity detox, just in a different way. Don’t let that scare you away.

With a negativity detox, emotional pain may surface. If you’re wondering where it stems from, it’s from the detox. The detox will bring all types of emotions and moods to the surface so that you can deal with them. Don’t be alarmed by them. This is perfectly normal, and soon, you’ll be on the road to recovery!

Reasons For Doing a Negativity Diet:

● You might find that you’ve been attracting some nasty things into your life. Unwanted experiences, people, emotions, and crises. If so, this is a very good time to commit to a negativity detox.

● If you’ve been really negative in your thinking, toxins may be the culprit!

● Perhaps you want to be a more positive person, but you have problems with depression and anxiety, a negativity detox can really help with that.

Part One: Negativity Detox Flush (Metaphysical)

It’s time to flush all the toxins out of your system and your life! Here’s how:

Grab a piece of paper from your notebook or better yet, a loose-leaf paper, and start spilling your guts! You may want to pick a time when you have some quiet time and privacy to this. Don’t worry about anyone reading this either because you’re going to burn this paper, or however many pieces it takes afterward.

Begin writing every ugly, nasty negative thought you’ve been having and don’t hold back. Let it all out! If you feel angry at someone, write that down. Be sure to say exactly what is popping into your mind as it is happening, in real-time.

 Do this until you feel empty of all negative, dark, ugly, nasty, obsessive thoughts. There is so much “garbage” just swirling inside of us, and it has no place to go. It needs to be released.

You’ll be amazed to find that you resent your co-workers and family, but you’ve been holding it in. Maybe you feel dark and obsessive over your ex-boyfriend because he broke up with you.

Maybe your thoughts are fear-based, and they are making your money swirl down the drain. It’s very important here, to not think about it, just say it, write it down, and feel free to tear up the paper, before you burn it if that’s what you need to do.

Now, burn it! I usually burn letters over my sink, but you can use whatever works best for you. Just burn it so that all of those toxic feelings and emotions are released.

Repeat this exercise, whenever you feel a build-up of negativity in your life!

If you’d rather, you can drown your negative thoughts and feelings in a bucket of water. Bury the ashes in the garden, if that feels right to you, or bury the entire note in the garden, where it’s unlikely to be seen again. The soil will ground your emotions on a metaphysical level.

 The point is, to get those toxic thoughts out into the open, and to release them. Pay attention to and acknowledge, the strongest emotion that came to the surface. Was it anger? Was it pain? Was it helplessness? Was it fear?

Part Two: Negativity Detox Flush (Physical)

 Now that you have the metaphysical toxins flushed, it’s time to deal with things in the physical realm. All detoxes are food-based in some way, shape, or form. A negativity detox is no different!

For the physical part of the negativity detox, focus on all the foods that don’t make you feel good. This should be done every day of the negativity detox. So, if you chose a 3-day detox, then allow that amount of time.

In order to focus on the foods that don’t make you feel good, write it down in your notebook or food diary. This is more to acknowledge when a food “feels” negative to you.

If you can take a minute, try to understand why. Why does eating mashed potatoes, for example, make you feel good while eating it, but crappy after?

Try to understand the meaning behind it. Write down notations, so that you can look back at them later.

On the last day of your detox, rank your food items by number. 10 being the worst, and 1 being the best “feeling” food. The ones that are the worst, anywhere in the 8-10 range, need to be substituted for a food with a “feel good” vibe. Try to keep your eyes out for those too

For meal replacements, try to get creative and inventive! You’ll want to replace foods that “feel bad” with something that is similar in nature, or eliminate it from your diet completely!

For example, if red meat has a bad vibe to you, then you’ll want to try some vegetarian or vegan options from the grocery store. You may find, that after all, it was the protein your body wanted, not the meat itself!

For mashed potatoes, you could opt for a baked potato instead, or vow to only have it on the holidays. These little changes will make a world of difference! Anything that feels negative, including food, should be transformed into a positive!

As a mastermind, it is your job to figure out what’s best for your body! Simply spend time over the course of your detox, eliminating negative foods, or finding a “feel good” replacement. It works!

Part One: Rewire Your Brain (Metaphysical)

Now that we’ve got all these toxins out, it’s time to rewire your brain with good vibes and positive thinking! It’s often easier to form bad habits than to make good habits so this may take a little longer. Again, you choose the length of time for doing this! You are the master of your own universe!

To rewire your brain with positive thoughts, you’ll need to have your notebook handy. You simply need to create a shift towards the positive. You started doing that the day you started this detox, but it’s time to kick it up a notch!

 In the morning, write down five things you are grateful for. In the afternoon, write down five things you are grateful for. Before bedtime, write down five more things that you are grateful for.

When you start to see how many things you are grateful for, you begin to “feel” it, and by feel it, I mean feel more positive too!

Gratitude is an important step in getting there. Now that you’re feeling more grateful, you can choose a word or phrase that makes you feel good about yourself. This will become your daily affirmation

For example, mine is “When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Pink Lemonade.” You can keep it on your phone, as a wallpaper, or write it on the bathroom mirror in red lipstick.

Just make sure you are saying it often enough, in your head or out loud, that you actually feel that you are part of the affirmation, and it is apart of you.

It may sound silly or cheesy, but I assure you, it works! Affirmations, especially one that is personal to us, serves as a reminder of all the positive, good things in life!

 Just remember to keep it in places where you can see it throughout the day. At work, you can place it in your cubicle. At home, you can tape it to your kitchen cupboards (inside), so that when you open your cupboards, there it is!

Seeing is believing and believing is seeing! Hey, maybe that can be your affirmation :-)

Part Two: Rewire Your Brain (Physical)

To rewire your brain in a physical manner, you’ll want to rewire what you eat. This goes back to flushing out the negative food in your diet.

To rewire what you eat, you’ll want to change the way that you’re eating, not just the food on your plate. To change the way you’re eating, you’ll want to bless your food and drinks.

You can simply say thank you, say a special prayer, or visualize sparkly light energy filling your water bottle. The way that you bless your food and drinks should be personal and precious to you!

Since our physical food and drinks can carry toxins, blessing them provides nourishment with clean energy and positivity! In addition to blessing your food, inside your head or out loud, add healing crystals to your water or keep them on the side of your plate.

 This acts as a buffer from negative emotions caused by food intake! Safe gemstones that I use in my water filtration pitcher are lepidolite, rose quartz, fluorite (all colors!), amethyst, malachite, and selenite.

You can also add them to your fruit-infuser water bottle, keeping them in the catch-all net. This adds healing, good energy, and positivity to water, which makes up about 70% of our body. We are mermaids, after all!

Please be sure to bless the food and use gemstones to accompany food and drinks, for the duration of your negativity detox. This helps to form a good habit. It will also keep your mind focused on the positive!


● Listening to music and dancing while doing food prep, cooking, or baking creates a “feel good” chemical called Serotonin in the brain. You need serotonin to feel good about food, your life, and in general. This, in turn, rubs off on your food, which you will then consume.

● Blowing three kisses into the oven, just before baking something sweet, will give you and the food “good vibes” instead of guilt vibes, which is associated with more weight gain.

● Talking to your food may sound crazy, but it’s not. Talk to your food while you are kneading it, stirring it, chopping it, etc. Your food is matter made up of energy that can take on any form, good or bad. Talk to your food with love!

The “Secret” Ingredients of a Negativity Cleanse: 

These are the ingredients that need to be added back in, after flushing out the toxins from your system and your life. You can use these secret ingredients anytime you need a pick me up!

● YOU are the number one secret ingredient and the mastermind behind both your positive and negative thoughts! You can’t control what happens to you or how other people act, only yourself.

So, when confronted with toxic people or situations, you choose how it goes.

You can a.) Walk away b.) Change the subject c.) Stay out of the drama and “crap” talking. d.) Add a positive spin to the situation.

The thing people are going to notice the most is how you react, how you’ve changed, how you handled things with grace. I’m not for one minute saying that it’s easy, life is full of curveballs, but we do have a choice and that’s good news for us as the human race.

● Keep positive people in your life, as much as possible. You can even choose to make those people, completely unrelated to you.  Friends who are like family to you.

No, they can’t replace your actual family and they aren’t meant to. Make good, positive friends that are so close to you, so good for you, they are like an extended family.

A family is a family. Trust me, I have a lot of negative people in my family. Some, I have chosen to cut ties with, while others I try to keep myself protected from when I’m around them.

You can’t choose the family you’re born into, but you can choose the family you create! This one takes work and time, but it is a secret ingredient to a positive lifestyle, and it is essential!

● Gratitude is antiseptic to your stinging negative thoughts. If we focus on what we don’t have, we’re never going to have it. We have to focus on what we have right now.

We’re often programmed to live in the future or even in the nostalgia of the past, but never in the right here. All we have is now, so let’s focus on that! Make this moment, all the little things in life, your nostalgia right now, and hone in on that, because it’s important!

● Only eat foods that “feel” good to you. Gauge your eating habits by how they make you feel. If it feels good, eat it! If it doesn’t, pass it up, and find something that does feel really good to eat.

It’s not just about the taste or smell of it, it’s about how the food makes you feel inside. Does the food you eat make you glow?

Glowing from the inside and out is hella important.  It's a sign that your soul matches your body and vice versa.

 This will be the biggest indicator to know if your negativity cleanses and toxin flush are working.  Once you have that down, you got this!

For more about mermaids, you might enjoy reading, Meet the Mermaids and Sea Sprites: The Mermaid Detox Diet! Working with the mermaids has really helped me to live a clean lifestyle inside and out.

For more on the mermaid detox diet packed with plant-based meals, you might like to purchase below! Why not make it a permanent lifestyle change?

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