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Why You Should Totally Save the Bees: A Green Living Post

A bee pollinating flowers in the butterfly garden of Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida
I've decided to write a compelling argument on why you should totally save the bees in a green living post.  Bees are magical creatures with a touch of honey and that's just for starters!  If you want to make a difference in the world, start by learning about the environmental impact of bees.

As a vegan, I wanted to be able to say why they are so important for the environment.

When you first become a vegan, you are told that you shouldn't really be eating honey, but you are never really told why.  Some vegans, like myself, might partake in local, organic honey by ethical beekeepers in the region we live in, while others take a hard no stance on eating honey at all.

Ultimately, if you want to become a vegan, you've got to decide on what is the best route to take for you.  I'm personally not against using bee products if they are ethically sourced.  Eating honey that is sourced locally by an organic beekeeper can actually be good for allergens in your local area.

However, strict vegans consider eating honey or using beeswax and other bee products to not be considered vegan.  I personally feel this comes down to personal choice.  I sometimes have honey, only if it's ethically sourced honey, on rare occasions.

Before we get into the heart on the matter of the bees, you might enjoy my vegan starter kit for beginners.  I like to look at veganism from a spiritual and global impact point of view.

Why should we save the bees?  It turns out that it's a bee's world and we're just living in it, that's how much they contribute to the health and safety of the environment.

First of all, bees play a critical role in the environment.  If bees die out, you can forget about farming and crops.  Most of the fruits and vegetables that we need to thrive have been pollinated by the bee population.  This is what happens when honey bees disappear and that's why it's more important than ever to take a stance.

What's causing the bee population to dwindle?  The bees are dying out by numbers as high as 38% in some places based solely on climate change.  As we all know, climate change is what throws the earth and its inhabitants out of whack.

In addition to that, pesticides and the way unethical beekeepers treat their honey bees are causing them to die out in increasing numbers.  When you think of a bee from now on, think to save the planet because that's exactly what bees do!

If they die out or numbers dwindle, they can't go out and pollinate the flowers for new lush growth and greenery.  This, in turn, will cause different animal species to become extinct, and in fact, this is already happening around the globe.

Both animals and humans alike depend on bees for flowering, nectar, fruit, and harvesting crops.  They are magical winged creatures that have a fairy-like quality about them.

Maybe it's because I've always had good experiences with bees or maybe because I'm a bit of a naturalist, but I don't want to see bees go extinct.  If you can imagine a world without bees, you can imagine a world without health and wellness.

I have to admit, I never really understood that bees were in danger before I became a vegan and started doing research.  It's something talked about, there's not enough information out there.

Learning about bees and their environmental impact and globally conscious attitude, really made me appreciate these sweet magical creatures even more.  If you care about planet earth and green living, get on board with saving the bees and spread the word!
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  1. In connection with your article, French artist allow myself to send you a link to the drawings that I realize on my side on this subject of the disappearance of bees : https://1011-art.blogspot.com/p/vous-etes-ici.html But also, another related series devoted to phytosanitary products for agriculture, “"Homage to Magritte” : https://1011-art.blogspot.com/p/hommage-magritte.html


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